Dark Energy As a Source of Power

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Can dark energy (quantum energy) be used to create electric power? If dark energy can be used as a source of power, we are talking about a whole new kind of non-polluting energy – of free energy.

Expand your consciousness through awesome sound and music causing a massive inter-neural integration brain synchronization transformation.

Expand your consciousness through awesome sound and music causing a massive inter-neural integration brain synchronization transformation.

There are certain companies on the internet developing an actual battery that runs on free energy. The “quantum battery” featured on one of these websites is just one example of how this energy (ZPE or zero point energy) can have actual industrial uses. Imagine having all your energy needs provided by dark energy! ZPE (zero point energy is also called “Source Energy” by some mystics) is a potentially profound and absolutely limitless source of power.

Scientists and inventors are trying to create energy systems that tap into zero point energy so that hopefully soon there will be no more dependency on oil, nuclear and/or other technologies that have too many negative consequences. The only thing stopping or slowing them down is its sheer subatomic minuteness, extremely subtle, elusive, random, and ubiquitous nature of this form of energy. Anything mechanical or electrical may be far too crude to pick up such a fine source of energy as quantum energy. However, chemical reactions between certain forms of hydrogen and alkali metal salts seem to “pick up” on this energy.

Quantum energy never runs out, energy in its truest sense is like “gigabyte” information that can be stored, duplicated and retrieved at any time. Why is this so? Because the actual nature of energy is simply a four-dimensional shape, in other words, if any event could be viewed from outside the space-time continuum, it would appear as a static, four-dimensional object. All time directed energy, or “thermodynamic” energy that is subject to the laws of entropy, is simply four-dimensional geometry! Quantum energy on the other hand has no entropy because it exists in five dimensions beyond time and space.

At Least Five Dimensions Are Essential, Otherwise Nothing would Exist!

The geometry of space is far more complicated than the simple three dimensions of volume the average person is so familiar with. The fourth dimension of time is nothing more than an additional “angle” or extra direction of space which allows all motions, events, etc., to exist. However, there is in addition to the first four dimensions an extra “direction” of the linear time-line itself that is permanently embedded in the continuum of time as “probability” or “possibility” which I call the fifth “direction” or dimension or the “width of time” (absolutely essential) which theoretically can extend into an infinite number of other “histories” or parallel universes, but mathematically only has a very, very short or limited extent (tightly curled to a space much less than the width of an atom).

The existence of the five-dimensional “width” of the four-dimensional space-time continuum is absolutely essential, otherwise nothing would exist inside it! In other words, if there were only four dimensions of time and space, but no five dimensions, there would only be a vast, open void with absolutely nothing in it! Not even electromagnetic radiation, which are waves of five-dimensional geometry, would exist.

Any five-dimensional object that tries to extend beyond this “width of time” would gravitationally collapse into an event horizon or black hole. Therefore the entire subatomic universe is similar to the way it is at an event horizon, where time no longer behaves the same as it does at normal levels of experience. It did, all the atoms in the universe would have decayed many, many eons ago and energy as we know it would no longer exist.

Four dimensions are required for gravity to exist, and five-dimensional geometry is required for magnetism and electricity to exist. The higher dimensions, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc., are also essential, but each are successively more and more tightly curled yet are the ultimate source of any object’s mass, and of the most concentrated (strong) forces such as the nuclear force, laws of physics, all the higher governing principles of reality, and essence of reality itself.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the Incredible Geometry of Quantum Energy

As it states in the Uncertainty Principle the speed (energy) of an electron or other sub-atomic particle can only be determined by sacrificing the information regarding its location and vice versa. In other words, its exact velocity can only be determined as being a moving field of energy. As soon as one tries to pin-point its location or “focus” the wave down to a particle (or “speck” of frozen time), the particle’s location would jump around unpredictably within the moving field, but always within a certain statistical bell curve “wave” or “probability” zone that matches exactly the present shape and position of the field.

“Probability” implies variation through five-dimensional space. Collapsing the wave is, in a sense, looking inside a five-dimensional bubble where there is no time or causation any more, only quantum movement or probability, as if a dice was constantly being thrown, and only that which by chance within a “bell curve” of statistical average governs its location.

Within this minute section of five-dimensional space, time no longer matters, there is no more thermodynamic “arrow of time” or entropy and its level of energy remains forever in perfect balance as long as no outside force takes it away. If this were not so, all atoms would have decayed eons ago. In other words, the geometry of space itself is the ultimate carrier of all energy and the means by which all things have mass, feel and appear solid. Without this amazing, incredible geometry of quantum energy, this universe and all universes ever created would have collapsed into nothing long ago! Without energy, even time would no longer exist!

The Profound Significance of Vacuum Energy

The actual power, profound significance, and influence of dark (also known as “vacuum”) energy is vastly underestimated and overlooked by conventional scientists. Its actual density in just one cubic meter is more than enough to light up a whole city. Without it, the electrons of all atoms would quickly collapse into their nuclei, splattering neutrons in all directions in the form of deadly radiation. All atoms would annihilate themselves in a massive explosion. All the energy inside all the matter in the universe would instantly run down into black holes which in turn would mash together.

Imagine how much energy must be stored in every cubic meter throughout all the universe as it is today! Also it is never used up, because it is based on a different principle (the Uncertainty Principle) outside the law of supply and demand, beyond the physical limitations of cause and effect, and beyond linear time. The long-term implications of being able to harness dark energy are huge and quite positive. This means that humankind would have unlimited potential and unlimited survival as he would be able to create endless amounts of heat and light long after the life-spans of all the suns in the universe have come to an end. Yet, nature itself may never run down, at least as long as the timeless equilibrium between the four-dimensional thermodynamic “arrow” of time and the five-dimensional influences of quantum physics exists, which could be forever.

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