Beyond 2012 – NASA Predicts Many Strange Effects

“The Sheilds Are Down, Scotty.” – NASA is recently revealing more and more data that the solar system is headed toward a new area of space with different properties.

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Expand your consciousness through awesome sound and music causing a massive inter-neural integration brain synchronization transformation.

At the same time, the sun apparently seems to be well on its way toward a reversal in its magnetosphere possibly releasing massive solar tsunamis which could occur within a year, while the Earth’s magnetosphere is also starting to change and get much weaker. A huge hole the size of many Earths already exists in the side of its magnetosphere that is allowing all manner of solar flare and other high energy particles to come through.

NASA also discovered there is a massive field of high energy plasma that the Sun will be allowing to come through and bombard the Earth with strange new influences. There will be more and more unusual radiations and other effects from sources outside the solar system such as massive regions of strange dust particles resembling bacteria, colossal streams of plasma, high radiation from the galactic center and from massive gamma ray bursts firing at the Earth with laser-like precision from the distant eges of the universe.

In her lecture, Susan Joy Rennison, a geophysics lecturer specializing in the emerging science of space weather and author of the book Tuning the Diamonds – Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution, shows slides of massive UFO-shaped holes in the ceiling of the clouds along with many other strange happenings such as light pillars, unusually high incidences of noctilucent clouds, massive holes in the ionosphere, atmospheric energy bursts above high gamma ray thunder storms, and huge, unusually bright (visible during daylight hours!) aura borealis the likes one has never seen before and spreading into regions not accustomed to such sightings such as from within the tropical regions.

The new forms of radiation, plasmas, dust particles and possibly dark matter particles expected to hit Earth starting around 2012 and well into the next hundred years are likely to energize the atmosphere, charge it up with unusually high volumes of static electricity creating global changes in weather, fascinating cloud patterns and climate. In other words, whenever space weather changes or intensifies, the Earth’s weather systems are also likely to be affected possibly resulting in higher temperatures in some locations, strange cloud formations, increases in intensity and frequency of destructive hurricanes and twisters, along with the starting of a new ice age or a huge global melt-down where all the oceans inundate all coastal areas.

Many of these changes may be exasperated with the global increases in carbon dioxide emissions, methane and other green-house gasses, while extensive urbanization attracts and radiates more heat resulting in more massive updrafts, thunder-storms and tornadoes. Global warming may be part nature’s fault (65%) and part human’s fault (35%). The Earth’s surface, interior regions, and atmosphere will be charged with unusual forms of energy and particles the likes of which have never been experienced before in our recent history. How much exactly these forces will affect our DNA, civilization and way of life is still a mystery. Major evolutionary changes could take place in our bodies and minds as subtle energies accumulate in our cells, transforming them into something subtler, more transcendent.

However, there are some very realistic concerns that massive solar flares will wreck havoc among all the communication satellites, other communication systems, computers, and especially the universal power grid, possibly plunging the whole civilzation into darkness. Everying running on electricity will simply not function, that means no more refrigeration, running water, lighting, and of course the shutting down of the economy as nearly all businesses no longer can function. People could starve within days as supplies of food and water rapidly run out. A scenario in the not to distant future could be this: You wake up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling of electrostatic energy in the air, especially outside. It appears dawn has already arrived even though it is midnight! To your concern and amazement, the night sky is lit up with vast curtains of glowing colors yet you live near the equator, therefore, how can their be such a huge display of “northern” lights?

All frequencies on your AM radio are overwhelmed with static while the sky and horizon flashes a hot, blue fluorescence as transformers everywhere start blowing out. Please go here to learn how transformers can be protected from extreme solar flare activity after it hits our atmosphere.

Strange things are happening in both the outer and inner Solar System. Scientists are discovering that the Solar System, the sun, and life itself are mutating in entirely new ways. They are reporting changes that are being recorded in space that have never been seen before. The Sun and the atmospheres of planets themselves seem to be changing at an accelerated pace.

Another fear is that the Earth’s biosphere could be burned to a cinder by a massive direct hit from a solar tsunami that not only knocks out all the power grids, etc., but also pelts the Earth’s atmosphere with massive and intense showers of neutrons and other particles from the sun that could destroy all life as we know it. This is a worst case scenario, but scientists say this sort of catastrophe is not at all likely to happen, unless the Earth were much closer to the sun.

On the more “enlightened” and beneficial side, some are saying that very strong spiritual energy will affect our consciousness, charge up our subtle energy bodies in such a way that it would be much easier to connect with our spiritual nature, higher self and higher consciousness, thus ushering in a whole new age of enlightenment and deeper connections with God or Spirit. The expectancy of this kind of transformation is the most optimistic, but let us hope for the best anyway. Many “New Age” channels and predictions could be valid and should be taken more seriously, because the latest data from deep-space probes built and sent out by NASA and other space agencies have already confirmed so much of it.

This remarkable but controversial video lecture by Susan Joy Rennison shows beautifully presented, fascinating scientific evidence of massive atmospheric and space weather changes coming our way.

Global WarNing – A Message to Humanity

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