Celibacy, Sex and Anxiety Disorder

Try to find a website promoting celibacy in a positive way and it is like trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack! Do I have to be just another “voice in the wilderness?”

I am all for love and affection between man and woman, however it is possible to benefit from an even higher, more emotionally fulfilling and much more stable affectionate relationship if both somehow learn to conserve and channel their sexual energy into higher divine love and bliss. In this attitude of transmutation I found much more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in my life than ever before regardless of being in a relationship or not. I would become as happy as I was before puberty.

You might be interested in Marnia Robinson’s book: Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships (this is an Amazon.com affiliate link) how changing one’s sexual habits can increase levels of L-dopa in the brain (which help to maintain emotional stability) and prevent high levels of prolactin which can cause unpleasant moods. She also wrote an interesting article here at www.yourbrainonporn.com/.

As natural as the sexual experience is, it also has quite an effect on the brain that is OK for those who are not concerned about genuine success and fulfillment in life, spiritual progress and other related forms of self-improvement, but can be quite devastating for those who are concerned about the spiritual path and long to be free of stress, worry, anxiety and all the other depressing effects of daily life.

As popular psychology continues to promote the so-called virtues of sensual sex and orgasm, I see the world getting more and more screwed up and confused than ever before. Contrary to popular opinion, a life of long established sexual abstinence and purity of thought can be far more natural and fulfilling with very much reduced anxiety and depression!

Sex was never intended by Mother Nature to be a recreational form of activity nor meant to be something that can actually create pleasure. Sex is rather an activity primarily intended for reproduction which unfortunately uses up one’s natural ability to enjoy pleasure that quickly leads to a point of satiation/exhaustion. Just as a huge dish of lemon meringue pie is consumed, one quickly becomes full and can no longer stand another bite!

On the contrary to the effects of stopping eating altogether, abstaining from all forms of sex does not harm the individual or cause starvation! Very long periods of abstinence heightens one’s sensitivities, one’s enthusiasm and one’s desire to enjoy life and to accomplish great things.

Sex is “nature’s conspiracy” to promote her agenda which is to keep the soul tied to the body, mind, physical senses and all the cares, hardships and sufferings of the world while forcing male and female to initiate a process of the creation of a new body, and to help perpetuate the process of evolution. Lucky indeed are the few wise human beings who have found a way to consciously extract themselves from all sexual feelings and thoughts and fly free of this “sex conspiracy!” Those who are able to permanently transmute and transcend this great conspiracy will eventually find themselves filled with a profound joy and inner freedom so awesome that it would seem quite stupid to ever go back to the former way of “hedonistic” life that’s so limiting, and so self-destructive.

To be free from all the tyranies of sense slavery is the greatest freedom anyone can ever have. The true swami, the real masters of yoga are such souls, ever free from the pull of nature so that they answer to no one and are completely free of all desires and addictions except for the profound inspiration to journey ever higher toward God or ultimate purpose, freedom, love and wholeness. Eventually such extraordinary beings are able to develop a memory so profound that they can recall past lives, develop amazing powers, and enjoy remarkable inner astral travels and journeys toward the higher spheres.

Sex is nauture’s way to prevent the soul from flying free in pure states of high bliss out of the cage of the body! I strongly suspect the strong popularity of sex is also a way to keep souls reincarnating into lives of continuing pain/pleasure and hardship/success! Sex is nature’s method of keeping the game of birth, suffering, death and evolution an ongoing process.

As far as I know, a lifetime of deep meditation, and carefully garded and fully transmuted strict celibacy is the fastest and only way out into the eternal spheres of heaven. Even death is no guarantee of an escape because the same sorts of desires and seed desires remain in the soul and will try to manifest themselves in another physical lifetime.

When transmuted properly through raw food diets, natural herbs, yogic lifestyles, and various forms of recreation such as swimming, long walks through natural places and deep meditation, stored sexual energy can eventually heal all anxiety disorder, depression, etc. and lead one into wonderful vistas of bliss, wholeness, better memory and far greater resistence to stress, frustrating problems and loneliness (addiction to others). I have found great inner joy and freedom from anxiety disorder and depression through conservation. Life is worth living again.

Sexual or vital energy is stored in every cell of the body, especially in the sexual fluids, spinal cord, brain and nervous system. The more sexual/vital energy/fluid one can transmute/store in the body, the more incredibly fantastic one feels! When one learns yoga from an eastern master, one is often reminded of the importance of conserving sexual fluid to improve one’s ability to concentrate and go further into the blissful heights of meditation. Of course for centuries celibacy has been valued, practiced and fully mastered by the wisest persons who ever lived. After years of carefully transmuted celibacy, one becomes quite proficient at going into samadhi, astral projection, memory of past lives, and benefits from great inner joy, selfless service and love of others and God, emotional independence, happiness and satisfaction.

There is also an energy in the universe called prana. Mystics have written about this energy for thousands of years and all life on this earth is intimately connected to this primal “zero point” energy field which is ultimately responsible for the creation and expansion of the universe. Conserved sexual energy combines with prana to create ojas, a vital “ectoplasmic” sheaf or bioplasmic auric field that acts as a link between the physical and the spiritual. The absorbtion of prana into the body through the magnetic attraction of sexual energy is also the main way transmutation occurs.

None or little prana is absorbed if no sexual energy is available. I can sense this pranic vitality in nature, I therefore know that prana exists beyond a shadow of a doubt and has the potential to provide blissful, joyful and liberating energy directly to every cell in the body while transmuting sexual energy into bliss and reducing the need for food. Some very advanced yogis discover they can fast for very long periods of time and even go breatharian.

It is tragic that so few people know about these great truths and again it is so tragic that the average indulgent and extremely materialistic western lifestyle makes it nearly impossible for most people to experience these higher realities of life such as prana, samadhi, astral travel, past lives, etc. and therefore tend to debunk all such beautiful possibilities as some sort of fantasy or self-deception. Even worse, the resulting outwardly directed sense-oriented desires lead to excessive and unnecessary global resource consumption and destruction.

There are many serious misconceptions of the kind of celibacy I am talking about and I will try to sort out as many as possible right now:

I do NOT mean the sort of celibacy forced upon others because of a lack of a mate.

I do NOT mean the avoidance of affection and love between a man and woman, but rather a dramatic increase of profound love, appreciation, unity and affection between the sexes!

I do NOT mean the sort of celibacy as a result of negligent old age and/or poor health.

I do NOT mean the sort of celibacy as a result of some sort of hang-up, self-punishment or guilt about sex.

I do NOT mean the sort of celibacy misused as a demonstration of a “holier than thou” egotism.

I do NOT mean the sort of celibacy as a result of a religious belief or fanaticism.

I do NOT at all mean eliminating or destroying the sexual desire! I rather mean the transforming of that desire into something much more valuable, practical, lovely and beautiful.

I do NOT mean weakening the sexual desire in any way, but rather strengthening it and transforming it to serve your truest needs and highest fulfillment!

I do NOT mean sacrifice, but a daily exploration of ever higher states of consciousness and deeper states of joy and bliss through transmutation via direct connection with nature’s pranic vitality, deep, blissful meditation with the all-important goal of self-realization.

And I do NOT mean the sort of celibacy as a result of any sort of sexual dis-function, erection difficulties, etc. Such deficiencies should immediately be cleared up with a healthy, raw food diet along with the use of vital adaptogenic “potency” herbs such as rhodiola rosea, ginseng, maca, etc.

However I DO mean the avoidance of all forms of sexual stimulation (including masturbation, pornography, and even thinking and talking about sex!) as best as one can as comfortably as possible through natural and yogic methods of deep meditation, deep relaxation, transmutation and re-channeling one’s sexual and emotional interests and energy toward spiritual aspirations. Transmutation involves the exchanging of a lower fulfillment for a higher one indefinitely or until the most complete state of joy, love and realization is reached.

With practice, knowledge, healthy diet, lifestyle and years of experience, sexual fluids can be contained even with the elimination of wet dreams without any ill-effects and only very positive effects such as an amazing sense of virility, potency, self-confidence, emotional stability, divine love and compassion for all humanity. At any age and especially if one is over 40, it is important to make sure one’s diet contains excellent herbs and raw foods that fully support the sexual organs such as pumpkin seed, bee pollen, chlorella, saw palmetto, rhodiola rosea, maca, epimedium, goji berries, figs, apples and other fruit.

This sort of diet is needed because total physical health and the expansion of sexual functioning and sexual energy into bliss is critical for success in this vital process. At first the transformation process is completely dependent on some form of transmuted sexual energy and inconsistent sexual energy would therefore create inconsistent results such as having to regularly suffer through days of seemingly no progress. Imagine trying to run your washing machine, TV, etc. on intermittent electrical service!

It is a natural law that the the most worthwhile effects require the most consistent effort and patience, and without some sort of definite cause how can there be any effect or result? Patience, experience, self-knowledge, wisdom and long-term commitment is also an essential part of this life-long process as it is very difficult to change deeply ingrained emotional habits that may have lasted for lifetimes! In other words one cannot be celibate overnight and then expect immediate results. Committing to celibacy is as involved as changing the direction of a raging river, or climbing Mt. Everest, which is no doubt something that requires a great deal of conscious application over a long period of time. It is worth every effort however!

Presently, most people’s raging “river” of vital energy, desire and sexual fluid “short circuit” straight out through the genitals where it is permanently lost, leaving one empty, spent and exhausted. One must learn how to change the direction of this “river” of desire through sexual abstinence and then by redirection of this flow of desire up through the channel of the spine as a river of white light into the centers of consciousness starting with the solar plexus (in center of spine in back of navel), then inside spine directly behind the heart, within the spine behind the throat and finally up in to the center of the brain, behind the forehead.

In this way an old habit and way of thinking is replaced by a new one. When one feels overcome with sexual feelings, imagine the in-going breath is like a pump sucking up the waters of desire from the base of the spine up through the energy centers until the top of the head is reached. Do this practice as a form of meditation: visualize the sexual energy (instead of being stuck in the genitals) being drawn back through the second chakra inside the spine near base of back and up through the higher centers as just mentioned and finally stored at the top of the head as an expanding halo of light.

This effect actually happens! Note we are not completely blocking sexual desire or energy, just plugging the “leak” at the base of the spine so that the “river” flows up the spine instead where it can be transformed into ojas, ecstacy, love, and used for higher and finer achievements!

One needs to use various methods of directly absorbing prana (subtle atmospheric energy) into one’s body through meditating out in nature and doing various yogic breathing exercises and if indoors, by sitting in an actual flow of wind or with use of a fan to blow cool air directly on the body, or through a swim in a natural setting, or simply having a cool bath.

There are various ways of getting prana into the body and this absorption of prana is critical for transmutation and much stored sexual fluid and libido must be present to attract and absorb prana into the body where it combines with sexual fluid to create ojas which is a vital, subtle substance of tremendous value. Brahmacharya is another word for the celibate lifestyle.

It is vital to know exactly how transmutation occurs. If one tries to be celibate without redirecting the sexual force, and without keeping the mind free of sexual thoughts, one may soon experience great discomfort because an untrained subconscious mind and raging hormones will fight all efforts to retain sexual fluid and force sexual release either through wet dreams or spontaneous emissions while relaxing. However, never despair if one fails or slips; sincerely trying and failing to be celibate is 100% better than not trying at all. Remaining celibate sometimes can be quite tricky and challenging; if it were easy, and everyone knew the benefits, everyone would be celibate and there would be no more population growth. I am laughingly convinced that sexual indulgence is the real root cause of all of human problems!

Before 100% complete transmutation occurs, most spiritual aspirants tend to go through several stages of celibacy. Some of these stages may overlap and last up to several years, even decades.

Level #1: moderation of sex down to once or twice a month and more emphasis on loving affection.

Level #2: mastery of tantra yogic disciplines and transmutation techniques and technologies so that release occurs only occasionally.

Level #3: complete purification of mind so that there are not even any more thoughts of sex and no more serious losses of sexual fluid ever again, only pure love and profound affection.

Level #4: 100% transmutation, 100% freedom of spirit, 100% joy/fulfillment, and permanent abstinence from all forms of sex including physical, astral, and causal which is the goal. If in a relationship, one enjoys a perfect, constant, and profoundly satisfying love and unity with each other’s heart and soul.

Once all subconscious and conscious desires are fully transmuted (transformed into spiritual bliss) and the mind is 100% calm, the spirit becomes free, one is forever after thrilled through and through with amazing bliss and profound joy and liberated from ages of suffering!

Successful 100% complete transmutation of sexual energy into a higher form of expression such as joy, love and wisdom is a truly rare and wonderful thing. This concept is closely related to the ancient alchemical teachings regarding the transmutation of lead into gold illustrating the fact that one ends up with something much more valuable than before! Celibacy is the difference between a holy man and a homeless man!

Please understand that celibacy is not for everyone, especially those young adults just starting to explore the experience of “sex” and have not yet properly understood or experienced the full meaning of the term “celibacy.” Celibacy is not for the immature and/or materialistically minded who’s interests don’t really include the conquest of desires and realization of higher spiritual truths. It is also important not to brag about or even talk unnecessarily to others of being celibate for two reasons: #1 – you never know when you might lose it(!) and #2 – any egotistic “holier than thou” attitude of false superiority is deplorable and detrimental to spiritual growth.

Celibacy helps to provide the conditions necessary for the permanent elimination of all the ups and downs of stressful living and the achievement of emotional self-healing. One needs to be a serious devotee of the spiritual path forever willing to keep to a life-long commitment.

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