Is a “Big Bang” Really Needed to Explain Creation?

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Alternative ideas in cosmology suggest there may have never been a “Big Bang.” There may have been, however, an event somewhat similar to the “Big Bang” but having occurred in a way never previously understood or imagined.

If there was a “Big Bang” such a massive event may have been one of the phases in the creation of only one of countless universes from the universal ocean of energy rather than the absolute beginning itself.

A Universe Supported by Dark Energy and Designed by Vast Streams of Electrified Plasma

There may not be a need for a “Big Bang” to explain creation, because there is already more than enough evidence in various fields of science to at least require some modification of that theory. For example, I believe there should be more than enough of that ubiquitous dark (zero point) energy saturating every cubic centimeter of space to create and maintain quite a robust universe with a very smooth back-ground radiation. The universe appears to be expanding as part of a huge recycling process where everything in it eventually accelerates out to infinity while new particles in the form of vast, electrically energized streams of plasmas created by zero point energy produce new galaxies in the place of older ones.

Furthermore, 99.999% of the visible matter in the universe consists of plasmas shaped by tremendous electrical and magnetic forces that are billions of times stronger than gravity. In addition to plasma’s profoundly universal electrical effects, other discoveries in the field of quantum physics along with the possible influences of vast quasars (black holes) and parallel universes (the multiverse) will also force cosmologists to completely alter their present “Big Bang” theory. The vast areas of space between the galactic clusters may be expanding, but the galactic clusters themselves are not, especially where the quasars are, which are massive, illuminating black holes.

I Envision a Dynamic Universe in a Constant State of Change, Evolution and New Growth

Rather than simply accepting that all creation somehow exploded out of a single point of extreme density, I prefer to think that the entire universe is more like a boiling cauldron “heated” by dark energy from five-dimensional space and shaped by vast electrified streams of plasma. No “Big Bang” is needed to explain why distant galaxies are moving away from each other, because a vastly expanded “Casimir effect” of dark energy (space naturally emits a positive outflow of virtual particles from quantum energy everywhere) is enough to explain why this continuous inflation of space, or more specifically, a universal increase in the distance between galactic clusters is happening, has always happened, and always will happen acting as a perfect counterbalance to gravity and possibly forming new particles by the trillions of trillions.

Is the Universe Infinite or Finite?

The universe is both finite and infinite. The multiverse (this universe and all others) may be infinite in its theoretical domain yet finite in how it can be observed or experienced, because the most distant galaxies’ red-shifts would become too great to be detected by anything and therefore be “lost” forever over the cosmic horizon as new matter from particles created by the vacuum (dark) energy replaces them.

In a sense, the cosmic horizon is like a massive event horizon of a black hole, where the red-shift becomes infinite and time comes to a complete stop. That is exactly what happens at the edge of the universe; time, relatively speaking, comes to a complete stop, but not from “their” viewpoint but from our viewpoint, and nothing more from their section of the universe can be experienced from our viewpoint. The energy from these most distant objects are not lost, however, it transfers back into the visible universe in the form of dark energy in a similar way that black holes transmit energy back into space when objects enter its event horizon.

Not all Parts of the Universe Are Expanding

There is no increase in distance where gravity is stronger than this expansive force, which is usually between individual galaxies inside a cluster, stars within a galaxy, and of course, planets within solar systems are not affected.

It is within these areas that the universe is contracting under the force of gravity, especially where the black holes are. If this were not so, then such structures as galactic clusters would not continue to exist. As the universe as a whole expands, the individual parts of it will not and will therefore continue to clump together resulting in an everlasting balance between the forces of gravity and the expansive forces of the Casimir effect. Since the Casimir effect can be reproduced in any laboratory by anyone with two plates and a bell or vacuum jar, dark energy need no longer be a mystery!

What Exactly is Space and Matter?

Space is not empty! Space is actually one single universal fabric of pure quantum energy which becomes “solid” and hums like a bell when acted upon at the speed of light or gravity as in gravity waves. Space is a single, universal substance, membrane, or “particle” of a complex multi-dimensional geometry that not only transmits photons in a similar way electricity is transmitted down a wire, but also when slightly geometrically modified, instantly becomes the essence of atomic particles which are the building blocks of atoms.

In other words, all energy (which matter is made of) is a multidimensional, geometric modification of space! Everything is made from space! Because matter really is nothing more than a complex five-dimensional “wave” or change in the geometry of space-time trapped within a multidimensional force field, I don’t see why the concept of matter being created from the nearly infinite amounts of quantum vacuum energy in all of space would be considered such an unlikely source, especially when compared to a “Big Bang” out of nothing, which indeed would have to be extremely unlikely.

Does not Time Ever Run Down?

Energy is never lost! The worst that can happen is it merges back into the One Substance of all reality, or cosmic ocean of zero point energy which in turn radiates as dark energy in various ways in the form of radiation particles back into our four dimensions of space-time, which again, through entropy, eventually returns back to its original “One Substance” or “Wholeness” and this cycle repeats itself forever. Energy is not something that nature can only create so much of then eventually runs out of. Nature is energy. No energy is ever lost, only transferred from one system to another. Energy or time can only run down within the space-time continuum, but never outside of it. The original source of all energy is quantum energy, a universal substance of subatomic influence in five dimensions, beyond all thermodynamic limitations of entropy.

The whole universe really is in a constant and very delicate balancing act between expansion and contraction, creation and dissolution. How does it maintain such a delicate balance? Remembering that there is really only one Substance called “space,” no energy can ever actually be lost or wasted. It may seem to be as most of the light and heat from stars seems radiate into deep space, and galaxies eventually recede forever into the infinite distance. However, all that is really happening is that energy is constantly being returned to its ultimate source, space itself, which is a constantly shimmering ocean of energy. Energy by its very own nature is constantly changing and transforming, but is never truly lost, after all, where can it go?

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This amazing book contains revolutionary and beautifully simple concepts in alternative cosmology that came from a period of over thirty-seven years of deep contemplation and meditation on the nature of reality combined with the latest scientific observations. This book includes my deepest insights on creation featuring a compendium of interrelated alternative cosmological concepts describing the formation of the universe and the creation of reality without ever having to fall back on the really awkward, worn-out, far-fetched inflation or similar “Big Bang” theories.

I will not bog you down or bore you to death with any complex, esoteric or hard to understand mathematical formulas! The Universe need not have originated from such an impossibly unlikely event as the “Big Bang” at all, but rather from an accumulation of particles out of endless amounts of quantum energy, time and space. Would not such a scenario seem far more likely, far more simple, and far more logical? Through the interaction of space, time and higher dimensions of probability and laws of physics came dark energy, which in turn formed dark matter and all the visible galaxies of the Universe along with a force to keep these galaxies expanding apart (rather than collapsing) and forever creating new galaxies in everlasting waves of creation, with the last wave being around 14 billion years ago.

I view the Universe as an extension of space-time, and being created from and supported by vast amounts of quantum energy that make up the very fabric of all space and time. Space itself is a repository of infinite energy, if this were not so, light would be absorbed by space rather than be transmitted through it. All galaxies are part and parcel of the very pattern or fabric of space-time itself and have always existed throughout eternity in waves of creation rather than being the unlikely and temporary product of a ridiculously immense “Big Bang” explosion. All galaxies had to originate from the endless streams of particles, plasmas, and gasses naturally present throughout all space and time arising from dark energy that pervades all creation, causing it to expand and renew continuously.

Most scientific thinking today still revolves around the idea that reality is structured independent of our consciousness and that all thoughts, feelings and consciousness are strictly artifacts of the physical brain. This idea implies to me what would in fact be an impossible separation of observer and all that which is being observed, when in fact the two are opposite sides of the same coin. A vast assortment of life’s deepest mysteries could never ever be fully solved by assuming that consciousness has nothing to do with the “external” reality we have always lived in! I believe that nothing can exist without consciousness, and that consciousness is an essential part or dimension of our reality in the same way that the fourth dimension of time is essential for energy (and therefore matter) to exist.

If three-dimensional space (volume) somehow existed without the time (hyperspace) to support it, it would always be empty or completely void. Every dimension has to be supported by yet a higher dimension for there to be any reality or substance at all. For example, if our three-dimensional universe suddenly had no duration, it would vanish instantly without a trace. Even the passage of time needs yet a higher dimension of probability and quantum mechanics to support it, which in turn needs a sixth (the laws of physics), and a seventh (the governing principle of Consciousness) and so on. I believe consciousness is always the highest dimension, and without consciousness, the prime Substance or Oneness of all creation, nothing else could exist at all. A great way to begin to solve life’s deepest enigmas and mysteries would be to realize we are all part of and share this same holographic consciousness.

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Chapter 0 – How the Universe Was Created

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Chapter 6 – “Big Bang” or “Big Boo Boo”?

Chapter 7 – A More “Common Sense” History of the Universe

Chapter 8 – Is a “Big Bang” Really Needed to Explain Creation?

Chapter 9 – A “Big Bang” Requires Too Many Coincidences

Chapter 10 – Cosmic Black Holes and Higher Dimensions

Chapter 11 – What Exactly is Dark Energy?

Chapter 12 – Dark Energy As a Source of Power

Chapter 13 – Dark Energy and the Paranormal

Chapter 14 – Twelve Incorrect Notions Regarding Cosmology

Epilog – 68.5% Dark Energy, 26.6% Dark Matter, 4.9% Ordinary Matter

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