An Alternative Cosmology to the Highly Improbable “Big Bang”

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An Alternative to Big Bang Cosmology

The Big Bang theory is indeed a most awkward explanation! Furthermore, most of the illustrations of this theory look like a waste paper basket on its side spilling out galaxies! Secondly, I believe there was no such thing as a Big Bang. As a result, an alternative to the Big Bang theory is needed. It postulates that subatomic particles accumulated gradually from deep space quantum energy. Subsequently, the Universe thickened throughout eons of time with unlimited amounts of gaseous material. Over 13 billion years ago everywhere burst into an amazing display of quasars. Quasars became galaxies most often containing hundreds of billions of stars.

It cannot be correct to assume that from an infinitesimal point, the whole universe suddenly inflated into a massive universe as complex as the one we now live in.

This sudden “inflation” theory sounds too far-fetched. Even one of the great physicists of our time, Roger Penrose from the University of Oxford, could not accept it. He said the chances of that happening are far too slim. See:  WMAP Shows Evidence of ‘Activity’ Before Big Bang.

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It is still possible to conceive of an alternative theory to the highly improbable and rather awkward “Big Bang” model, using the latest scientific observation.

In a previous epoch, there might have been nothing. Even over 13 billion light-years away, astronomers detect galaxies, quasars, black holes, and gamma-ray bursts. The universe seems to be going through vast stages of evolution. However, the idea that somehow the entire universe in all its immensity started out from a single point smaller than an atom seems both preposterous and unnecessary. Even more impossible is the idea that somehow all that which came from this Big Bang perfectly aligns to at least six numbers and/or laws of physics. Somehow it accidentally forms into a whole, vast life-bearing universe without collapsing too soon or expanding too rapidly!

Such an event as a Big Bang fueled by inflation would be highly unlikely and far-fetched!

The chances of that event actually happening would be practically nonexistent. To even out the odds, we need an alternative to the Big Bang theory. To assume that even the space-time continuum had a beginning to it is utterly strange and unnecessary. 13.7 billion years is not the age of this ageless universe, it is the age of the Universe (and distance from our location) where the Universe has become too opaque to see any further. There is also an event horizon of 16 billion light-years where any galaxies would recede faster than light and would never be seen by us, making it seem as if the universe started near that point in time.

What would most likely lie beyond this dark horizon of time and opaque space?

A cold, vast void probably existed in the distant past. No stars probably existed except possibly a few ancient black holes left over from a previous universe scattered here and there. Because all of space is saturated with dark energy, space is always expanding. Whatever may be left over from any previous universes continued to “expand” over the cosmic horizon never to be seen again.

Dark energy expands galaxies apart at an accelerating rate in all directions.

There is no need for a “Big Bang” to explain why the universe is expanding in the way that it is. As an alternative to the Big Bang theory, instead of exploding from a tiny point, the universe is constantly replacing itself. This is similar to Fred Hoyle’s Steady State but creation comes in waves of dark energy. A possibility remains that some remnants of a previous universe may be left hanging around. These ancient remnants might have some gravitational influence on the design of the next wave of creation.

There may have been waves of star formation between long periods of darkness.

An infinitely vast universe from a single point feels strange to me. How could an impossibly huge amount of quantum energy exist simultaneously in one tiny spot? A continuous and harmonious flow of quantum (dark) energy exists throughout all space. It is indefinite in duration and results in vast webs of dark matter followed by visible matter. Eventually the components of physical matter atoms in the form of plasmas and electrons condense directly from dark energy.  Dark energy, the originator of all things, is one and the same as the quantum fluctuations of space, zero point energy, and the Casimir effect.

Space exists as a multidimensional oneness of all things.

Overall, space is the one Original Substance that always has existed and always will exist. Moreover, this undefinable oneness does not come from anything, yet is absolutely original, independent, self-defining, self-supporting, and complete. Being an infinite amount of nothing, space is visually finite yet eternal in principle. Likewise, space has or needs no beginning or ending, it simply exists forever as a universal wholeness.

In my alternative to the Big Bang theory, multiple, expanding waves of creation exist. Moreover, an expanding wave of creation began as a boundless, dark, and foggy mass. It took hundreds of billions of years, if not, thousands of billions of years to form. In other words, matter condensed from countless trillions of quantum energy events over countless eons. This multi-particle “fog” contained vast clouds of hydrogen, helium, and lithium plasmas (free electrons and nuclei).

Dark matter, and magnetic, electrical, and gravitational forces, created vast streams of plasma forming into knots.

These knots condensed into massive stars some as large as billions of solar masses. These burned off within millions of years and collapsed into black holes or quasars emitting massive jets of gas. Black holes consumed whatever came too close and blew off vast volumes of gas into space. This gas fed even more star formation and fusion of hydrogen, helium, etc. into heavier elements. Within a few hundred million years of the beginning of this first wave of creation, the largest stars collapsed into vast black holes with polarized streamers and huge halos of star cloud and dark matter. Whole galaxies formed from this process.

In my alternative to the Big Bang theory, the closest thing to a Big Bang that actually occurred are countless millions of gargantuan supernovae.

Immense first-generation stars burned off fast because of their massive size and extremely high fusion temperature. They rapidly reached the end of their relatively short but very intense multi-million-year life-spans.

If one probed back in time, deep into the early universe, one would see some of the most violent events that ever took place. One would see huge, unstable, hot blue stars with millions, if not billions of solar masses forming in countless mega-nebulae. One would see clumpy or chaotic-looking galaxies with thousand light-year-long streaks or streamers. These hot, massive stars quickly burn out, explode, and collapse into vast black holes or quasars. Evidence of huge explosions would dot the whole region.

Formation of Heavier Elements.

In my alternative to the Big Bang theory, three to twelve billion years later, galaxies became much larger and more regular in shape such as the elliptical and spiral galaxies that exist today. Second and third-generation stars with heavier elements formed allowing for solar systems with solid planets bearing living organisms. Smaller stars tend to be much more stable and commonplace and will continue to light up the galaxies for another five to one thousand billion years. The smallest stars (red dwarfs) will shine the longest.

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“Cosmology from the Perspective of Consciousness”

You Will Understand the Universe In a Way You’ve Never Seen It Before!

This amazing book contains revolutionary and beautifully simple concepts in alternative cosmology that came from a period of over thirty-seven years of deep thinking and research.


This amazing book contains revolutionary and beautifully simple concepts in alternative cosmology.

These ideas came from a period of over thirty-seven years of deep contemplation and meditation on the nature of reality. Moreover, I combine these ideas with the latest scientific observations. This book includes my deepest insights on creation featuring a compendium of interrelated alternative cosmological concepts. Furthermore, I describe the formation of the universe and the creation of reality without ever having to fall back on the really awkward, worn-out, far-fetched inflation or similar “Big Bang” theories.

I will not bog you down or bore you to death with any complex, esoteric or hard to understand mathematical formulas.

The Universe need not have originated from such an impossibly unlikely event as the “Big Bang” at all, but rather from an accumulation of particles out of endless amounts of quantum energy, time and space. Would not such a scenario seem far more likely, far more simple, and far more logical? Through the interaction of space, time and higher dimensions of probability and laws of physics came dark energy, which in turn formed dark matter and all the visible galaxies of the Universe along with a force to keep these galaxies expanding apart (rather than collapsing) and forever creating new galaxies in everlasting waves of creation, with the last wave being around 14 billion years ago.

In my alternative to the Big Bang theory, I view the Universe as an extension of space-time.

Infinite amounts of quantum energy creates the very fabric of all space and time. Space itself is a repository of infinite energy, if this were not so, light would be absorbed by space rather than be transmitted through it. All galaxies are part and parcel of the very pattern or fabric of space-time itself and have always existed throughout eternity in waves of creation rather than being the unlikely and temporary product of a ridiculously immense “Big Bang” explosion. All galaxies had to originate from the endless streams of particles, plasmas, and gasses naturally present throughout all space and time arising from dark energy that pervades all creation, causing it to expand and renew continuously.

Most scientific thinking today revolves around the idea that consciousness is separate from external reality.

Science assumes Reality exists entirely independent of our consciousness. Furthermore, all thoughts, feelings and consciousness are strictly artifacts of the physical brain. This idea implies to me what would in fact be an impossible separation of observer and observed. Yet I plainly see that the two are opposite sides of the same coin. Assume consciousness has nothing to do with the “external” reality we have always lived in! Then a vast assortment of life’s deepest mysteries would never ever resolve themselves! I believe that nothing can exist without consciousness. Accordingly, consciousness is an essential part or dimension of our reality. In the same way, the fourth dimension of time is essential for energy (and therefore matter) to exist.

If three-dimensional space (volume) somehow existed without the time (hyperspace) to support it, it would always be empty or completely void.

In my alternative to the Big Bang theory, every dimension has to be supported by yet a higher dimension for there to be any reality or substance at all. For example, if our three-dimensional universe suddenly had no duration, it would vanish instantly without a trace.

Even the passage of time needs yet a higher dimension of probability and quantum mechanics to support it.

Furthermore, it needs a sixth (the laws of physics), and a seventh (the governing principle of Consciousness) and so on. I believe consciousness is always the highest dimension, and without consciousness, the prime Substance or Oneness of all creation, nothing else could exist at all. A great way to begin to solve life’s deepest enigmas and mysteries would be to realize we are all part of and share this same holographic consciousness.

Subjects to be covered in this ebook will include:

Chapter 0 – How the Universe Was Created

Chapter 1 – Cosmology and Consciousness

Chapter 2 – Why is There Anything at All?

Chapter 3 – Exploring the Universal Oneness

Chapter 4 – An Alternative to the Highly Improbable

Chapter 5 – An Entire Universe From a Single Point?

Chapter 6 – “Big Bang” or “Big Boo Boo”?

Chapter 7 – A More “Common Sense” History of the Universe

Chapter 8 – Is a “Big Bang” Really Needed to Explain Creation?

Chapter 9 – A “Big Bang” Requires Too Many Coincidences

Chapter 10 – Cosmic Black Holes and Higher Dimensions

Chapter 11 – What Exactly is Dark Energy?

Chapter 12 – Dark Energy As a Source of Power

Chapter 13 – Dark Energy and the Paranormal

Chapter 14 – Twelve Incorrect Notions Regarding Cosmology

Epilog – 68.5% Dark Energy, 26.6% Dark Matter, 4.9% Ordinary Matter

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