Global Warming: a much Greater Threat than Terrorism

Global WARNING! A deadly experiment is being performed on the world’s atmosphere and weather system. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane have reached their highest levels in 420,000 years.

WARNING! According to the above documentary, because dust and smoke particles combined with water droplets reflect more heat, scientists seriously underestimated the potential of the greenhouse effect! Look for a global rise in temperatures of ten degrees F. within the next hundred years, a 25 foot increase in sea level, followed by a runaway global release of massive quantities of methane turning the world into an oven!

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Skeptics say that global warming is caused by the sun heating up and has nothing much to do with fossil fuels. All the planets in the solar system are heating up around one degree Fahrenheit so there is no doubt about the fact that conditions on the sun’s surface is causing most of this global warming. Nevertheless, fossil fuels are still contributing a portion to the Earth’s overall heating and is not helping this situation one bit and it does not change the fact that global warming is happening and leading to some potentially detrimental environmental and sea level changes.

The other reason I consider this phenomenon a great concern is the fact that there is an obvious need for a changeover to alternative, much cleaner, much more renewable sources of energy anyway! Fossil fuel combustion is, regardless of global warming, filthy, unhealthy, unpleasant and getting more costly every year!

Regardless of what is causing this global warming crisis, it will have to be faced, and huge adjustments in the lives of billions of people will have to be made because south sea islands are flooding, glaciers on the North and South Poles are receeding, causing rising levels of sea water throughout the planet and slowing down the “Gulf Stream” currents that normally carry vast amounts of heat away from the tropics into the colder regions of the planet while helping to keep the equatorial regions cooler.

If the Gulf Stream stops completely, then ocean currents would no longer maintain the more even temperatures enjoyed since the last ice age. Then the northern and southern regions of the planet could suffer much colder winters while heat is no longer dispersed from the hotter equatorial regions causing temperatures to build up to unsurpassed levels. Terrible blizzards and deep freezing on the globe’s northern and southern regions while immense heat and droughts could build up in the tropics resulting in massive fires in what’s left of the rainforests and famine in third world nations. Hurricanes are already getting more frequent and more massive. The following news headlines tell all. Need I say more?

My main purpose in writing this message is to encourage others to make more responsible decisions regarding the quality of life on the planet. Even though there is evidence to prove that the sun’s solar cycle may also be contributing to the warming trend, it is still highly irresponsible to be depending so heavily on filthy, poisonus and irreplacible oil resources. And for the U.S. to have to depend so heavily on oil from very unstable areas such as the Mideast is also quite dangerous and inconvenient.

Another cause for concern is the “asphalt effect” which creates local extremes in temperature. One needn’t be convinced by how hot it feels to naked feet on a dark paved road in the middle of summer! Then go into a medow or shady green and immediately one feels much cooler. The massive and ever-increasing amounts of concrete and asphalt throughout all the growing urban and suburban areas of the world are no doubt contributing to a local increases in temperature. This effect may be fooling meteorologists into thinking that global warming (of the entire world) is much worse than it really is. In fact many scientists are still not convinced that global warming is a human caused effect that will escalate out of control.

I personally don’t care what their opinion is, the point is the quality of everyone’s life! Even if the issue of global warming is complete bunk, there is still the obvious need to get away from the dependency on filthy foreign or imported fossil fuels anyway, there is still the need to stop unnecessary urban growth, and of course the important need to improve the quality of life for everyone which is best done through education, wisdom and unity with nature rather than going against it.

The more clean alternative energy resources that can be found to replace the filthy, Co2 creating combustion ones, the better! Global industrialization is performing a frightening experiment on the world’s oceans and atmosphere.

According to the above video, there is already a massive loss of Arctic ice and glaciers throughout the world along with changing climates everywhere.

The outcome will be anywhere from mild to truly awful. Why take the risk? For more information as to what one can do, go here: Quality of Life Issues.

Is the whole solar system heating up? Take a look at this very controversial but interesting and scientifically documented view of how “interdimensional energy” (or something) is creating strange changes throughout the whole solar system. Contains amazing images from that recent climate change disaster movie, “Day After Tomorrow”. A more logical explaination would be that the sun itself is now going through a warming cycle with corresponding increase in solar activity affecting all the other planets in the solar system.

Scientific evidence is showing this is actually happening. The sun is expected to cool back down by the year 2050. So we don’t need “interdimensional energy” or other mysterious causes to explain the phenomenal changes occuring throughout the solar system, nor should we blame global warming entirely on Co2 emissions. Nevertheless, global exploitation of the environment and overpopulation are very serious problems in need of alternative solutions and the unprecidented amounts of Co2 gases in the atmosphere will continue to build up and remain for an indefinite period of time.

Another cause for concern is methane which can trap heat 20 times more than Co2. The meat industry is one of four major causes of it. Because animal waste is causing massive quantities of methane and polluting other vital resources, it would be an extremely good idea not only to help stop global warming but for countless other good reasons including the very obvious ones that the unnecessary killing of living animals is completely wrong, and that meat is acid-forming and in many other ways quite detrimental to health, and therefore it would be one of the best things ever for one’s health and to help save the world’s ecological health to give up meat altogether and become vegetarian.

Please watch the following movie to fully understand exactly why and how society’s demand for meat could easily be the main cause of global climatic and ecological destruction:
Devour The Earth Part 1     Devour The Earth Part 2     Devour The Earth Part 3

Would it be Possible to Move the Earth into Higher Orbit?

Think today’s global warming is bad? The sun is going to heat up and vaporize the earth much later on anyway: starting within one million years and going on until it is a vast all consuming red giant 7 billion years from now.

Now someone has an interesting idea: to move the earth away from the sun by directing an asteriod to within 10,000 miles of its atmosphere every 6000 years to transfer its momentum to Earth’s orbital velocity, increasing its distance from the sun a few miles each time. There is an obvious risk of hitting the earth and/or losing the moon, and eventually getting mixed up with Mars’ orbit, however, that is still far better than getting singed. This plan of action might be something to consider starting right away if the present global warming trend gets too much.

Go here for more information and movies related to the above article: Global Warming

Global WarNing – A Message to Humanity

Humanity’s present momentum of continuous growth in urban sprawl and population cannot be sustained without seriously destroying Earth’s most vital resources. For every square mile of heavily populated urban land, there needs to be at least fifty-five square miles of clean farmland and unspoiled wilderness area to support it. While the oceans are being filled with toxic pollutants and vast amounts of trash, many species of fish and whales are constantly being threatened. The more people living a high-resource consumption lifestyle, the more species of vital plants, trees and animals will become extinct. Too much Co2 and the further release of methane into the atmosphere could unfortunately roll out an unstoppable, runaway greenhouse effect causing all manner of dreadful catastrophes throughout the world. When it gets too hot for most people around the world to grow food, civilization is bound to collapse. Read the book for incredible stories and some amazing solutions.

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