The Highest Dimension of All

What is actually the highest dimension of all? Theoretically, there is and will always be yet an aditional dimension above and beyond the previous dimension perceived.

This effect is because of the nature of consciousness: whenever there is one aspect or level of experience, there will always be one beyond it. To help understand the implications of what I am saying, is to refer to a common question among philosophers, “Can God create a rock heavier than He can move?” Or a similar question, “Can God create a problem greater than He can solve?” The answer to both questions is, “No!” because there will always exist a higher dimension infinitely more powerful, harmonious, wiser and integrated than the one beneath it.

God-tuned faith moves mountains and solves impossible problems because the dimension it (Soul or Universal Spirit) comes from is always from a much deeper, higher and more concentrated source of energy than is available from the one beneath it, such as the zero point field for example, which can be an unlimited source of energy. Whatever we think, feel and imagine, through universal law, has to take shape as a series of very similar and related events. Imagination, which is stronger than will power, is therefore the forerunner of life’s coming attractions. Whatever principles you presently go by or believe in, may drastically affect your future existence. You are far more powerful than you ever imagined. You are God dreaming yourself as the person reading this text. This is because the root of your very being is God and your individual awareness is profoundly connected to the “Atman” which in turn is deeply and permanently inbedded in the eternal foundation of existence.

The planes of mystic realization seem to correspond quite well with the ascending sequence of geometric dimensions, especially in all their descriptions and aspects. First of all, mystics explain that the higher realms are always incomprehensible to those living in the lower realms and the only way to prove and “understand” them would be to go there and experience them yourself. Even the fifth dimension to start with is incomprehenisble to ordinary people presently living in the physical body because it is a timeless “space” of all possibilities transcendent to most linear cause and effect (logic) sequences. Thus any past or future “events” and possibilities stored in the fifth dimension would not be available for viewing by our limited three-dimensional physical brains, and would have to go entirely beyond the physical senses to experience them in some higher chakra (third eye?) transport or other subtler faculty of awareness.

Anyway, the third and fourth dimensions (and very little of the fifth) seem to correspond very much to the routine and common experience of the world through the physical senses of the physical plane where all things are restricted to the linear space-time continuum of logical sequences. Everything in the physical realm is susceptible to the arrow of time and therefore must ultimately be brought to “justice”, rust, decay, death and/or dissolution. The fifth would most likely correspond with the astral planes where there is much less restriction to the linear continuum of space-time and therefore entities would tend to last much, much longer and be far less restricted to the effects of decay, time or even from having to stay so much in one time or place.

In other words, travel throughout whole universes throughout all time is entirely possible, or at least being able to visit the akashic records (events stored in 5 dimensional space) and see visions of past times and possible future events. Thus adepts in astral travel and advanced inhabitants of the astral planes do claim to be able to travel back and forward in time which in my opinion would be impossible without first having access to some sort of fifth dimension allowing enough room for the spirit’s subjective squential time-line to bend back and forth or change direction through a “field of all probabilities” before lining up with a previous or yet-to-happen sequence of events. To get a physical material structure’s timeline sequence to switch around (which would require at least some five dimensional “room” outside the space-time continuum), it would need massive amounts of energy to keep it from gravitationally collapsing long before it can safely “reverse” directions into the past. Time travel of physical objects from the physical world would therefore require so much concentrated energy it would be impossible with today’s technology to do such a thing.

However, because astral and especially spiritual awareness is subtle enough to go outside of all the restrictions of body, mind, space, time and energy, it can easily do this without the need for any profoundly sophisticted or expensive “extraterrestrial” equipment. Even the creation of a wormhole would require massive amounts of energy or of a yet unknown extraordinary technology such as somehow gaining access and complete control of a spinning black hole, yet in the afterlife, such things seem to happen spontaneously.

As we go on into the higher astral, mental and causal planes, more and more access to and/or travel through the higher dimensions seem to be possible. In the numerous mystical accounts of experiencing greater intensity of light, bliss, knowledge, subtleness, and more permanent joy, love, etc. I feel these realities could only be possible and contained within greater and higher dimensional constructs. Surat Shabd Yoga’s highest plane of attainment, Anami, Akah, or “nameless” may correspond with the eleventh dimension.

The arrow of time (linear decay) at that most super sublime level is so completey and utterly dissolved into so many levels (11-4 or seven out of eleven directions) of boundlessness that life at such an awesome and lofty height would have to be everlasting and completely free of any type of decay. Nothing other than an absolutely perfect oneness, wholeness or supreme utter delight in a limitless multidimensional ocean of crystalizing light. I am willing to put forth the likelihood of yet even higher planes, dimensions and possibilities that the extraordinary human spirit has yet to discover or remember, and become or merge into.

Now the question remains, “What really is the highest dimension?” or even better put, “What will always be that dimension higher than the one beneath it?” The answer may startle and surprise you. The answer is you. You are and always will be the dimension higher than the highest one ever conceived or experienced! This fact exists because once you experience something, you (at the level of Spirit or Soul) automatically become the dimension higher than what is being experienced, otherwise, it could not at all be experienced or comprehended in the first place and will remain undefined and unmanifested until it is sensed or perceived.

In the same way, a computer cannot be simpler than the data it contains. Also, you always have the root of your being in God(dess). Because You (your Cosmic Self) are the Perceiver or Observer, You are always the unmanifested, undefinable Mystery Source of (cosmic) consciousness above an beyond whatever is created, conceived or goes on. Your power is limitless and there is no greater power than You, who is and always will be the greatest and highest Principle of creation in all the universes. We obviously must align ourselves with this great truth and its awesome benefits which can take life-times of meditation, research, and Self-exploration to fully realize.

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“Quantum Physics and the Law of Abundance”

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Consciousness and the origin of thought have long been assumed by materialists to come entirely from the physical brain, while practitioners of metaphysics and spiritualists know for a fact that thought, mind and consciousness actually not only transcend matter, but also time and distance as well.

Modern science is only barely reaching the threshold of this rather dramatic paradigm shift today with the discovery of quantum physics which involves the unavoidable effect the observer has on measuring (observing) all things. It is now scientifically proven that the observer and what is being observed are inseparable.

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Article One (1) – Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Article Two (2) – Our Bodies Can Predict Events Before They Occur, Study Says

Article Three (3) – Mainstream Science Won’t Accept the Law of Attraction

Article Four (4) – There is a Universal Law of Abundance

Article Five (5) – The Highest Dimension of All

Article Six (6) – Stay in Alignment

Article Seven (7) – Align with Your True Nature and Know You Are Eternal

Article Eight (8) – Redefine Your Life

Article Nine (9) – The Power of Unconditional Love

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