The Grand Conspiracy of Nature

Would one trade in his or her vitality for a temporary thrill? Would one lose one’s spirit over some frivolous romance that did not even last the night? Hopefully not, but most likely nearly everyone is doing something quite similar to the above on a regular basis.

If one is really serious about finding wholeness, then one needs to beware of the conspiracy of nature! What is nature’s great conspiracy? How serious is it? Everyone is subject to this “grand conspiracy” of nature that diminishes the quality of life starting in one’s teens in order to perpetuate the species and to keep the soul bound within the prison of the physical.

Nature’s conspiracy is an insidious all-consuming universal influence that in ways mysterious to most people, keep all souls bound to their flesh, and drive everyone, everywhere down a never-ending path of materialistic strife and struggle toward all manner of nonsensical desires and depressing fates.

Because it disrupts the flow of prana through the vital glands of the brain making the feeling of contentment and true satisfaction impossible, the overall effect keeps society much more dangerous, spiritually dead, and selfish. Behind many of the problems of the world (including overpopulation, suffering, violence and evil) is this conspiracy of nature which fuels the evolutionary process of “survival of the fittest” through increasing one’s general tendencies toward competition, selfishness, racism, genocide, and over consumption of vital resources (greed). Nature’s conspiracy also maintains in the general population a serious susceptibility to and exposure to addictions, diseases, old age and dying.

Everyone who lives, and even everyone who dies is subject to this grand conspiracy of nature to diminish, dumb down and melt away the foundation of wholeness, so everyone remains in the dark ages of spiritual ignorance while being subject to the whims of emotional, addictive and physical impulses, laws and limitations of painful physical life. When the soul could soar toward glorious heights of inner freedom, peace, joy, love and great wisdom, it forever remains grounded in a quagmire of materialistic selfishness and sadness while being hopelessly locked into one physical prison after another over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. Not until those penitentiary walls crumble either by accident, disease or at the end of the aging process is there any hope of escape. Yet willfully the soul often ends up back inside yet another physical body to learn some more painful lessons and to pay off more debts… why?

So what is this massive and terrible conspiracy? Why is it so dangerous? What is the greatest secret of secrets of all time, that could end the materialistic reign of tyranny for all people once and for all, and help bring back all the lost joys and pleasures of their wildest childhood dreams? What is the source of humanity’s worse problems? Where do all one’s troubles really begin and what is the real foundation key of all wisdom? What is the real reason behind the collapse of morality in every civilization while great, ancient spiritual organizations such as Buddhism remain intact throughout the ages? What is the real original cause of all wars, crime, disease, of overpopulation, of famine, of poverty, and all other great and terrible sufferings of this world?

What is the single most important thing that short circuits and undermines love and satisfaction in relationships, causing them to eventually fail and fall apart? What prevents one from finding the complete peace and tranquility that should be “second nature” to one’s inner being? Why can’t one find infinite joy, satisfaction and bliss just by sitting down and meditating? Why can’t the average person leave the body (astral project) at will during rest and/or meditation? What is preventing one from enjoying deep spiritual experiences and spontaneous love for God? What is keeping so many people so materialistic that they reject all forms of spirituality?

What makes the mind more vulnerable to chemical and emotional addictions and attachments and prevents one from achieving one’s fullest potential? What is causing too many births especially in third world situations of dire distress and poverty? What is leading to massive, unprecedented levels of world population and a surplus of billions of lives sacrificed on the altar of poverty, misery, hunger, diseases and starvation? Overpopulation is definitely the absolute single worst nightmare problem in history leading to all sorts of serious environmental and political challenges.

Would one in his or her right mind sell one’s soul for a nickel? Of course not… if that person knew about it! Unbeknown to all, the vast majority of humanity is selling his or her soul for the “nickel” of sensory pleasure. Yet the soul is priceless, therefore of what avail is it if one gains the world but loses one’s soul? Most do not even know exactly what I am talking about because of the average materialistic limited perspective so common to all people who are stuck on this Earth. And what is even more mysterious is I am not referring to the divine soul in the literal religious sense but in the yogic sense of the enlightened “soul” as a complete whole being of infinite bliss, freedom and love.

The conscious realization of one’s true nature is “Sat, Chit, Ananda.” Sat is existence or truth, Chit is consciousness, and Ananda is bliss which are the three main aspects of enlightenment. The chance to realize one’s true Self or soul in the context I am referring to is constantly being thrown away by the binding decision to go in the direction of the kind of aggressive sensual excitement that leads to the loss of vital sexual energy. The human is by his or her very nature a biochemical, electrically polarized being.

Instant but counterfeit, unsustainable pleasures can be found by “going south” while permanent but long awaited joys and divine love is eventually found by constant practice of expanding one’s sensual energy “up north” or up deep within the spinal centers toward the third eye (Ajna chakra) and the top of the head (Sahasrara) by increasing one’s concentration, pranic energy and circulation in those chakras.

Even though this idea may sound too unrealistic and too idealistic, if everyone would nevertheless practice celibacy or at least moderation in sex, global population would no longer explode out of control and would no longer cause terrible destruction of rainforests and other vital resources. Everyone would be so much happier if they could experience the immense value and benefits of long-term celibacy/moderation and the amazing, unexpected benefits controlled or non-sensuality could have on one’s relationships. Can one imagine a world without all the complications of sexual consequences such as unwanted pregnancies, abortions, extra expenses, guilt, shame and other emotional problems, relationship battles, and sexually transmitted diseases?

The fastest way to eliminating the world’s problems would be eliminating the mistake of constantly and blindly following one’s sensual and other addictive impulses instead of sublimating them into a finer channel of expression, meditation and love of God(dess) in each other. One can move toward enlightenment by valuing and respecting the laws of ancient wisdom that support the complete renunciation of all lust, all attachments and egotism that the great sages and gurus have required for eons and eons.

There are higher realities one can engage in, not limited to this earthly “game” of life. One can transcend the physical drama of life and live on a higher level of love and fulfillment as long as the ego and lust are transformed, redirected into a continuous and wonderful bliss and happiness. Egotism and especially lust (masturbation, sex and sensuality) constitute the great conspiracy of nature keeping humanity suffering and never finding permanent happiness by preventing the formation of a complete circuit of pranic interconnection between the mind, spirit and body. Ojas is created in the body from the combination of sexual fluid and prana, and is the all-important subtle substance that all yogis must have to experience enlightenment or successful communion with God.

Even knowing all there is to know about this conspiracy and how it operates against our best interests, and for what purpose it works against us will not guarantee any escape from it. Only the finest mystics of all time know how to stay out of its terrible clutches and keep free of its sickening pull toward either the stupefied state and/or the state of hopelessness and despair. What really makes this conspiracy so insidious is its day-to-day normalcy, its seeming ordinary and ubiquitous business-as-usual global and universal effect of numbness and apathy of which no one has any idea from whence it came. I have seen the negative effects of sex attributed to all kinds of causes except the one true cause, and sex is so normal, so common place, very few suspect or even concern themselves with nature’s conspiracy of sex let alone even have the vaguest inclination that such a conspiracy exists!

Very few even want to come to such a conclusion, after all who wants to give it up? Even worse is the widespread popularity and availability of technology to enhance sexual stimulation and masturbation. Then there is pornography which can provoke an indifference to one’s mate or spouse who in most cases is unable to look as exciting or enticing as what can be found on the internet. Overstimulation only leads one further into spiritual debt and even more lack of sensitivity to the non-addicting and more wholesome pleasures of transmutation into continuous bliss, divine love, and a much more enlightened and fulfilling life.

Who wants to hear that conventional sex is also as addictive as a powerful drug and can have serious side-effects such as depression, anger, adultery, codependency, and sadness? Who wants to hear that this “normal, healthy behavior” that popular psychologists assume is bad to repress also has a dark side, and is a great drain on one’s full human potential? No one wants to hear of or accept such things however true they are and however profound are the implications.

I am certainly not implying the forced or uncomfortable repression of sexual urges, nor even the abandoning of close relationships based on intimate affection, but rather the expansion and preservation of a fully intact libido through various yogic techniques of tantra, transmutation, water fasting, self-control, a complete, balanced, healthy, whole foods, natural diet, adaptogenic herbs, and meditation from within the spinal centers of consciousness. Successfully preserving and expanding one’s sexual energy upward, rather than losing it through conventional sex, can lead to a permanent, incomparable, ever-increasing, ever-changing satisfaction for the entire future of one’s existence. Not only that, after years of meditating in samadhi, many amazing mental and psychic powers, and other surprising benefits can also occur.

Even though sexual relations must continue if the generations are to go on, and even though conventional sex is a 100% natural and normal part of ordinary healthy living, that fact does not mean that it is always great for the mind, spirit and body to indulge in whenever one pleases! The wisest of couples (especially in Hinduism) are the ones who never have sex for recreation and only for the purpose to create a child. Drastic? Not at all when one fully realizes just how much blissful awakening in yoga is missed, and how much of the profoundest joys and most fulfilling romantic relationships in life are disrupted through the loss of sexual fluids. The profound benefits of celibacy are rarely experienced and understood. It can take a month or more of strict celibacy to really start noticing the difference and before the months go by one often has to undergo the careful redirection of very strong urges, desires and overwhelming impulses into a continuous flow of blissful, expanded sexual energy and prana up the spine in the form of a kundalini awakening.

One has to first fully overcome this most powerful addiction before one can start to experience this great inner strength, bliss, joy, rejuvenation and love within and eventually the realization of Self and then of God. Being free of the addiction to conventional sex also makes it possible to experience and enjoy the most incredibly satisfying relationships ever because the joy of love along with a wonderful new form of (transmuted) sensuality becomes magnified many times over.

Once one has been fully involved with the pure lifestyle of self-control for many months, one usually never wants to go back to the old way of life; the benefits are too great. This transformation may not be for everyone, especially the “young and restless,” however, those most suited for the spiritual path should at least try it and find out for themselves. No longer being subject to the conspiracy of nature means one will soon find the keys to that elysian paradise of absolute, all-fulfilling joy called wholeness!


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Chapter 1 – Establish The Lifestyle of Blissful Sexual Expansion —
Chapter 2 – Learn How to Conserve Vital Sexual Fluids for Bliss —
Chapter 3 – Benefits of Conserving Sexual Energy and Transmutation —
Chapter 4 – How I “Biohacked” My Way Out of Suffering —
Chapter 5 – How the Great Indulgence Causes Destruction —
Chapter 6 – Nature’s Conspiracy and the Grand Deception —
Chapter 7 – Conserve Sexual Fluid for Greater Psychological Health —
Chapter 8 – Transcend Metabolism to Discover Higher Realms

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