Your Environment: Quality of Life Issues

Everyone depends on a healthy global environment in the same way one depends on healthy organs to function properly. If huge areas of rainforest, for example, are burned down, that horrible form of destruction is similar to having one’s lungs cut out while smoking a cigarette! I am simply appalled.

Pollution and ecological destruction, while very obvious at its source, creates a long-term subtle diminishment in the quality of life for everyone else in surrounding areas, and even throughout the world such as greater Co2 in our atmosphere, reduced health, fertility problems, chronic fatigue problems, widespread depression, increased stress, and reduced water purity. One’s environmental quality of life always has to take the final impact.

The one thing really lacking the world over is wisdom to properly manage the forests, the oceans, the rivers, lakes, and all other essential resources with the care it desperately needs. When certain areas or countries are overrun by too many people, that’s another serious problem.

It doesn’t take much brain power to realize that the more dense the population, the more consumption of vital resources, starvation and famine and therefore suffering is likely to take place.

The long-term consequences must never be forgotten in any decision in the area of whether or not to create more children, what sort of methods are to be used to grow food, and how biological diverse the food supply will be. Too many mistakes already have been made in these areas, such as growing too much of one type of food (such as wheat) while using only chemicals to fertilize it and therefore increasing the need to use toxic pesticides to keep insects and birds off.

Biologically diverse organic farming is always far more sustainable and much healthier for everyone. It would also be far better for everyone to rely more heavily on vegetarian sources of protein rather than red meat. Cattle and hog farms are one of the single largest methane pollution sources in the world and methane is hundred times more potent than Co2 as a contributer to the green house effect, not to mention the distasteful idea of slaughtering countless innocent animals.

Of course the global dependency on fossil fuels for most of e veryone’s energy requirements is another huge mistake. All manner of alternative sources of energy need to be explored and put into production as soon as possible before the deleterious effects of global warming such as rising oceans, excessive errosion and loss of topsoil, and the massive desertification of previously productive and fertile lands.

The process of global warming is slow and insidious, even though many scientists say it is simply a part of the natural cooling-heating cycles going on for hundreds of thousands of years, what humans are doing with fossil fuels is not helping one farthing to prevent future catastrophes such as massive oil spills like the recent one in the Gulf of Mexico, and local air pollution problems!

Much of these threats to destroy vast natural resources (including many plant and animal species) throughout the world is caused by a widespread dependence on exterior conditions to satisfy one’s materialistic needs and sensual desires combined with unprecedented population growth. If everyone lived a more spiritual lifestyle much more in tune with nature and correctly applied the philosophy of yoga and meditation, there would be far fewer conflicts and problems to deal with.

Your Environment – Quality of Life continued: One cannot abuse nature without nature rebelling. The benefits of so called progress are being offset by unforeseen natural catastrophes. There are many things created by materialistic, narrow-minded science that are affecting the world and stealthily leading humankind into serious trouble. All the unnatural foods being created and consumed and changes in the water, oceans and atmosphere will lead to all manner of diseases, confusions, and other insidious miseries.

A large portion of the world’s population is crowded into contaminated environments far removed from the natural setting originally intended for life to exist in. Most people’s lives are spent trying to survive in an “urban hell” bound by busy streets and noisy air-polluting traffic.

The spirit of life is parched by endless miles of asphalt and concrete intended more for filthy machines rather than trees, animals and humans. The combustion engine has to be the worse “convenience” ever created or depended on.

The total harmony with nature and quality of life that our ancestors once enjoyed is nearly completely destroyed by overpopulation. We are hemmed in cubical structures that are for the most part insulated from the primary energies of nature. The pranic vitality of the Earth’s atmosphere is gradually being eroded away by vast numbers of carbon-monoxide producing machines. Most solutions to regain your quality of life may be obvious, but not easy to implement, (see Save the Earth) others may just remain wild ideas, but here is a partial list of what could be done to reduce the exploitation of natural resources and create much needed improvements in the quality of life:

1 – Avoid driving those obnoxious, stinking, noisy combustion engine gas guzzlers as much as possible! America’s love of the automobile is an environmental catastrophe. Not only are automobiles very dangerous, causing thousands and thousands of deaths and all manner of terrible injuries per year, combustion engine fumes cause all sorts of serious consequences. The massive quantities of free radicals spewing forth from the tail pipes of cars leads to all kinds of problems such as depression, anxiety, confusion, headaches, anger, cancer, emphysema, birth defects, etc. The global pollution from the sheer numbers of automobiles on the road combined is leading the whole world to a very unpleasant, hellish existence. Yes, cars suck! While absolutely destroying what would otherwise have been a peaceful, quiet, meditative environment, they suck in pristine, fresh, vibrant, God-given, life-giving oxygen out of the air and dump out unbreathable carbon monoxide, highly disrupting vibrations, and other toxic fumes in place of it!

If you are really serious about improving the quality of life, it cannot be found in endless traffic jams! Whenever possible, either get on a bicycle or walk! Then you will notice so much more beauty and opportunities in your own neighborhood, you can then finally relax much more, save money on gas, and feel at one with nature. Too many have a very bad habit of hopping in the car just to go a few blocks or even a few kilometers. It is far better to ride a bike or even take the bus. Even though motorcycles use far less fuel per mile than automobiles they tend to create far more noise, also very effectively destroying the quality of life. I would try to avoid the use of anything with a combustion engine no matter how big or small. I not only walk to work, I also walk to do my (organic) grocery shopping regardless of how much I need. If everyone would just do this, our roads would be much clearer and quieter.

If we have to depend so much on vehicles to get around, it is essential that we speed up the availability of and reduce the cost of autos that run on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Electricity is generated in a process in which hydrogen is combined with oxygen to create pure H2O! Imagine your car with only pure drinking water coming out of it’s exhaust pipe! However, there may be an even better, much less expensive idea and it is available now! It is now possible to convert your existing car to run on both fuel and water. To learn more about water for gas technology and how you too can build your own water for gas powered car, look online for all the SECRETS of Water Car Technology.

2 – Conserve electricity and help the environment by using your body’s natural energy for every day tasks. For example, instead of using a traditional washing machine, try using a washing machine like this, or this. Not only will you save energy (and water), you’ll also tone your muscles and keep your body in prime condition.

3 – Create strong incentives for all communities to plant more trees, grow more plants, create more gardens, and grow their own organic food. The world has suffered a MASSIVE loss of vegetation and forests along with a reduction of oxygen and a huge increase of major greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide leading to all kinds of terrible climate and weather problems and rising oceans. Many of the worst degenerative diseases of humankind as well as depression, reduced quality of life, and lack of spirituality have been traced to the loss of certain types of plant pollens, prana (bioplasmic energy), oxygen, etc. in the air which all come from plants and trees.

Even though there may be other causes as well, I personally have suffered great spiritual difficulties and severe depressions from this loss of natural “orgone” energy. PLEASE avoid any unnecessary trimming or cutting of trees! Green plants are the purifying “lungs” of the earth. They also contain a life-giving subtle force and spiritual or “soul” energy. Whenever I see someone cutting down a tree, I naturally get very angry: this person might as well be cutting out a part of everyone’s lung and a part of everyone’s soul!

4 – Give strong incentives for every community to be self-contained rather than be dependent on other sources for electricity, water, gas, sanitary needs, etc. Such wiser actions as these lead to much greater wealth, quality of life and independence on the long-run

5 – “Self-contained” sources should consist of windmill turbines, solar panels, hydrogen fuel cell electric generation plants, and methane producing systems utilizing “biomass” reservoirs from waste matter.

6 – Replace all “gas guzzling” incandescent electric bulbs with much more efficient fluorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs utilize no more than a quarter of the power that incandescent (filament) light bulbs use to produce the same amount of light. In some cases, a 5-watt fluorescent bulb can even be used to replace as much as a 40-watt incandescent bulb without sacrificing luminosity! That is the same amount of light for only an eighth of the energy used! I am surprised more people don’t do this, because an average household can easily save hundreds of dollars a year in electric bills.

7 – If everyone had the attitude of selfless commitment to the need of others and expressed that commitment in a very intelligent and efficient manner, the quality of life would improve for everyone dramatically. We need to build self-supporting communities where all resources are responsibly managed and shared by all individuals.

8 – The most obvious requirement is the need for population growth control without infringing on the rights of others, but encouraging all to avoid having more than two children per family or far better to simply adopt children as there are hundreds of millions of children in third world nations left to fend for themselves in dire poverty. Everyone must either do this or continue to suffer massive losses in the quality of life not only for today, but also throughout all future generations.

Most of the energy and resources of a community is lost to construction of new shopping centers, more housing, roads, freeways, water utilities, landfills, polluting power plants, hospitals, fighting crime, jails, etc. If population growth could just be stopped, then vital energies and resources can instead be used to dramatically improve the quality of life inside the existing urban developments! This would include the creation of parks, trees, botanical gardens, free educational centers, nature reserves, recycling centers, alternative energy systems, more efficient, pollution free transportation, paying off national and state debts, etc.

It makes no sense whatsoever for anyone to have any more children at least for the next 25 years to help reduce the incredible burden on the local and global environment, especially now with so many more people living longer and growing so much larger in size. The present rate of global population growth simply cannot be sustained indefinitely without it soon crashing head on into some major calamity or disaster such as a worldwide drought, famine, disease, and/or massive war along with severe and permanent damage to other plants and animal species. I would have to say what used to be such a positive, essential thing is now the worst thing anyone can do as nothing else can guarantee more human suffering and misery than continuing to create even more consumers of vital diminishing resources. Time is running out fast!

Unfortunately it is usually the poorest countries that contribute to the fastest rates of population growth. The scariest part about this population explosion is how it is accelerating rapidly out of proportion as more and more people are born every minute. The more people who are born, the more there will be in the future to create even more offspring! Until finally there is simply no more resources left anywhere on Earth to sustain any kind of decent lifestyle. One of the first things that is disappearing rapidly is the availability of safe drinking water and irrigation water for farming. What is dangerously deceptive is there may always still be plenty of land space on Earth to physically expand into, but who can live in the middle of a desert or without water and fertile ground to plant crops?

What used to always be the most rational instinct is now the most irrational instinct. There is now no reason whatsoever to create more humans other than to increase stress and decrease the quality of life throughout the world while increasing the burden of survival on everyone else and to plunge all nations deeper and deeper into debt and poverty. It is vital that everyone who reads this get the word out for the obvious need for population growth control in every country of the world. Please educate others on this most essential and vital need!

9 – I would even go so far as to recommend celibacy within marriage and relationships because there are actually great long term benefits to the quality of life while being sexually obstinate. And the longer one conserves sexual energy the better one feels! Learn more about the benefits of celibacy at this site. Society has undergone a tremendous moral decline in the last 50 years. It is due in part to the rejection of the principles of family and marriage combined with poor education, wide availability of pornography, alcohol, drugs and junk food. Another major factor has to be the overindulgence of sex which tends to act just like a shot of heroine or cocaine on the brain reducing its ability to value, sense and appreciate higher values, love and spiritual realities.

10) Support all propositions and measures that propose the construction/preservation of parks, forests, natural preserves, zoos, aquariums, museums, libraries, and other educational centers. Discourage overpopulation or anything that can result in further urban expansion. Let’s place a strong emphasis on the “quality of life” rather than “quantity of life.” Unlimited growth is impossible to sustain indefinitely in a finite world without first making major, major sacrifices to the quality of life!

11) Invest in the companies that promote organic agriculture, solar panels, windmills, hydrogen fuel cell technology, hydroelectric power, and/or other “earth friendly” renewable systems. Please learn as much as you can regarding “earth friendly” and “socially responsible” investing. For example, AERT (Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies) is a recycling company that creates moisture resistant building materials out of waste wood fiber and reclaimed plastics. There are many other recycling companies out there, including one that develops microorganisms that break down pollutants and hazardous chemical waste. There are some companies that create natural gas and electricity from wood residues, paper mill waste sludge, and agricultural waste (biomass). Be alert for all kinds of old and new renewable technologies that could solve all sorts of environmental and financial problems.

All the money wasted on military expenses and space exploration could have easily been used to develop and build vast arrays of windmills and solar power generators. A much better quality of life would have been ours if vital natural and human resources not wasted so much on fighting wars, illegal drugs, tobacco, red meat production, oil dependent machines, and other environmentally destructive enterprises. Instead of cooperating with each other and nature and instead of working together to create a much more beautiful, self contained, harmonious and loving global society, too much creative energy has gone into security and defense. A very tragic situation indeed. God has given humanity so much, yet so much opportunity for a much better world has been destroyed by ignorance, dogmatism, materialism, prejudice, greed, fear and selfishness.

12) Support Americans for Fair Taxation. The present tax system is inefficient, invasive and unfair, resulting in an unnecessary burden on the American public, reduced quality of life, and unnecessary consumption of natural resources (paper comes from trees!) Americans for Fair Taxation propose replacing the entire income tax system with a single, simple federal sales tax that gains revenue from economic consumption rather than personal earnings, thereby saving massive amounts of vital resources, paperwork, time, accounting, auditing, etc. To make this plan absolutely fair, everyone is to receive a monthly refund to cover the taxes on the first thousand dollars (or around that much) spent on monthly necessities. In this way, only extra spending beyond personal necessities is taxed.

13) Plant a tree! Support The National Arbor Day Foundation, it is the largest tree-planting environmental organization in the world.

14) Honor Julia Butterfly Hill and her “Circle of Life Foundation.” Visit her web site and find out what you can do to make more responsible decisions regarding your impact on the environment and quality of life for everyone. All life is precious, we are all connected and interdependent. Learn how to be more responsible and aware of the consequences of your actions. You might want to read her eloquent words in “Julia’s Reflections on Big Mountain” that are so similar to my own sentiments about how materialism is wasting away what is profound and sacred.

15) Respect, cherish and love all life. Honor the rights of animals. Always love them, never eat them nor harm them in any way. Meat contains the neurohormones of the fear and terror of being slaughtered. I don’t think humans were meant to eat meat except only as a last resort during times of drought and famine or in harsh climates. Personally, I find vegetarian sources of protein much more appetizing than a dead pig, a large fish or bird. Birds, big fish, and especially mammals are emotionally conscious beings. God incarnates in all life forms, and very often in the sparkle of your pet’s eyes, you can see the devotion it has for you.

Please go here: Quality of Life Issues for a much more visually oriented website on this subject.


“Global Warning – A Message to Humanity”

Humans Face a Challenge SO HUGE It’s Often Incomprehensible To Far Too Many People!

The global and ecological consequences of overconsumption and uncontrolled population growth are simply overwhelming. Humans are consuming vital resources while trashing the world, and this madness has to stop!


Humanity’s present momentum of continuous growth in urban sprawl and population cannot be sustained without seriously destroying some of the earth’s most vital resources. For every square mile of heavily populated urban land, there needs to be at least fifty-five square miles of clean farmland and unspoiled wilderness area to support it. While the oceans are being filled with toxic pollutants and vast amounts of trash, many species of fish and whales are constantly being threatened. The more people there are living or trying to live in a high-resource consumption lifestyle, the more species of vital plants, trees and animals will become extinct.

Unless humans move off the planet to other worlds, mine asteroids, etc. or immediately stop increasing their vast numbers, economic growth on Earth is no longer sustainable. There will soon be global shortages of all manner essential things such as fuel, minerals, clean water, food, housing, and even clean air if nothing is done to immediately stem population growth. Like the lemmings running off the face of a cliff, I see the same thing happening with human populations exploding around the world. Before we know it, billions of children will be born without food, clothing, shelter, or any sort of clean water to drink.

Sanitary conditions will become worse and worse, as more and more communities are cluttered with children searching garbage dumps for food and fragments from which to build huts from. The most dreadful and alarming fact of all the consequences is what is bound to happen when sheer numbers of people create even more sheer numbers who in turn create even vaster numbers. We have in essence a runaway catastrophic population explosion scenario that could potentially wipe out nearly every species and ecosystem on the planet.

Subjects to be covered in this ebook will include:

Article One (1) – Easter Island – Its History Is a Grim Warning for Humanity

Article Two (2) – Avoiding The Malthusian Catastrophe

Article Three (3) – The Global Threat to the Spiritual Side of Nature

Article Four (4) – Moral Dilemmas and Other Consequences of Overpopulation

Article Five (5) – Fragmented Thinking is Destroying Our Planet

Article Six (6) – The Fastest Ways to Save Mother Earth

Article Seven (7) – How to Protect Your Quality of Life

Article Eight (8) – Are They Warning Us from the Distant Future?

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