The Multi-Dimensional Quantum Field of Space is the Source of all Time, Energy, and Matter

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Even though space is obviously not solid, light can travel through it, so there is definitely a “something” in space that acts as a transmitting medium for electromagnetic radiation.

Because matter is really made up of resonating pockets of trapped electromagnetic radiation, matter is simply an energetic variation of the multi-dimensional substance of space. And there will always be a certain ratio of matter to space–something like ten hydrogen atoms and one helium atom for every cubic meter of the emptiest regions of deep space between the galactic clusters.

However, the amount of particles in every cubic meter of space can vary dramatically depending on which region of space and which epoch in time we are referring to; for instance, the number of hydrogen and helium nuclei per cubic meter of space within a cluster of galaxies can be a thousand times higher. There can also be thousands of neutrinos zipping past every split second at nearly the speed of light, hundreds of thousands of free electrons, quarks, gluons, dark matter particles, dark energy virtual particles, electromagnetic radiation (photons), magnetic fields, and other fine particles. Space indeed is never absolutely empty, but filled with all kinds of activity.

The entirety of space itself can be conceptualized as being one huge particle with its own boundary or event horizon. Space is one single, infinite field of an intelligent substance that consists of a very high frequency of pure, expanding energy which some might call the “Breath of God” because it is constantly “shimmering” or breathing in and out at an extremely rapid rate. Space is completely and utterly saturated with this universal vibration at extremely, extremely high frequencies of very intense electromagnetic energy most of it being far higher than the highest “notes” of what most of us consider to be the electromagnetic spectrum. This universal force of dark energy is known as zero point energy which is powered by the Uncertainty Principle.

The precipitation of particles from dark energy is far from chaotic, but in direct alignment with the sacred geometry of the Golden Mean where quantum vibrations resonate throughout all octaves of the musical scale. The whole design of the universe is based on this precise musical scale, otherwise matter would simply not form into the exact atomic patterns that it consists of.

The crystalline structures of matter, the designs found in living forms and of nature itself would not be possible without these precisely attuned multidimensional notes (cosmic strings?) of energy. The laws of nature are so perfectly tuned and exact, that a universal, governing intelligence or “consciousness” consisting of quantum patterns of energy throughout the higher dimensions beyond space and time would have to exist for all these “miracles” of creation to keep on happening.

Dark Energy Eventually Transports Distant Galaxies Toward an “Event Horizon” where Time Stops

The quantum fields of dark energy causes the vastest scales of cosmic distances to expand exponentially to the point where the red shifts of distant objects become infinite. Any objects from such immense distances no longer “exist” from our perspective because their space-time axis has absolutely flattened out, merging completely with the singularity beyond the cosmic horizon of the visible universe. It is in this way that the overall size, shape and energy of the universe always remains finite, but constant.

The idea of a cosmological constant needed to prevent the universe from ultimately collapsing under its own gravity was discarded by Albert Einstein in what he called his “biggest blunder.” However, the overall effect that dark energy has on the universe seems to be exactly like Einstein’s cosmological constant. What was once a “blunder” is now a leading explanation for why the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

The greater the distance from our local galaxy, the greater the rate of expansion of space of which the overall effect would be an expansion-generated space-time-axis “curvature” of space from “horizontal” at our location of the universe to “perpendicular” at the radius of 13.7 billion light years.

The main feature of black holes is their event horizons that encompass a “space” that is perpendicular to the space surrounding it adding an extra dimension or direction of space that pierces many parallel universes well into the distant future.

There seems to be a significant similarity between the event horizon of a black hole and the much vaster cosmic horizon where countless galaxies would seem to vanish from view. The rate of time of whatever galaxies that recede back toward the visible edge or “event horizon” of the universe approaches to a complete halt, with whatever radiation emanating from these objects becoming no longer distinguishable from the cosmic background radiation.

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This amazing book contains revolutionary and beautifully simple concepts in alternative cosmology that came from a period of over thirty-seven years of deep contemplation and meditation on the nature of reality combined with the latest scientific observations. This book includes my deepest insights on creation featuring a compendium of interrelated alternative cosmological concepts describing the formation of the universe and the creation of reality without ever having to fall back on the really awkward, worn-out, far-fetched inflation or similar “Big Bang” theories.

I will not bog you down or bore you to death with any complex, esoteric or hard to understand mathematical formulas! The Universe need not have originated from such an impossibly unlikely event as the “Big Bang” at all, but rather from an accumulation of particles out of endless amounts of quantum energy, time and space. Would not such a scenario seem far more likely, far more simple, and far more logical? Through the interaction of space, time and higher dimensions of probability and laws of physics came dark energy, which in turn formed dark matter and all the visible galaxies of the Universe along with a force to keep these galaxies expanding apart (rather than collapsing) and forever creating new galaxies in everlasting waves of creation, with the last wave being around 14 billion years ago.

I view the Universe as an extension of space-time, and being created from and supported by vast amounts of quantum energy that make up the very fabric of all space and time. Space itself is a repository of infinite energy, if this were not so, light would be absorbed by space rather than be transmitted through it. All galaxies are part and parcel of the very pattern or fabric of space-time itself and have always existed throughout eternity in waves of creation rather than being the unlikely and temporary product of a ridiculously immense “Big Bang” explosion. All galaxies had to originate from the endless streams of particles, plasmas, and gasses naturally present throughout all space and time arising from dark energy that pervades all creation, causing it to expand and renew continuously.

Most scientific thinking today still revolves around the idea that reality is structured independent of our consciousness and that all thoughts, feelings and consciousness are strictly artifacts of the physical brain. This idea implies to me what would in fact be an impossible separation of observer and all that which is being observed, when in fact the two are opposite sides of the same coin. A vast assortment of life’s deepest mysteries could never ever be fully solved by assuming that consciousness has nothing to do with the “external” reality we have always lived in! I believe that nothing can exist without consciousness, and that consciousness is an essential part or dimension of our reality in the same way that the fourth dimension of time is essential for energy (and therefore matter) to exist.

If three-dimensional space (volume) somehow existed without the time (hyperspace) to support it, it would always be empty or completely void. Every dimension has to be supported by yet a higher dimension for there to be any reality or substance at all. For example, if our three-dimensional universe suddenly had no duration, it would vanish instantly without a trace. Even the passage of time needs yet a higher dimension of probability and quantum mechanics to support it, which in turn needs a sixth (the laws of physics), and a seventh (the governing principle of Consciousness) and so on. I believe consciousness is always the highest dimension, and without consciousness, the prime Substance or Oneness of all creation, nothing else could exist at all. A great way to begin to solve life’s deepest enigmas and mysteries would be to realize we are all part of and share this same holographic consciousness.

Subjects to be covered in this ebook will include:

Chapter 0 – How the Universe Was Created

Chapter 1 – Cosmology and Consciousness

Chapter 2 – Why is There Anything at All?

Chapter 3 – Exploring the Universal Oneness

Chapter 4 – An Alternative to the Highly Improbable

Chapter 5 – An Entire Universe From a Single Point?

Chapter 6 – “Big Bang” or “Big Boo Boo”?

Chapter 7 – A More “Common Sense” History of the Universe

Chapter 8 – Is a “Big Bang” Really Needed to Explain Creation?

Chapter 9 – A “Big Bang” Requires Too Many Coincidences

Chapter 10 – Cosmic Black Holes and Higher Dimensions

Chapter 11 – What Exactly is Dark Energy?

Chapter 12 – Dark Energy As a Source of Power

Chapter 13 – Dark Energy and the Paranormal

Chapter 14 – Twelve Incorrect Notions Regarding Cosmology

Epilog – 68.5% Dark Energy, 26.6% Dark Matter, 4.9% Ordinary Matter

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