My Search for Unity (Wholeness) in Conflicts of Religion, Wealth, Sex and Spirituality – Part 1

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Can extreme opposites be combined to create awesome solutions? When too opposing forces are combined, sometimes a revolutionary solution or discovery is found. The thesis and antithesis creates the awesome synthesis. A “hybrid” of opposites will be explored in the following subjects: fire verses ice, materialism verses spirit, and wealth verses renunciation.

The Alchemy of Fire and Ice

The universe of nature is naturally filled with opposites: yang and yin, day and night, light and dark, heat and cold, summer and winter, wet and dry, life and death, volcanic lava and snow, etc.

Two hopelessly incompatible opposites in nature are fire and ice. It is impossible to mix fire and ice. Try as one might, one immediately extinguishes the fire or the fire immediately vaporizes the ice. It is because these two states of matter, hot plasma and frozen water need completely different conditions to exist. However, when the two are carefully merged in a certain way they can be and are combined creating a third state of matter: hot steam. Hot steam was what started and powered the industrial revolution. Even today, electricity is still being generated by the explosive force of hot steam.

Materialism and Spirit

How difficult is it to combine two extreme opposites that seemingly cannot work together at all? Notice that throughout my website I am rallying against materialism, how bad it is for spirituality, how it seems to encourage egotism, crime, and corruption. Yet if the best of spirituality (wisdom, enchantment, divine love) is used to guide the direction of materiality, then a new value of creation is formed. Without materiality or at least some sort of external reality, there can be no expression of spirituality, and no material body through which it can manifest its ideals of truth, goodness and beauty. Therefore the ideal is the careful balance of spirituality and materialism.

Wealth and Renunciation

In this case, it is defining what real wealth really is that helps to merge the two opposites together.

“Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24)

The yogi-Christs of ancient times often tested aspiring disciples by asking them to renounce everything they owned by actually selling all their possessions and giving the proceeds to the poor. Obviously a drastic action such as this is rarely taken! Yet such renunciation is at the heart of what the original Christian religion was all about.

The true wealth of any real value is within us, not in the corporeal reality of daily life which really is an illusion from the perspective of cosmic consciousness. Those who love only materialistic wealth and sensuality and have not bothered to study and become inspired by the uplifting realities of Spirit would have severe trouble relating to Matthew 19:24. “The kingdom of God” is not a material place but a state of wholeness that is free forever from material addictions, reincarnation and suffering.

The principle of Matthew 19:24 is illustrated by the overwhelming tendency of anyone who is already well off, successful and satisfied with life not to feel at all inclined to seek “the kingdom of God” within, let alone believe that such a thing exists in the first place. Such materialists (who often must look after spouse, children, property, business, etc.) would tend to have very little reason or motive to turn away from all one’s prized possessions and worldly addictions in order to meditate within.

The satisfied or complacent “rich man” has far more to renounce or leave behind when trying to open up the realms of Spirit within than one who’s life is simple and lacking in material abundance. One must first fully realize the temporary and fleeting nature of all worldly goods and relationships before ever finding enough determination to seek within with all one’s heart, because any half-hearted attempt to find that inner “kingdom” can never be successful. The commitment has to be total! The love for God(dess) has to be absolute!

Money Is just a Tool that could Be Used for any Purpose

Regarding the importance of renunciation, the great masters of yoga and mysticism do not necessarily mean it is great to be poor, dependent and non-productive either. Abject poverty and worse, being in debt, can have just as bad an effect as being too rich! If one is too hungry and too cold to meditate, or too busy trying to survive to meditate, or too poor to afford a secure and decent place to live, what good is that either? The only “advantage” of dire lack is that the Spirit of God(dess) is so loving, personal, concerned and kind that it becomes quite easy to notice the loving concern and blessings from Spirit when in such dire need or debt.

Spirit (also spirit guides/guardians and any loved ones who have passed over) because of the tremendous love and compassion can’t help but act like angels of God to do everything in their power to help the needy, sad, lost and lonely! It is a joy for them with the aid and power of Spirit to help others! Also it is very helpful to meditate in a single minded way and full-force on God as the Source of gold, wealth, love, shelter, or whatever else is lacking to expedite the process to help manifest what is so sorely needed in one’s life.

There is nothing wrong with wealth, money, and cash! It is only the attitude of attachment, desperation and possession that often surrounds this most valuable and useful thing in material existence that causes all the problems related to spirituality. The real source of wealth is service to others and God’s abundance in nature. To think of money, material possessions and gold as evil is not correct. They all have their place in the scheme of things as long as one never forgets the ultimate goal of spiritual wholeness and constantly does all one can to align one’s life to wholeness by using that wealth only to help each other find wholeness because wholeness, by far, is the most valuable thing of all.

Money can never be any more valuable than what it is ultimately used for. It cannot be any more valuable than what it is spent on. If spent on frivolous and temporary material pleasures, drugs, alcohol, gambling and similar entertainments, then its potential value has been denuded to a lower level. If however it has been spent on essential spiritual and physical needs, healthy food, natural food supplements, spiritual books, etc. then its full potential value has most likely been expressed.

To have any sort of repulsive attitude against money could result in more poverty. One is not to be addicted to money, just know it for what it is: opportunity to purchase vital goods and services which is a tool of great practical value. God(dess) is within the abundance and wealth that surrounds one because it can take care of the needy and be used for great accomplishments. If the money needed to aid your highest goals, aspirations and purpose in life is lacking, by all means meditate without any mental interruption in concentration a half hour a day on wealth, gold coins, $100 bills, etc. and this might help open up opportunities specially suited to one’s nature to earn more.

Real Wealth Is of the Spirit

The extremism of Matthew 19:24 helps to define and lay the foundation for the natural way of life of the monk, ascetic, and the true God-seeker renunciant who finds so much value, so much joy, so much love in the Spirit of God(dess) that he or she fully realizes material wealth is an illusion and one’s real wealth is the awakening of Spirit within, one’s palace as the Himalayas, the roof as the sky, and the air the shroud that clothes the naked body when it is perhaps consisting more of spirit than matter.

Deep within the heart of the human being is the latent power to live without food, clothing or any material crutch. However such power needs to be either inherited and/or gradually developed. Jesus was alluding to this concept, which is our true nature and birthright, as beings completely free of all the baggage of materialism and able to transcend all the stress, limitations and complexities of egoism and material life.

What wealth really is, is the freedom one has to do what one really longs to do. Real wealth is the extent one’s needs, suffering, etc. are eliminated and the extent to which one is truly happy and fulfilled. In this sense, real wealth has nothing to do with materialism, but everything to do with total freedom, joy, love and complete fulfillment. Such is the state of the God-realized yogi who is a billionaire without a single possession or piece of property to worry about.

Once one fully understands what wealth really is and where the true source of wealth is, one can clearly see there is no actual conflict between wealth and Spirit, but rather a profound unity of the two: because Spirit indeed is ever overflowing creative source of all things desirable, of worlds without end and infinite fulfillment beyond one’s wildest dreams. The wealth of Spirit is everlasting, and never subject to the corruption, instability, stress, and fleeting nature of physical wealth and beauty. Yet at the same time all the success, love, and material wealth the world has to offer is mysteriously and permanently available to any fully tuned mystic, or fully God-realized being who wishes it.

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