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Keep the Truth Consistent with the Heart!

Consciousness anchors not to the body, it anchors to the mind, memory and emotions. There is no actual magic mind power or super power that one can use to alter reality.

There are only certain very subtle laws of quantum physics and consciousness, when properly understood and utilized, may help bring one’s consciousness (experience) closer toward a reality of more favorable circumstances.

Consciousness itself changes its location in the field of various probable realities or parallel universes or throughout various possibilities of life which already contain the desired situations. Solid brick walls to hit one’s head against never obstruct consciousness!

Our vibrational rate (emotional output) transports one’s consciousness (experience) to the location in the field of all possible realities that most closely matches one’s emotional temperament or vibration.

One’s vibration depends on one’s feeling and true, honest evaluation of reality. Manifestation through visualization or strong concentration and belief consists of no magic at all; one’s “unity” consciousness simply traverses the quantum field of parallel realities until one reaches the location in all possible universes where that manifestation or “ideal” experience or event already exists.

Nothing changes objectively, only subjectively where profound changes in one’s position or perspective from one absolutely real and solid parallel universe to another can occur. This transformation happens anyway in the passage of time, when one’s “unity” consciousness travels from one moment (a parallel reality) to the next moment (or next parallel reality).

In other words, we change our location, or perspective to align with that which intercepts the ideal–nothing else changes. Consciousness jumps from one alternative reality to another very easily, but the body and physical things cannot, which must stay completely unaltered, and left behind by consciousness in a previous “history.”

When one’s idea of reality or “truth” bends out of alignment with the heart, one suffers. According to Bashar of Essassani, how one defines reality matters (manifests), not the situation. Define reality as being exactly one’s heart-felt ideals, nothing more or less. Any beliefs out of alignment with the heart create obstacles, self-perpetuating maelstroms of darkness and frustration in one’s being.

The negative vibrations of anger, anxiety, frustration, jealousy, etc., that unfold from these inconsistencies create vibrations that attract one’s consciousness toward negative or unpleasant situations. Wholeness lives in perfect alignment or agreement with the ideals of the heart which usually include prosperity, integrity, oneness, perfection, totality, and unity.


“Quantum Physics and the Law of Abundance”

Quantum Physics and Consciousness: Mainstream Science Won’t Accept the Law of Attraction

However, we will learn just how amazing and far-ranging the Law of Attraction can actually be and how science can prove this law rather than not accept it as true.


There is a law of abundance (or attraction) that can be used to gradually bring wonderful changes into your existence! I have known deep in my heart these beautiful and inspiring truths all my life. If you hate your life, you need to refine, uplift, and purify your emotions, lifestyle, mental states and consciousness.

Mastering the law of abundance can be achieved by becoming free of all addictions and attachments. Simply by eating only the healthiest and spiritually uplifting foods, you are also dramatically improving your state of being. Transforming not only your thoughts but your diet as well is an essential part of the whole process toward a greater inner fulfillment that may gradually help transform circumstances in the world around you.

Consciousness and the origin of thought have long been assumed by materialists to come entirely from the physical brain, while practitioners of metaphysics and spiritualists know for a fact that thought, mind and consciousness actually not only transcend matter, but also time and distance as well.

Modern science is only barely reaching the threshold of this rather dramatic paradigm shift today with the discovery of quantum physics which involves the unavoidable effect the observer has on measuring (observing) all things. It is now scientifically proven that the observer and what is being observed are inseparable.

Subjects covered include:

Article One (1) – Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Article Two (2) – Our Bodies Can Predict Events Before They Occur, Study Says

Article Three (3) – Mainstream Science Won’t Accept the Law of Attraction

Article Four (4) – There is a Universal Law of Abundance

Article Five (5) – The Highest Dimension of All

Article Six (6) – Stay in Alignment

Article Seven (7) – Align with Your True Nature and Know You Are Eternal

Article Eight (8) – Redefine Your Life

Article Nine (9) – The Power of Unconditional Love

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