Achieving Sexual Wholeness – The Awesome Benefits of Conserving Sexual Energy and Transmutation

Why waste sexual energy if transformed through yogic practices into ever changing continuous joy and bliss? Nearly everyone I know has no idea how truly awesome transmutation of conserved vital energy can be.

Image of crystals reflecting rays of sunlight. Wholeness represents your most complete and natural state of being possible. There is nothing more important than your emotional state of being and your connection with Spirit.

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Related to trantra, this spiritual approach to sexuality is, under the right conditions, most incredibly fulfilling.

There is nothing more immensely satisfying and fulfilling than sexual transmutation. In other words, the transmutation of stored sexual energy can be immensely satisfying and empowering.

However, it is not an ordinary accomplishment to successfully conserve one’s vital “sexual energy” fluids for extended periods of time. It has to transmute through a purification and expansion of metabolism and vital energy. One needs to understand the “big picture” as to what activities best transmute the sexual energy. It is essential to know how to maintain sexual health. One needs the wisdom, determination and faith to see it through.

Another vital consideration is the diet needs to be high in organic, whole, and raw food. Study super food supplements and antioxidants, especially those special foods, supplements and herbs that support sexual health. Learn all the ways to sexual wholeness that you can. The universal addiction to conventional sexual fluid-loss orgasm must transform into sexual fluid containment bliss.

The common craving for basic fluid-loss sex is a powerful, built-in biochemical addiction.

Orgasm involves mainly the brain neurohormones dopamine (the sexual excitation neurotransmitter) and a replacement by prolactin (the sexual satiation hormone). The natural craving for conventional orgasm is one of countless addictions certainly worth mastering. Self-mastery leads to a much wiser, more fulfilling level of being alive. Furthermore, successful transmutation can be a key to helping one overcome other addictions and emotional attachments, especially those to the opposite sex.

When one thinks of celibacy, one usually visualizes some content, wise and peaceful aging ascetic monk, alone in a quiet cell contemplating God or chanting in a beautiful Latin chorus with hundreds of other monks. On the other extreme are the tantric lovers dancing in each other’s arms thrilling each other through and through with profound ecstasy and love.

In the above situations and everything in between, they hopefully deeply enhance such activities with a blissful transmutation of sexual energy. However, the tantric lovers “celibacy” is a more of a shared experience than a monk’s form of celibacy.

To remain celibate especially during an intimate relationship requires tremendous self-control.

It requires much self-discipline, self-understanding and years of experience with celibacy. Why even bother? The sheer power of conserved sexual energy, especially while in a relationship with the opposite sex can be amazing. Once mastered and fully transmuted, profound love, intimacy and joy on a whole new level is possible. Furthermore, the blissful union can seem to go on forever. The only other problem that remains is finding time for it! Transmutation can lead to really intense, everlasting, love, pleasure, and a sense of wholeness like nothing else. With or without a relationship, one can live in complete joy and I mean live in complete joy forever.

Some yogis tried celibacy for years and years but achieved very few if any of the benefits I am certain of. The reason: because there are so many tricky aspects to it. Over a lifetime of transmutation experience, I found a simple way to solve most of these issues. There is so much to understand and explain!

One’s sexual organs and rest of endocrine gland system, and health in general must be whole.

Not much meaningful benefit can ever come from forced, “religious” or involuntary celibacy. Celibacy resulting of illness, impotence, frigidity, hormone imbalance, glandular problem(s), arterial sclerosis, extreme old age, or any kind of surgical removal are not the kinds of celibacy I hope one would have to face. We need to avoid Illness through correct, eating and water-fasting in accordance with the “Science of Wholeness” lifestyle.

If there is no sexual energy to transmute, what then is the good of being celibate? Celibacy might only be a symptom of an illness or other deficiency in that sense. The key to transmutation (this is important) is the expansion of a strong, healthy libido into bliss. I use adaptogenic herbs, herbal antioxidants, vitamin antioxidants, super foods, and regular or daily water fasting. Daily aerobic exercise outside in a garden or park, breathing exercises, and whatever else that will increase the level of prana (vitality) in the body and connection with nature is important.

Every aspect of transmutation is what one would do anyway to achieve perfect high-level wellness or wholeness. A wholesome diet high in adaptogenic herbs and supplements with complete meals separated by short fasts on loads of water is the most important key factor.

Every factor for wholeness must come together.

Accordingly, the long term (months into years) conservation of sexual fluids is only one essential factor. Any one alone might be very hard to achieve nor even make much sense. In other words, all the other essentials of this wholeness lifestyle must be present because they support each other.

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Learn and master the greatest secrets ever told of how to enjoy utterly fantastic bliss and unlimited sexual energy. There is a specific method of conserving sexual energy which is absolutely essential, and in my book, this technique will be revealed in great detail.

Humankind has learned to master and control many natural forces in the world.

Accordingly, a yogi (or yogini) is a very special (and unfortunately rare) individual who’s inclination is to control and master the inner forces of nature, such as thoughts, emotions, cravings, and desires, especially the biological force of sexual energy. The yogi or yogini manages to successfully master his or her emotions and sexual energy not by force, but through physical self-control, purification of brain and body cells and then by absorption of vital prana. The transmutation of sex into excitement, inner peace, bliss, joy and unconditional love is the wonderful end result.

One of the greatest mysteries of life is sex, sexual desire, and sexual energy.

However, after the sexual fluid is lost or expelled in the process of the usual or normal way of reproductive activity, the spiritual side often suffers. Instead, sexual vitality can and should be conserved to create a subtle biological energy substance called “ojas” which can be used by yogis to enhance their meditations and spiritual experiences.

The deepest and most fulfilling meditations ever seem to occur only after being celibate.

Living on a natural whole-foods diet is also important. This process also involves fasting between every meal as long as comfortably possible. Also through pranic absorption, we flood every cell in the body with the transmuting essence of prana. As soon as all these and some other conditions are combined into one complete lifestyle, one starts to live in some of the most wonderful states of lasting joy and happiness ever!

One can stop losing their vital sexual fluids and transmute it.

Learn how to use at least seven controversial tools of transmutation to help master your relationship with vital, subtle energy. Learn how to absorb and accumulate that pranic, blissful energy into your body cells. Use correct eating, plenty of mineral water-fasting and herbs to blissfully transmute the sexual energy into wholeness. This process will uplift you into an even higher state of fulfillment and well-being than you ever thought possible. You will find this effect far more valuable than anything you ever experienced before.

Subjects covered include the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – Establish The Lifestyle of Blissful Sexual Expansion —
Chapter 2 – Learn How to Conserve Vital Sexual Fluids for Bliss —
Chapter 3 – Benefits of Conserving Sexual Energy and Transmutation —
Chapter 4 – How I “Biohacked” My Way Out of Suffering —
Chapter 5 – How the Great Indulgence Causes Destruction —
Chapter 6 – Nature’s Conspiracy and the Grand Deception —
Chapter 7 – Conserve Sexual Fluid for Greater Psychological Health —
Chapter 8 – Transcend Metabolism to Discover Higher Realms

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