A Fasting Lifestyle Is Essential for Wholeness

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Food and the need for it can be one’s worst enemy. Not only is dependence on food a potential financial burden, it can also become a medical burden because most diseases and other problems are associated with too much food consumption, availability, storage, preparation and especially malnutrition.

It is vital to learn how to overcome addiction to food! The key is regular fasting on alkaline, mineralized or negatively ionized water between whole, complete meals instead of snacking and to very, very gradually increase the length of time between whole, complete high protein meals from several hours to several days.

Real yogis do this sort of thing all the time; they build up their bodies in extraordinary ways to accomplish extraordinary things such as increase their ability to hold their breath from the average time of half a minute to several minutes, and amazingly enough after years of deep meditation in nirbikalpa samdahi and/or other states of awareness become able to slow down metabolism and heart rate enough to appear to not breathe for several days, or even months sometimes! When human body cells are adequately trained, they can do all manner of amazing things.

The octogenarian yogi Prahlad Jani born in Chunriwala Mataji on August 13, 1929 in Charada, Mehsana district, for example apparently never ate or drank anything since the age of 11. He is in perfect health and spends most of his time in deep meditation. His inner experience includes an indescribable light within his mind’s eye and immense bliss. He claims to live on this light and drops that come through a hole in the palate at the top of the inside of his mouth. His life proves that in at least some cases, and in the light of all the terrible diseases associated with food, one might be far better off not eating anything much at all!

How could this be possible? Skeptics without any knowledge of quantum physics and effects of zero point energy on cells say that breatharianism cannot be possible and therefore it simply is not occurring and therefore all claiming to live without food are frauds. Of course, the energy of metabolism has to come from somewhere, and all I can think of is that our very ancient and very intelligent cells are somehow tapping into the same energy that sustains every molecule and atom in the universe: a kind of universal cosmic quantum energy, that yogis call “shakti” or “prana” which is a blissful, loving and ecstatic feeling throughout every cell in the body and magnified many times through the conservation of sexual energy.

Like overindulgence in sex, eating too often blocks the expression and realization of this vital prana (or Spirit) while in the physical body. One can therefore try all sorts of alternatives to reduce the negative effects of eating. Some methods include simply avoiding red meat such as pork, beef, and lamb and going mainly vegetarian, vegan and raw food. One can try to eat more lightly, but more often. However the best and most practical strategy I found so far is to simply eat a whole, complete meal and then fast for as long as I comfortably can on ionized water with dolomite until the next whole, complete meal, therefore constantly having the benefit of fasting nearly all the time. I would then very gradually increase the length of time between these meals, until I am eating only one or two meals per week.

I am already eating only once every two days with a tremendous improvement in health, bliss and spiritual energy levels. I am following my bliss; if I did not benefit so profoundly from doing this practice, I simply would not go into any more fasting. The body cells gradually adapt to anything, as long as the change is gradual! This is why it is essential to never, ever suddenly stop eating forever, as the results are guaranteed to be disastrous. Much preparation is needed before attempting to fast even for a short time which includes partaking of a huge, complete meal with all the vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. that one presently needs.

Study the nutrition sections of my website carefully to make sure one’s meals are absolutely nutritionally complete before starting a water fast, otherwise it will quickly become a very unpleasant experience with potentially damaging results you never want to repeat. My first attempts at long term fasting (to overcome severe food sensitivities) back in the late 1970’s were in fact disastrous causing much embarrassment, terrible loss of weight and weakness throughout my body. I simply had no clue as to how to go about fasting the way I do now.

Fasting is similar to holding one’s breath. What does one do before diving many feet under water, say for oysters? That person prepares in several ways, first by not having just eaten, and second by breathing very deeply until the whole body is completely saturated with enough of a temporary oxygen supply to comfortably reach the bottom and gather a few oysters and return to the surface without too much discomfort and strain on the lungs and heart. So it is with correct fasting: the more complete the meal, the longer and more comfortable the fast! And the more often one does this, the more able one’s body cells can adapt and go even further into living more and more on Spirit (quantum energy) instead of food.

The benefits of this rare accomplishment along with celibacy and regular meditation are profound. To begin with one can start to save significant money on groceries, vitamin supplements, etc. and eventually even medical bills and dental bills because nearly all health problems are associated with the cumulative oxidation damage of too much food over a lifetime, especially calories, on the body.

Eventually the cells adapt to the longer periods of inedia and one finds one can become more sensitive to and live more and more on a sort of prana or energy that comes from all of nature, such as trees, plants, the sky, the earth, the sun, and the very energy source of the universe which is dark energy. One’s chakras and kundalini start to awaken, and enjoy more and more vivid high astral dreams of incredible bliss and ecstasy. One’s physical needs become less and less demanding, while one’s spiritual awareness and reverence for life increases dramatically.


“Breatharianism, Ionized Water and Pranic Nourishment”

One Should Learn All One Can and Not Be Closed Minded

Some advanced yogis might be able to tap into this largely unknown source through years of fasting and an acquired connection with quantum energy or what they would call Love, Light, Spirit, Prana or God.


The purpose of this book is to make others aware of the fact that inedia is possible, but not necessarily as a means to become a breatharian “living on light” yourself. The popular idea that breatharians simply “live on air” or even worse, “live on nothing” is misleading. Successful breatharianism which is really quite rare is the result of training the energies of the astral (or dark matter) body and cells of the physical (baryonic matter) body over many, many years (or lifetimes?) to obtain nourishment directly from quantum energy.

Atoms are the perfect “breatharians” because they immediately receive their energy from the ubiquitous zero point field of quantum energy to maintain their electron orbits, otherwise the electron clouds or fields surrounding all atoms would have collapsed into the atomic nuclei eons and eons ago. Every electron must either remain inside or jump from a specific energy channel or “quanta” into another. Because their lowest possible quantum energy state can never be reduced any further, they forever remain in their “orbits” around the atomic nucleus. At the subatomic level, energy can never be used up, and if it is somehow lost, it is immediately replaced by more quantum energy. This idea can be proven by the superfluid properties of liquid helium and how it never really freezes into a solid mass no matter how close it gets to absolute zero (-459.67 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Kelvin) at normal pressures. In other words, the zero-point energy of its atoms seems to be too high to allow freezing.

Just as single-celled organisms, algae and plant life can get all their nourishment from sunlight, water, nitrogen and minerals, it may be possible for certain cells in the human body to obtain nourishment from scientifically unknown sources such as astral, spiritual and quantum (or prana). Every living thing is already sustained to some extent by this energy and nearly anyone after a long period of a pure, God-tuned lifestyle, cellular detoxification and absorption of prana (quantum energy) can achieve a temporary and/or partial state of “breatharianism” through abstemious eating such as in the form of occasional liquids and soups.

Body cells, if given a long enough time, can adapt to almost any condition, and as amazing as this may sound, some people, such as Jasmuheen, the world-famous Australian proponent of “pranic nourishment” and various other “new age” concepts seem to have succeeded in making partial breatharianism a permanent way of life for herself. Ask anyone who knows Jasmuheen personally, and you will find she definitely “walks her talk.”

However for matter to evolve into even more complex life forms such as animals, an acquired dependency on food is required, because evolution would not even be possible without this dependency on and competition for external sources of food. However there might remain an innate ability for some cells to receive nourishment from quantum energy in a similar manner as atoms. Some advanced yogis might be able to tap into this largely unknown source through years of fasting and an acquired connection with quantum energy or what they would call Love, Light, Spirit, Prana or God. This energy is an intelligent and all-loving energy guided by the higher dimensions (governing principles) of universal consciousness.

Cold fusion, if it exists at all and if it can occur in biological systems, might be another way some cells could obtain energy without having to rely on external sources. However, if all one needed all along was some quantum energy, sunlight or other free and independent source of energy and nourishment to survive, no further evolution would take place and the entity would remain as simple as a single-celled organism. This is why nearly every life form, except the most simple, requires that it hunt for food to survive, even though it may in some cases seem possible to train a yogi’s human cells to revert back to the way atoms get their energy.

February 2016, 2nd edition – subjects covered will include:

Chapter 1 – Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Breatharian?

Chapter 2 – Most “Breatharians” Are Simply Eating Far Less

Chapter 3 – Diet Methods to Bring More Prana Into One’s Body

Chapter 4 – Discover How Ionized Water Can Help You Absorb Prana

Chapter 5 – Breatharianism Is No Joke: Prahlad Jani Defies Science

Chapter 6 – One Should Learn All One Can and Not Be Closed Minded

Chapter 7 – Transition to a Breatharian Lifestyle Must Be Gradual

Chapter 8 – Where the Energy Comes From For Pranic Nourishment

Chapter 9 – Seek Wholeness First and as a Way to Breatharianism

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