Law of Attraction: A Non-Linear Paradigm Poorly Appreciated by Mainstream Science

The Law of Attraction works more like an internal law of consciousness rather than an external law of physics.

The Law of Attraction works through and depends on a single, universal consciousness. It links the entire universe together into a great oneness or wholeness. However materialist scientists prefer to think purely in terms of an external, material existence. Accordingly, they won’t acknowledge the existence of a universal Supreme Being. Furthermore, their soulless version of consciousness exists only as a temporary anomaly of the human brain. The idea of a single, universal consciousness linking the entire universe together is too philosophical for them. As a result, viewing all existence as a great oneness seems too foreign a concept for analytical scientists. Consequently, the Law of Attraction would not exist without that oneness.

Image of crystals reflecting rays of sunlight conveying the complete fulfillment of wholeness. Like the law of attraction, crystals might work to reflect your state of being.

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All the great religions throughout the history of humanity have taught the reality or existence of a law of attraction.

Conventional religion at least has some familiarity with this concept of a universal power. A force such as the “Law of Attraction” may already exist in conventional thinking. Yet all manner of religious or dogmatic restraints limit and distort the above concept. Even worse, modern materialistic science completely rejects it before even considering a more balanced view on the matter.

Modern materialists find themselves seemingly stuck in a rigid, external, objective physical reality firmly anchored in time and space.

Linear, objective thinking about an external reality separates us from our inner self, dreams and mythology. External practicality is the way of modern materialistic scientific thought. It is no doubt a valid reality to itself in that it operates quite logically within the framework it provides. However, like any other framework or paradigm, it has to break down at some point. If humanity is to continue to expand its horizons, they need to operate within both views rather than rejecting one or the other. Whatever new or different paradigms that come along needs combining or adding to objective science. Accordingly, we should not reject the law of attraction as some kind of “woo woo” theory. Instead, we need to see it as an extension of what we already know.

Is one’s internal reality (consciousness) the exact same thing as one’s external reality?

There is another paradigm completely opposite to materialist thinking. It proposes that one’s internal reality (consciousness) is the exact same thing as one’s external reality. In other words, we combine two, seemingly separate realities as one and the same thing. Additionally, instead of consciousness being an artifact of the physical brain as insisted upon by the materialists, it is actually the foundation of all existence or everything in the universe.

Conventional scientists seem to hate the paranormal. While confronted with the rather vivid UFO encounters, remote viewing, near-death and out-of-body experiences of certain individuals, they dismiss these encounters as bogus. They explain away such experiences as hallucinations or the antics of oxygen deprived brains. Concurrently, they would also naturally reject any kind of “law of attraction” theory as being too far-fetched.

Materialists reject any valid evidence of an afterlife or anything else that’s paranormal, along with the Law of Attraction.

These experiences create a massive clash with conventional scientific “knowledge”. It typically rejects any valid evidence for an afterlife and/or extraterrestrial civilization. Yet an ever-growing abundance of undeniable UFO, paranormal, and “afterlife” evidence continues to mount. As a result, more and more scientists and mainstream academic teachers are forced to avoid talking about it. They must keep their beliefs to themselves for fear of losing their positions! Similarly, so it is with this “law of attraction” appearing too superstitious or unscientific. They would rather not emphasize it for fear of apearing goofy.

All one’s thoughts originate from a timeless quantum field rather than from within the physical brain.

The leading conventional physician or scientist is in for a shock. They need to realize that consciousness and one’s innermost thoughts originate from a non-local quantum field. Their paradigm of being rotates entirely around the physical brain. It would be quite a shock to realize it’s just the opposite. Because it may very well be that the entire Universe could just be a concept inside one’s mind. Professors are afraid to acknowledge this possibility!  The administration could fired them from their post, or force them into resignation! If they ever tried to convey to others this one idea and related concepts, they would get forced to teach philosophy instead of physics!

The ever-growing and now quite popular idea that there is indeed a “Law of Attraction” most clearly presented by the group soul, “Abraham” through the channel, Esther Hicks, completely goes against all the logic and reason of mainstream science and what many academic authorities would warn you against as being a most self-deceptive matter of extreme scientific “heresy.”

Intuitively, however, Abraham’s teachings seem utterly logical and correct, but not externally or on a mechanical level. With respect to scientific objectivity, it would only function from within an inverted world-view consciousness. At least the idea that it’s often far wiser to think only the kindest, most uplifting and constructive, unifying thoughts of love and harmony rather than thoughts of fear, separation and destruction.

There is a profound connection between the observer and the observed leading to a profound law of attraction.

Fortunately, many quantum physics researchers say that on a subatomic level, there is a profound connection between the observer and the observed, all being part and parcel of the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle”. This principle states that the measurement of a subatomic particle’s velocity determines the extent that its actual position cannot, and visa versa. In other words, try to find its exact position and then it’s velocity becomes too ambiguous.

The entire concept of quantum physics describes the actual mechanisms underlying the basis of material existence supported with a universal “zero point field” and an intersection with parallel universes and/or other dimensions. According to The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, all matter in the universe is an interconnected “event matrix” illumined by and affected by the mind and consciousness of the observer. In other words, the observer is not only an essential part of reality, but it influences reality by the methods used by the observer to measure it.

“…with what measure ye mete, It shall be measured unto you again.” (St. Matthew 7:2)

We therefore need to realize the importance of putting out only positive effects. If we are to receive similar effects back to us, we need to master this law of attraction.

How one measures or observes reality seems to drastically effect the outcome of the measurement.

Reality ultimately turns back toward consciousness, belief systems and the thought processes themselves. There is some kind of law of attraction based on an inverse relationship between the observer and what is observed. A profound reciprocation takes place! It is rather like the relationship between the number two (2) and its opposite value or multiplicative inverse, one-half (1/2). When these opposite values are multiplied with each other, the outcome must always become one. For the combined value of each to remain balanced at the point of “oneness,” one has to constantly effect the other. Hence, we measure, experience and create our own reality with our own belief systems, feelings and ideas. Knowing all this, indeed should make the law of attraction a very real, obvious, and daily experience!

The Law of Attraction constantly crystalizes (manifests) around our most strongly held convictions, emotions and beliefs.

The precipitation of ice crystals result in spectacularly beautiful six-sided formations or hexagrams. In the same manner as ice crystals that form around their own geometric pattern or blueprint, we crystalize our life experience in the same fashion. However not so wonderfully organized ice crystals can also form from discordant emotional thoughts. They appear to be that sensitive! This effect has been proven by that wonderful Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto.

This law of attraction means whatever one concentrates on long enough, it will somehow find its way into the experiencer’s life.

However, belief systems and emotions are often subconscious and rather tricky to handle. To ease this challenge, regular meditation might help considerably. It might more conveniently assist the changes that one really wants to take place. And so again, this is how a law of attraction can operate through us to effect the external reality. The external world  may indeed be just be an extension of our internal self.

Because of the law of attraction, if one feels absolutely no control over one’s life, that’s what one will continue to experience.

On the other hand, a life-long meditation on God, on Spirit, on love, on all things elegant and desirable, will eventually manifest the same effects in the external physical world. To change one’s life and perspective for the better requires a certain amount of time, faith, inner joy, and a continually calm and effective daily meditation on the very qualities and effects one considers most desirable or positive.

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“Quantum Physics and the Law of Abundance”

Quantum Physics and Consciousness: Mainstream Science Won’t Accept the Law of Attraction

However, we will learn just how amazing and far-ranging the Law of Attraction can actually be and how science can prove this law rather than not accept it as true.

All of life shares one universal consciousness, yet every individual must experience its own separate perspective.

Use the Law of Abundance (or attraction) to gradually bring wonderful changes into your existence!

I have known deep in my heart these beautiful and inspiring truths all my life. If you hate your life, you need to refine, uplift, and purify your emotions, lifestyle, mental states and consciousness.

Achieve mastery of the law of abundance by becoming free of all addictions and attachments.

Simply by eating only the healthiest and spiritually uplifting foods, you are also dramatically improving your state of being. Transforming not only your thoughts but your diet as well is an essential part of the whole process toward a greater inner fulfillment that may gradually help transform circumstances in the world around you.

Materialist assume that consciousness and the origin of thought come entirely from the physical brain.

However, practitioners of metaphysics and spiritualists know for a fact that thought, mind and consciousness actually not only transcend matter, but also time and distance as well. We may therefore need to take more responsibility for our thoughts and actions. There could indeed be a “law of attraction” coming from within.

Modern science is only barely reaching the threshold of this rather dramatic paradigm.

A major paradigm shift is occurring today with the discovery of quantum physics. Quantum physics involves the unavoidable effect the observer has on measuring (observing) all things. It is now scientifically proven that the observer and what is being observed are inseparable.

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