The Dimensions of Living

The Dimensions of Zero to Ten and Beyond: What we know so far is that we are multidimensional beings with several bodies of higher and higher order starting with the

physical body (having 4 dimensions with specific location and form in the space-time continuum), then the astral body (emotions embedded in 5 dimensional potentials), the causal body (principle thought matrix or 6th dimensional blueprint of all manifestation), and the celestial body (mainly having 7 dimensions with the effect of self-actualization consciousness or self-awareness), and God (the ultimate source of all reality within us) which goes up from the 7th to all the higher dimensions.

What we encounter beyond the 4th dimension is the 5th dimension which is beyond time and space which is no longer energy as we know it but is rather the potential for energy or for every kind of energy or event imaginable. Because it is beyond space and time, it is not established in a specific point in time or space but rather as a holographic influence of potential events. Hence we are actually working with this many dimensions whenever we visualize a certain outcome or event.

Because we (the observers) are not actually rooted in the highly limited 4 dimensional physiology of the physical brain, nerves, senses and body, but in the true roots or source in the higher (7th, 8th, 9th, etc.) dimensions, the only way it is anchored to one’s present physical situation is through the matrix of the soul which is the soul determination of all experiences from here to eternity.

This Matrix (not trying at all to refer to that movie “The Matrix” but seems to be some interesting parallels!) of the soul is actually some sort of an event continuum regulator or filter which works by maintaining (or specifying) one’s location in 5 dimensions and the laws by which one’s life operates (location in 6 dimensions). This is very, very significant, because simply by changing one’s self-concept, one’s location (every aspect of one’s life situation!) in the 5th and 6th dimensions can change radically.

I feel that one’s specific location of consciousness can (and regularly does so naturally at random unless unfluenced by mental/emotional concentration) SHIFT over to neighboring parallel universes or alternate histories determined by the causal body’s thought matrix.

Its all about location, location, lacation and location again. It is one’s specific location in one’s entire multidimensional universe that determines and defines everything that happens! Your location in physical space (3rd), your location in time (4th), your location in probability (5th), and again, your location or position in the realm of all the various laws or principles (6th) of physics that will be most influencial to the way all events behave.

These are actual geometric dimensions I am talking about which are not always entirely “metaphysical” or “mystical” dimensions. While always fully merged together, all dimensions are never separate from each other because each and every dimension is fundamentally and by definition made up entirely from an extension of the previous (lower) dimension beneath it.

To give you a much more clear, down-to-earth example of how these dimensions are actually a very real and integrated part of everyday life I will use the following conversational examples with each one followed by a short description of each dimension:

0 dimension – “I am at the corner” The “0” or “zero” dimension is an infinitely small point. It has absolutely no width, length, height, volume, or mass. It is used mainly as an indicator of location, usually on a map. It seems to me that one is always viewing the universe from a single infinitesimal point of consciousness which is the opposite or reciprocal side of infinity. Zero is the reciprocal of the strongest or highest level of infinity possible (infinite dimensions) as each extra dimension is a stronger infinity than the dimension beneath it. In a strange sort of way, the “zero” dimension is the dimension of quantum physics, quantum entanglement and omnipresence in that it connects all things into a Universal Oneness.

1 dimension – “I am at the corner of 1st street” The first dimension is length whose domain or geometric equivalent is an absolutely straight, endless, yet infinitely thin line. It is mostly involved with the measurement of the shortest possible distance between two objects.

2 dimensions – “I am at the corner of 1st and 33rd” The second is width, which is best understood as a plane stretching out in all directions, like a screen, but infinitely thin. One’s example of its use is in the creation of maps on large flat surfaces such as sheets of paper.

3 dimensions – “I am at the corner of 1st and 33rd at an altitude of 500 feet” The third dimension is volume or space, extending out in all directions and best understood as a pile of an infinite number of planes stacked together. One common use of the third dimension is the application of parallax or computation of distance through space using binocular vision.

4 dimensions – “I am at the corner of 1st and 33rd at an altitude of 500 feet at the time of 11:30 am, Saturday, July 4th.” The fourth dimension is time, or duration, which in turn, is actually an infinite number of “spaces” stacked together in succession creating the effect of varying positions of objects in motion. Being on time is critical in so many areas of life. Careful timing, especially when crossing a busy road is absolutely vital. Gravity and gravity waves (which move at the speed of light) are nothing more than a four-dimensional distortion of three-dimensional space so it axis gets shifted toward the direction of time so that the stronger the gravitational field the more time slows down.

5 dimensions – “I am at the corner of 1st and 33rd at an altitude of 500 feet at the time of 11:30 am, Saturday, July 4th and I will probably be at the marketplace by 12:30 pm this afternoon.” The fifth dimension is probabilty, (the field of all possibilities!) best envisioned by stacking together an infinite number of time lines, parallel universes, probable events or histories. Remember that 1990’s science fiction TV series, “Sliders”? The conscious and subconscious mind has its foundation in the fifth dimension (field of all possibilities) and higher dimensions (principles, laws, God, etc.) Whenever you plan a trip, or contemplate the possible consequences of an action, or visualize the varous possible outcomes of your life, you are are in a way, thinking in the fifth dimension. The mind is constantly functioning on the knowledge of most likley effects, outcomes or scenarios resulting from certain possible initiated behaviors. Just using your judgement to survive, forces you to use as many as five dimensions in your reasoning.

Knowing the most likely consequences or outcome of one’s actions or the most likely results of any hypothetical situation is critical to survival. “What would happen if you do this? Or what would happen if you … ?” One is working with the 5th dimension when trying to choose which future event you would like to have happen. When one ponders the most likely consequences of every action, one is stacking up a collection of parallel events or possible future “histories” in one’s mind. Light is waves of five-dimensional fluxation of space at 186,000 miles a second. Whenever closely measured or observed, these waves appear as massless particles or photons manifesting most often where the wave intensity is deepest. A five-dimensional wave of space is nothing more than a quantum field expanding at the speed of light.

The fifth and sixth dimensions contain the universal subconscious mind of all. Whatever happens in one’s life, it first has to come from the subconscious “field of all possibilities” (fifth dimension) guided by whatever principles of nature or of universal mind (sixth dimension) that happen to be operating at the time with the illumination or actualizing power of the seventh and higher dimensions.

6 dimensions – “I am at the corner of 1st and 33rd at an altitude of 500 feet at the time of 11:30 am, Saturday, July 4th and I will probably be at the marketplace by 12:30 this afternoon as long as the traffic behaves mildly.” The sixth dimension is the domain of all possible natural laws. Try to imagine an unlimited series of variations in the way things could behave or in the way in which nature could operate. Try to imagine an unlimited stack of an infinite number of “fields of all possibilities.” Our survival often depends on at least a basic familiarity of the behavior of water, principles of physics, laws of nature, gravity, etc. The nuclear force tends to be highly sixth dimensional. If that same force becomes five dimensional it is immediately much weaker yet more extensive. That same force in just four dimensions is gravity (very weak!) which is when it involves only four dimensions of “space.” There is acutally only one unified force or field which behaves quite differently with each corresponding dimension or level of “space” it crosses through and/or works with and it always originates from a higher dimension to a lower one.

7 dimensions – “I am at the corner of 1st and 33rd at an altitude of 500 feet at the time of 11:30 am, Saturday, July 4th and I will probably be at the marketplace by 12:30 this afternoon as long as the traffic behaves mildly and that I remain fully alert throughout the journey.” The seventh (and higher) dimension is consciousness, especially cosmic consciousness, the Illuminator of all thoughts, experiences, objects, etc. and the ultimate Author of and governing body of all laws, principles, etc. Consciousness (the seventh and higher dimensions) is the field of all reality upon which existence has its basis. It as the “daylight” of one’s consciousness or “wholeness” behind and within every aspect of life and living. We use the seventh dimension every day to experience life. It is the ultimate Source of all phenomena. It is the unbounded free field of dynamic interconnectivity, without which nothing could exist. It is the universal Oneness behind and within all creation. It occupies no single location or time; it is timeless and all-pervading. Does this sound like God?

8 dimensions – “I am at the corner of 1st and 33rd at an altitude of 500 feet at the time of 11:30 am, Saturday, July 4th and I will probably be at the marketplace by 12:30 this afternoon as long as the traffic behaves mildly, and that I remain fully alert throughout the journey in spite of the fact that I have, just now, fully ascended into my Atman.”

Regarding the eighth, ninth, etc. (for every number up, there is a whole new level of infinity) they are like a series of hierarchically arranged governments each infinitely broader than the one beneath. Always remember that every dimension number or level is made up of itself multiplyed by everything contained inside the dimensions beneath it. For example, the sixth dimension is one “infinity” higher than, yet made up of the 5th x 4th x 3rd x 2nd x 1st dimensions. In physical reality, the dimensions, starting at the fifth, become very tightly curved and increasingly compact through gravitational collapse. Also the duality and meaning of existence verses non-existence seem to be transcended in dimensions higher than the fourth. In other words even though it creates everything in existence, it seems to have no existence of its own. After all, what exactly is consciousness anyway? Logical sequences (the arrow of time) start to break down as soon as one crosses through the “event horizon” or “gateway” beyond the 4th and into the fifth dimension, 6th, 7th, 8th, and beyond.

Some physicists say the tenth is the highest, after which gravitational collapse prevents any further depths or extensions. A 10 dimensional object the size of an electron might weigh trillions of tons and be the most concentrated form of mass/energy possible. I do not believe in the “Big Bang” theory of creation, however it it were true, the universe would had to have been, according to this theory, at the so-called beginning of time, a 10 dimensional object the size of an electron weighing in at roughly 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. For such an extreme event from such an extreme concentration as this is far too unlikely for my reasoning and common sense.

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