Why Is the Cosmic Microwave Background so Smooth and the Universe so Clumpy?

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The cosmic microwave background is most likely an artifact of highly red-shifted radiation from the heat and energy of the vast condensations of deuterium and helium plasmas abundantly present throughout the early stages of the universe. However, injecting an “inflation theory” to try to explain how this geometrically flat and infinite universe blasted out from a ridiculously tiny point only a few billion years ago is the most unbelievably awkward part of this whole theory.

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It is also theoretically possible that a small portion of the CMB could be a harmonic of the universal quantum vibration of the void.

The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is obviously and naturally extremely smooth and even, as it resonates from a vast, opaque blanket of elementary particles and plasmas most likely to exist evenly spread out in all directions throughout the furthest reaches of the cosmic horizon from 13.4 to 13.7 billion light years away.

The ubiquitous quantum dark energy for billions and billions of years produced these highly energetic plasmas in equal amounts in all directions of space which finally had accumulated to a critical “stellar formation” density at the earliest stages of the present universe.

If such a thing as the CMB came from an explosion, it would have to be much more uneven, but its “smoothness” is at least one-hundred thousand to one. Massive filamentary structures consisting of vast strings of galactic clusters have been observed right out to the very edge of the visible universe. These structures are so huge, they would need at least 70 billion years to form. How something nearly perfectly smooth becomes so utterly clumpy within a billion years is hard to explain, unless there was much more time than 13.7 billion years allowed for such massive and ancient looking cosmic structures to form.

No Energy is Actually Lost, Only Transformed Back Into the Oneness

Whatever energy and matter that goes over the cosmic horizon is never actually lost. It is simply recycled in the same manner as whatever gets completely consumed by a black hole or gravity well. Gravity has a “white hole” or opposite polarity to it like all forces do and this “white hole” polarity is intimately associated with the direction of time which is synonymous with the universal polarity of space itself. The opposite force or polarity of gravity is evenly scattered throughout the whole universe in the form of positive matter particle creation in every cubic centimeter of space. The entire universe itself is the ever-expanding “white hole” while all gravitational black holes are highly focused points of contracting space at specific locations.

Billions of Years of Dark Energy Gradually Leaves a Residue of 90% Dark Matter and 10% Physical Matter

The actual process of matter creation is a rather long and tedious development requiring the existence of countless highly coincidental or outstanding quantum events of a temporary but very intense nature. In every cubic centimeter of space, billions of particles and antiparticles are created and annihilate each other over and over again, releasing tiny amounts of energy and causing a slight increase in the volume of space while providing an essential sustaining power that keeps all electrons from collapsing into the nuclei of atoms.

However one in a billion of these virtual particles somehow get separated from or created without a counterpart to annihilate with and therefore hangs around long enough to become part of an atom. Because space is “polarized” by the arrow (direction) of time, slightly more particles than antiparticles are created. The kind of particles most likely to not be annihilated by an anti-particle “twin” tend to be matter particles rather than antimatter particles. That is why there is an overwhelming majority of surviving matter particles over antimatter particles.

This scenario is most likely at least one way that matter can seemingly come from “nothing.” Dark matter (or astral matter) is an even finer substance that seems to be created from “nothing” at an even faster rate of roughly ten or more particles of dark matter for every particle of ordinary matter. The accumulation of minute particles of dark matter are the resulting “foam” or “residue” of billions and billions of years of these quantum events in the sea of dark energy throughout space.

Like dark energy which has a very, very high but extremely intense vibration, very fine dark matter is physically undetectable because it also has a very high rate of vibration. It may be possible that some of that dark matter, which consists of 90% of all matter in the universe, may eventually decay into the components of physical matter. It may be that entire atoms of dark matter could be decaying into entire atoms of physical matter simply by causing its vibration rate to drop down to the resonance of physical matter through the influence of dark energy.

“Instant Universe” in Three Easy Steps?

A major problem with the “Big Bang” theory is that the overall universe has recently been found to be perfectly “flat” and not at all spherical or gravitationally curved in any way as one would expect from any universe expanding from a single point. A “flat” universe 156 billion light years wide (actual present-day estimated size of the “Big Bang” universe if the light horizon did not exist) that started from a tiny point only 13.73 billion years ago sounds amazingly contradictory and requiring such a precise value of critical density as to again be extremely unlikely, unless one brings in the anthropic principle.

In order to help iron out some of these most obvious discrepancies, “Big Bang” theorists had to come up with an “inflationary model” in which the whole universe somehow exponentially expanded from a tiny point to a space billions of light years in diameter in a very small fraction of a second! This expansion rate is not only many, many times faster than the speed of light, but still would not be enough to completely remove all of the remaining “curvature” out of the observable universe. Since no general curvature can be found at all, I am surprised after learning this fact (which very strongly supports my theory) and the overwhelming evidence that it is dark energy and not the original “Big Bang” expansion that is driving galaxies apart, that very brilliant scientists still think the “Big Bang” theory is the best explanation! Am I missing something here?

Another question that remains to be answered, is where did all that incredible ultra-concentrated infinite energy of the “Big Bang” come from in the first place? How can all that perfectly concentrated energy come from nothing, let alone be so infinitely concentrated in the first place? And then how can pure energy develop into hundreds of billions of galaxies most likely populated with trillions of civilizations without simply dispersing into space as radiation and/or countless trillions and trillions of separate particles? It is as strange as firing off an M-80 and expecting the debris of that explosion to miraculously transform into a flock of birds and ten thousand butterflies. Everything coming from a tiny point seems to be the most unlikely and awkward way imaginable to create a universe.

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