Environmental Verses Economic Problems

Environmental and economic concerns seem to always be considered separate and opposing interests (issues) in the news. However, when the whole picture is considered, they are really just two sides of the same coin.

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Expand your consciousness through awesome sound and music causing a massive inter-neural integration brain synchronization transformation.

Ultimately, environment and economic needs are really quite interdependent.

All out economic growth without any concern about maintaining and conserving precious natural resources would ultimately depleat these resources, leading to a massive and disasterous economic halt or shutdown.

The present rate of fossil fuel consumption without any attempts to change over to alternative sources of power such as solar, wind, electric and fuel cell, would naturally and ultimately lead to complete consumption of all fossil fuels within the next hundred years while at the same time accelarating global warming leading to massive flooding, severe weather, and other major disruptive global changes.

What I am saying is that it is clearly impossible to sustain economic growth and development without the serious self-defeating consequences I just mentioned, making it impossible for any further growth. After all, if all the forests are burned down, no more houses can be built, and the air would become depleated of oxygen.

Real economic growth in the future would have to be intimately involved with the development of and changeover to alternative and cleaner sources of power and more advanced and efficent technology.

Another serious issue is population growth. Unlimited economic and population growth is not possible. Unless the planet is infinitely huge, unlimited growth cannot continue.

Economic growth must be transformed into economic refinement on ever increasing levels of sophisticated efficiency soley for the purpose of increasing everyone’s natural well-being and quality of life.

Continued population growth and blind economic expansion ultimately must end in a nightmare scenario of massive suffering and horrible sacrifices. Thoughtful improvements in the way future economic growth is to take place is required!

There is too much emphasis on quantity and not enough on quality. The kind of growth and expansion occuring should now be in the direction of quality, efficiency and technological refinement that respects and encourages human compassion, ingenuity, individuality, values, quality of life and spirituality. This concept must include a mandatory sychronization with the natural environment, respect for nature, living side by side with nature in harmony rather than clashing with it.

Real future economic advancement for it to be considered real progress should result in an increase in everyone’s availability to natural beauty and resources rather than a decrease, less competition, and more opportunity for personal peace, satisfaction, enrichment and enjoyment.

How To Save Gas By Running Your Car or Truck On Water

Is it possible to run your car on 100% water? When you look closely at such 100% water driven technology, one ends up spending even more than using the usual fuel for powering vehicles.

So, the method I recommend for powering your car with water that will save you cost of fuel is to make your own low-cost hybrid car that will run on water and gas, thereby saving you huge costs you would have spent using only gas. In other words – Hydrogen-On-Demand system where you run your car on Hydrogen WHEN you need it!

Note that I am not saying you should build a car from scratch that will run on water. Not at all. This instead is about constructing simple devices that will enable your car to run on water as well as gas. You don’t have to alter your car make-up or get a new car. The technology can work with almost any car or truck.

Another great idea would be to create gasoline from seawater. In this video, Dr. Heather Willauer of the Navy Research Laboratory describes her team’s success at using nuclear heat to manufacture synthetic jet fuel from seawater. Amazing technology! Imagine doing this using solar energy! This process completely bi-passes the need to extract oil from the ground and refine to the detriment of atmosphere and environment.

In simple words, HHO gas-from-water technology involves putting together home-made devices that use a little electricity out of your car’s battery to separate water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). HHO, also known as Brown’s Gas or Hydroxy, burns beautifully and by so doing provides TONS of energy, and the most remarkable thing is that this pound for pound HHO gas is even much more potent than gasoline. In fact 3 times more potent than gasoline.

By using such cars you effectively save money that would have been spent on fuel for your car. It is estimated that this could save you as much as $897.40 per year. If you are two, three or four drivers in the family, this yearly savings increases dramatically. And what if you have a fleet of 50 drivers in your company? Then your yearly savings will multiply to $44,870.

First things first… this isn’t about running your car on 100% water. Of course there is information available about running your car on 100% water but I don’t recommend them because they are not only complicated but seriously expensive and completely unpredictable.

It is easy to learn more about water for gas technology and how you too can build your own water for gas powered car. All the SECRETS of Water Car Technology are secrets no longer. You can convert Your Car To Burn WATER–Boost Mileage 60%. Do you want to know right now how you can drive around using water as fuel and laugh at rising gas costs, while reducing emissions and preventing global warming? You can generate free energy by boosting the efficiency of your poorly designed engine! Run your car on water! Convert water into fuel! FOX News shows how Jimmy Klein creates HHO from H2O. Find out more about how to convert your car to run on water.

Teach Yourself Solar Power

Finally, an easy-to-follow guide to generating power from the sun, anywhere.

The Solar Power Design Manual Ebook starts from first principles to guide you through the process of designing, specifying and installing your own self-contained solar power system, anywhere in the world.

With the Solar Power Design Manual you will learn:

How solar power works, with simple diagrams – How to make the most of the power available – How to choose the right components – The best way to estimate the available solar energy – How to decide when solar power is not the answer – How to make sure that the system continues to work for years to come

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Global WarNing – A Message to Humanity

Humanity’s present momentum of continuous growth in urban sprawl and population cannot be sustained without seriously destroying Earth’s most vital resources. For every square mile of heavily populated urban land, there needs to be at least fifty-five square miles of clean farmland and unspoiled wilderness area to support it. While the oceans are being filled with toxic pollutants and vast amounts of trash, many species of fish and whales are constantly being threatened. The more people living a high-resource consumption lifestyle, the more species of vital plants, trees and animals will become extinct. Too much Co2 and the further release of methane into the atmosphere could unfortunately roll out an unstoppable, runaway greenhouse effect causing all manner of dreadful catastrophes throughout the world. When it gets too hot for most people around the world to grow food, civilization is bound to collapse. Read the book for incredible stories and some amazing solutions.

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