The Future of the Universe

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Deep field observations suggest overall changes exist in the early universe compared to the more recent (local) sections of the universe, such as the increasing rarity of heavier elements the further one peers back toward the “beginning” of the universe along with increasing irregularity and smaller sizes of galaxies.

It is therefore more than likely that the universe is not in a “steady state” but rather goes through vast cycles, stages, or waves of creation.

In the future of the universe, galaxies will continue to expand away from each other at an accelerating rate. After a hundred and fifty billion years from now, everything might become quite dark and very sparse as more and more hydrogen and helium get fused into increasingly heavier elements not so easy to convert into energy.

Dying stars, neutron stars, quark stars, and black holes may become more and more numerous as the galactic clusters they inhabit expand further and further away into the distance.

Even though new particles and plasmas are constantly being created from dark energy and attracted into a vast array of colossal threads of plasma by the gravitational influence of dark matter, the rate of which star formation and consumption of energy by these stars may exceed the creation of new hydrogen fuel many times. Long periods of darkness may have to ensue before enough fuel accumulates again for a series of new galaxies to form.

Unless somehow all the dark energy in the universe goes through a massive “surge” or increase in activity, this process cannot be speeded up. This “surge” in energy might occur if a more than usual amount of energy and matter is consumed by black holes and/or passes over the cosmic (event) horizon.

Recent observations indeed suggest that the expansion rate is in fact accelerating out of control leading to a run-away universe scenario. Such an increase in dark energy should also result in an increase in the rate of new matter creation throughout the cosmos.

While falling down any black hole or singularity, or while speeding away toward the cosmic horizon approaching the rapidity of light, time (rate of energy) slows down and comes to a complete halt. Because no energy is ever really lost, the energy has to go somewhere, and therefore must feed back into the overall “dark energy” reservoir of space within the vast circumference of the cosmic horizon. Dark energy is the sustainer of all time and is what keeps “space” chronologically “polarized” in a forward moving or “thermodynamic” direction.

The universe in general also appears quite transparent. In order for there to be constantly enough “raw materials” available for continuous stellar creation and starlight to occur, the universe would have be fairly opaque all over most of the time. Only certain regions or patches of the universe appear to be filled with enough plasmas to be visible as nebulae.

Therefore a more likely scenario for the future of the universe will be an eventual blackout as all the stars in all the galaxies run out of fuel. A long period of hydrogen and helium “starvation” may have to pass before enough of that fuel is replenished by the ubiquitous quantum energies of space to allow for another wave of stellar and galactic formation.

While all the stars eventually die out, or either become black holes or get swallowed by black holes and/or pass over the cosmic horizon never to be seen again, only a few left-over black holes may lurk around long enough for the next cycle of creation to begin. It will take billions and billions of years for enough new hydrogen and helium (star power) to again accumulate from dark energy and provide all the components of a new universe and enough fuel at the right amount of density for yet another cosmic firework display to usher in the dawn of a brand-new wave of creation.

However, the universes of dark (or astral) matter may not suffer such long cycles of darkness or experience none at all because their vibration rate is so much more closely attuned to the universal “music” or “Shabad” of dark energy. In the realms of astral matter on the finest levels of vibration, the availability of light and energy is most likely to remain much more steady and reliable.

Remembering that only 10 percent (more recent data suggests 17 percent) of the material in the universe is visible matter, while the rest is dark matter, there is obviously far more going on in the universe that is not being seen or known. However, from what we can determine from all the UFO sightings, hauntings, apparitions, astral projection experiences, near-death experiences, and actual communications from souls who have passed over to the afterlife, there is not only overwhelming evidence that life exists on these higher planes of existence, it is also a life of the highest quality imaginable.

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This amazing book contains revolutionary and beautifully simple concepts in alternative cosmology that came from a period of over thirty-seven years of deep contemplation and meditation on the nature of reality combined with the latest scientific observations. This book includes my deepest insights on creation featuring a compendium of interrelated alternative cosmological concepts describing the formation of the universe and the creation of reality without ever having to fall back on the really awkward, worn-out, far-fetched inflation or similar “Big Bang” theories.

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Most scientific thinking today still revolves around the idea that reality is structured independent of our consciousness and that all thoughts, feelings and consciousness are strictly artifacts of the physical brain. This idea implies to me what would in fact be an impossible separation of observer and all that which is being observed, when in fact the two are opposite sides of the same coin. A vast assortment of life’s deepest mysteries could never ever be fully solved by assuming that consciousness has nothing to do with the “external” reality we have always lived in! I believe that nothing can exist without consciousness, and that consciousness is an essential part or dimension of our reality in the same way that the fourth dimension of time is essential for energy (and therefore matter) to exist.

If three-dimensional space (volume) somehow existed without the time (hyperspace) to support it, it would always be empty or completely void. Every dimension has to be supported by yet a higher dimension for there to be any reality or substance at all. For example, if our three-dimensional universe suddenly had no duration, it would vanish instantly without a trace. Even the passage of time needs yet a higher dimension of probability and quantum mechanics to support it, which in turn needs a sixth (the laws of physics), and a seventh (the governing principle of Consciousness) and so on. I believe consciousness is always the highest dimension, and without consciousness, the prime Substance or Oneness of all creation, nothing else could exist at all. A great way to begin to solve life’s deepest enigmas and mysteries would be to realize we are all part of and share this same holographic consciousness.

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Chapter 0 – How the Universe Was Created

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Chapter 6 – “Big Bang” or “Big Boo Boo”?

Chapter 7 – A More “Common Sense” History of the Universe

Chapter 8 – Is a “Big Bang” Really Needed to Explain Creation?

Chapter 9 – A “Big Bang” Requires Too Many Coincidences

Chapter 10 – Cosmic Black Holes and Higher Dimensions

Chapter 11 – What Exactly is Dark Energy?

Chapter 12 – Dark Energy As a Source of Power

Chapter 13 – Dark Energy and the Paranormal

Chapter 14 – Twelve Incorrect Notions Regarding Cosmology

Epilog – 68.5% Dark Energy, 26.6% Dark Matter, 4.9% Ordinary Matter

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