Dark Energy and the Paranormal

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Quantum Theory: The paranormal is actually quite normal on the tiniest of scales such as within the quantum realm. You will never look at the world in quite the same way after seeing this documentary.

The Mystical Aspects and Properties of Dark Energy: Dark energy can be sensed throughout nature as a wonderful, blissful and uplifting phenomenon often associated with spiritual experiences, storms, waterfalls, natural open spaces, plants and trees.

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Buildings and other man-made objects, pollution and technology tend to block this energy. Interesting to note that while enclosed areas seem to reduce it, open spaces seem to increase it, yet is it possibly the same thing the controversial German scientist Wilhelm Reich tried to accumulate in orgone energy accumulators?

Dark energy (prana) is the kinetic energy behind all creation which comes out from infinite space as a result of its process of self-awareness. It can be heard in the right ear as the “Om” sound or “birthing sound” of creation and as many other inner sounds according to one’s sensitivity.

Dark energy could very likely be the same phenomena known throughout various cultures and/or religions such as orgone, chi, prana, Prakriti (Divine Mother), the Holy Spirit, and the power behind the manifestation of thought. It is interesting to note that this dark energy, being as universal as it is, could very well be one of the three components of the Trinity, the “Holy Ghost” or the Hindu “Vishnu” as the Sustainer of creation. The other two aspects are the “Infinite Father” which would be an infinite non-manifested aspect of creation while the “Son” would be the manifested aspect (offspring) of creation including all the universes both physical and subtle.

Such energy is uplifting! Just as there are gravity waves in the universe there are also antigravity waves that emanate directly from dark energy because dark energy is a universal form of antigravity. Yogis who claim to have experienced levitation would most likely feel that prana or chi is a form of antigravity.

Some masters of yoga are able to gather so much prana or chi energy within themselves that they allegedly start to “hop” off the ground and in some cases even claim to levitate! This effect and other so called “miracles” are so rare, that mainstream science, of course, has not yet accepted any of it nor anything I say regarding the connection between dark energy and spiritual energy. Breatharian yogis can use this energy to “live on light” while going on very long fasts.

Is Thought a Zero Point Energy Fluctuation?

I have a theory as to what the subtle thought “sounds” in one’s head could be. It is highly probable that they are intelligently guided pulsations or vibrations of this quantum, universally present (free) energy stored in the brain and crown chakra. The human being’s vortices (or vortexes) of energy (all the chakras and meridians of the astral body) naturally gather, concentrate and then store this spiritual or dark energy into a form that can be used for any purpose. If thoughts really are a sort of quantum fluctuation (change in probability) powered by dark energy through the mind, then it should be possible to detect very slight changes or fluctuations with a sensitive instrument specially designed to interpret them and then even listen to and/or record those thoughts!

Can Zero Point Energy Be Harnessed to Communicate with the Afterlife?

This energy is most likely the only way possible to communicate with the afterlife! If thought waves are actually just minute vibrations of quantum energy (with antigravity properties) from dark energy or Spirit, then it may very well be possible to create a spirit telephone by a microphone directly attached to a highly sensitive weighing scale or some device that is able to interpret intentionally guided fluctuations in the quantum field or white noise.

Can Zero Point Energy Be Heard?

According to The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe this dark energy can be picked up as a “fuzzy” sound (or white background noise) when FM radios are tuned between stations or when the volume on one’s compact disk and/or cassette player is turned up all the way between songs. More interestingly, when it is really quiet, one can also hear this sound (or white noise) in various frequencies within the inner ear. These are the sounds of the chakras, the Om, and of the inner voice.

Those who are sensitive can do an interesting comparison of how the brain interprets these inner sounds verses how electronic amplifiers pick it up as a rushing white noise. One can ponder how eons of evolution has been affected or influenced by this energy and how quantum physics may very well be the main force behind the ability for evolutionary change and development both spiritual and physical.

Can Zero Point Energy Be Seen and Can it Nourish One’s Soul?

Spirits see by the “light” of this dark energy which is no longer “dark” to them but is perceived as a universal, very loving and refreshing radiance that illuminates everything in the universe including both physical and astral matter depending on what vibration of matter they are tuned into. Whatever lives on the astral planes are dependent on this dark energy for vitality, light, sustenance and nourishment. It is the reason spirits do not necessarily have to eat (astral food) or at least only at first just after passing over until they realize that this energy can and does sustain and rejuvenate them in all ways indefinitely. Even astral food contains a form of this energy that nature in the astral worlds has stored in the form of astral food, drinks, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Could Dark Energy Be Related to Paranormal Phenomena?

Dark energy is the force by which poltergeists move objects and cause other disturbances. At the time of Thomas Edison’s death, all his clocks stopped. This was a deliberate, conscious attempt by his spirit to try to prove survival of his soul to others. Souls can sometimes move or manipulate physical objects, especially delicate ones such as clocks by using a thought-directed power with dark energy as its source. The charming and delightful Scottish spirit, Dorcas was once an earthbound Scottish poltergeist over two-hundred years ago in Dundee, Scotland and claimed in 1964 during a Leslie Flint seance that she still can under the right conditions move physical objects as long as the energy of a young person is present. This must mean that a young person can channel much more prana or dark energy that can be used by a ghost than a less vital, older person. Remembering that dark energy is an expansive, anti-gravitational force helps to explain how some ghosts or spirits are able to make objects float or move through the air. I am quite confident that dark energy plays a huge role in providing the power that creates the ectoplasm that amplifies thought into sound so that spirits like Dorcas can “come through.”

In Conclusion: Dark Energy is One of Three Aspects of Existence

Dark energy, a term coined by astronomers to label that “mysterious” energy that 70% the universe consists of, is no more mysterious than the Casimir effect. However, 100% of all matter and light in the universe cannot even begin to exist without the universal, zero-point or quantum (five-dimensional) field from which all dark energy and all other forms of energy and matter emanate. All baryonic (physical) matter, dark (astral) matter, and electromagnetic radiation in the universe is one and the same as zero-point energy, because electromagnetic radiation consists of five-dimensional fluctuations in the zero-point energy field, and all matter is made of highly concentrated electromagnetic radiation. In other words, the entire universe and all life within it is one and the same as the quantum field of five and higher dimensions. The multi-dimensional geometry of the vacuum (or universal oneness) is the primary cause, substance, and sustainer of all matter.

The phenomenon of zero-point energy may be the one and same effect as the “Light of God,” which, of course is not at all a “dark energy” to those who are fully spiritually aware. Dark energy is just as real, familiar, and ubiquitous to enlightened mystics as is water to fish at the bottom of an ocean. Yogis like to say that this universal (zero point) energy is part and parcel of a Trinity of creation consisting of (1) the “Divine Mother” (Holy Spirit) or prime mover of and primary energy of all creation; (2) “God the Father” or universal blueprint (thought and universal consciousness) behind all creation; and (3) the “Son” or the “Manifested World” or “Offspring” of the “Infinite Father” and “Divine Mother” (Holy Spirit). Sri Ramakrisha, a great mystic yogi introduced to the West by Swami Vivekananda once said that the world is the emanation of God.

Only because I know that the actual complexity of the universe goes way beyond the present borders of science, that I don’t mind sounding a little religious. I also like to express the principle of universal creation in a very simple “undefined” mathematical equation: the strongest infinity times nothing: 1/0 X 0 = 0/0 = Reality. Because any number can go into it, anything may come out of it. This universal “Oneness” or “God” is a “substance” or “awareness” that cannot be defined, yet the entire reality comes from this one “substance.”

Cosmology from the Perspective of Consciousness

I guarantee you will see the universe in a way you’ve never seen it before! This unusual perspective in alternative cosmology came from a compilation of writings based on thirty-seven years of deep contemplation on the nature of reality starting in 1975 yet updated to match today’s most advanced astronomical observations and latest cosmological research. The enclosed chapters contain my deepest insights on creation including a compendium of compatible alternative cosmological concepts regarding the formation of the universe and the creation of reality. Most scientific thinking today still revolves around the idea that reality is structured independent of our awareness and that all thoughts, feelings and consciousness are strictly artifacts of the human brain from withing the five physical senses of the physical body. However, as long as one assumes that all “external” reality is a completely and utterly separate reality from one’s innermost consciousness, one could never hope to even begin to solve a vast assortment of life’s deepest and most profound mysteries.

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