A “Big Bang” Requires Too Many Coincidences

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Not only would a perfect balance between expansion and contraction be needed throughout the whole history of the universe to support the “Big Bang” theory of creation, many other conditions, physical laws, quantities, etc., would have to be precisely calibered in order for the present universe to exist.

If one could simply get rid of the idea of a “Big Bang,” all those perfectly balanced, highly improbable coincidences of creation would be naturally embedded in the one Substance of space itself and be a permanent part of what the “Living Reality” is really made of.

The Unlimited Expression of Existence Is Greatly Limited by Our Observation of It

The worst problem with any “what caused the universe” theory, there is always the “what caused the thing that caused the universe” question and so on. This confusion may be removed by viewing the present universe as being an expression of a universal, everlasting, timeless, changeless, “Oneness” that has no actual beginning, end or description, only variations in our observation of it. “Existence” has always existed and always will. This is another reason why I find it hard to accept that everything in the universe started at a certain point in time.

There is also a huge bias (the anthropic principle) which means that only the portions of “Reality” or “Existence” we are likely to experience can only be those epochs and locations in the multiverse that are conducive to life and consciousness. Most other parts of creation may or may not be available for us to experience or observe, not being in this universe, being too far away, and/or too far into the past or future.

Could such areas and/or epochs of creation be experienced through remote viewing and astral projection? There could very well be some very strange or even deliberate coincidences that had to have taken place to get to a world such as ours that can support life. A “Big Bang” hypothesis seems too simple to explain a creation as “intelligently guided” as the one we exist in now.

It would have to be far more likely that the universe ultimately originated from a higher dimensional reality rather than just nothing. Something had to have given the universe the characteristics it has today, they could not simply have emerged out of nothingness. The characteristics of the present universe may have been given to it in a similar fashion as the genes passed on to children by their parents. In so many cases throughout nature, that which is created is created in the image and likeness of the Creator. And who is this “Creator”? Most likely a timeless, universal governing principle or “consciousness” existing in and working through higher dimensions beyond all time and space.

Too Many Coincidences Are Needed to Create a Universe from a Single Point

In the “Big Bang” concept of creation, one has the problem of having to maintain a very delicate balance between too much verses too little expansive force all at once where too little would mean premature collapse of the universe and too much would not allow any stars, galaxies, etc. to form at all before all the particles fly off in their separate ways, as if God would know just how much expansion is the right amount? Then He “sprinkles” in just the exact right amount of “dark energy” to keep it expanding? What a precarious balancing act! A tough act to follow, to say the least!

In order to keep this “Big Bang” theory from deflating, scientists are having to come up with fantastic coincidences that boil down to six numbers, if any of which are off by even one percent and in one case by several billionths of one percent, we cannot have evolved and existed here! Too many requirements are needed to have a reality such as ours from a “Big Bang” universe to support intelligent life!

Wouldn’t something more like a “Great Wave” of creation have been far more likely than all those coincidences? And then again, how could the entire gamut of time, space, energy and matter possibly start from absolutely nothing in the first place, not to mention the conveniently located and rather peculiar “inflation” theory that is needed to explain the overall smoothness of the universe? Any idea regarding a way that a whole universe starts out from nothing has to be rather awkward.

An Infinite Number of Fractions Reflect A Holographic Universe Like Droplets in Rainbow

However, if the universe did not need to be created out of nothing in the first place, its mystery would not be so tricky of a problem to solve! I know the universe definitely did not come from nothing; it is a prismatic reflection of a universal Oneness or Wholeness.

Would it not make far more sense to think of the universe as emanating like a rainbow from trillions of rain drops or from an infinite multitude of fractions of a universal, absolutely indescribable “Oneness” or “Wholeness” instead of something created out of nothing? Isn’t it easier to think of the universe as an everlasting ongoing expression of the timeless ocean of “Oneness” or “God(dess),” rather than something that came from a massive explosion that suddenly started from nothing? Imagine a holographic universe (“uni” meaning one) with an infinitely intelligent design and beauty spontaneously arising out of its own eternal mathematical principles of perfect harmony such as the equation, “0/0 = Oneness” through its universal correspondent, five-dimensional geometry of creative (dark) energy, throughout all space and time, that on a sub-atomic level, sustains all things in existence.

The “Steady State” Theory Alone is Also not Sufficient to Explain the Dynamic, Evolutionary and Expansive Nature of the Universe

The “Steady State” theory on its own might not be sufficient to fully explain some subtle changes seen in the overall evolution of the universe as one peers deeper and deeper back into the epochs of time. Furthermore, the universe cannot be static anyway, such a universe would eventually collapse into itself. If the universe is to remain as an on-going, dynamic, creative phenomenon, it must consist mainly of a continuous force of self-renewing, expansive energy.

Yet the “Big Bang” seems just as awkward a proposal. Somewhere between the two theories lies the “Great Wave” or multi-phase universe theory of creation which might make more sense as waves of creation maintain an ever-expanding, evolving universe going through various phases of creation, development and dissolution where endless possibilities (experiments) are played out.

As one observes galaxies further and further back through the billions of light years of space cosmologists say there were more quasars, smaller and irregular looking galaxies with young stars. Furthermore, it appears there could very well have been a time or epoch in the universe that everything was opaque or shrouded in massive clouds of gas that formed into stars so inconceivably huge, that within millions of years became exploding black holes. The beams of gamma rays from these titanic explosions can be detected here on Earth. Can one imagine the vast amounts of heavier elements some of these stars must have created?

Inconvenient Truths Lurk Inside Both the “Steady State” and “Big Bang” Theories: Could the Answer Lie Somewhere in Between?

A couple of most likely reasons the sky is so dark at night (with absolute background radiation body temperature of 2.725 degrees Kelvin or -455 degrees Fahrenheit) is because the early universe may have been shrouded in massive gas clouds just like many of the stars being created inside nebula are, and/or could be permanently lost over the cosmic horizon where all of the most distant parts of the universe may be receding beyond the speed of light, therefore being utterly invisible and completely out of reach. Whatever lies behind this shroud is expected to be the light of the creation itself which might have had the luminosity of trillions of suns. The early universe is literally shrouded in mystery, and there are too many “inconvenient truths” making it hard for me to accept either a “Big Bang” or “Steady State” explanation.

The “Dark Energy Cosmology” concept of universal phases or waves of creation carefully explained throughout this page seems to be the most likely and logical answer, which is also very much in harmony with the “New Age” Eastern thought on the cyclic, creative and sustaining powers of a universal “Prana” or “Shakti” bubbling up from the universal “Oneness” or primary substance of creation, which we know has to exist, otherwise space would not transmit light.

The great inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), after having conversed with some of the greatest yogi masters of his time, describes in Sanskrit terms the origin of matter from a “luminiferous ether” in an article entitled Man’s Greatest Achievement, published posthumously by O’Neil in 1944:

“Long ago he [the yogi] recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or a tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or Creative Force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance.”

In time we will all know for sure what really happened at the very foundation of this universe which I believe is in fact a massive, ever-expanding and “luminiferous” ocean of quantum (dark) energy or “ether,” which should not be that great of a mystery. Even your own living room is filled with very much the same thing.

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This amazing book contains revolutionary and beautifully simple concepts in alternative cosmology that came from a period of over thirty-seven years of deep contemplation and meditation on the nature of reality combined with the latest scientific observations. This book includes my deepest insights on creation featuring a compendium of interrelated alternative cosmological concepts describing the formation of the universe and the creation of reality without ever having to fall back on the really awkward, worn-out, far-fetched inflation or similar “Big Bang” theories.

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I view the Universe as an extension of space-time, and being created from and supported by vast amounts of quantum energy that make up the very fabric of all space and time. Space itself is a repository of infinite energy, if this were not so, light would be absorbed by space rather than be transmitted through it. All galaxies are part and parcel of the very pattern or fabric of space-time itself and have always existed throughout eternity in waves of creation rather than being the unlikely and temporary product of a ridiculously immense “Big Bang” explosion. All galaxies had to originate from the endless streams of particles, plasmas, and gasses naturally present throughout all space and time arising from dark energy that pervades all creation, causing it to expand and renew continuously.

Most scientific thinking today still revolves around the idea that reality is structured independent of our consciousness and that all thoughts, feelings and consciousness are strictly artifacts of the physical brain. This idea implies to me what would in fact be an impossible separation of observer and all that which is being observed, when in fact the two are opposite sides of the same coin. A vast assortment of life’s deepest mysteries could never ever be fully solved by assuming that consciousness has nothing to do with the “external” reality we have always lived in! I believe that nothing can exist without consciousness, and that consciousness is an essential part or dimension of our reality in the same way that the fourth dimension of time is essential for energy (and therefore matter) to exist.

If three-dimensional space (volume) somehow existed without the time (hyperspace) to support it, it would always be empty or completely void. Every dimension has to be supported by yet a higher dimension for there to be any reality or substance at all. For example, if our three-dimensional universe suddenly had no duration, it would vanish instantly without a trace. Even the passage of time needs yet a higher dimension of probability and quantum mechanics to support it, which in turn needs a sixth (the laws of physics), and a seventh (the governing principle of Consciousness) and so on. I believe consciousness is always the highest dimension, and without consciousness, the prime Substance or Oneness of all creation, nothing else could exist at all. A great way to begin to solve life’s deepest enigmas and mysteries would be to realize we are all part of and share this same holographic consciousness.

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