Monoatomic Elements and Their Strange Properties

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The topic of monoatomic elements in modern alchemy is both controversial and fascinating!

Image of crystals reflecting rays of sunlight. Wholeness represents your most complete and natural state of being possible. There is nothing more important than your emotional state of being and your connection with Spirit. On this page we explore monoatomic elements

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Monoatomic (or monatomic) and diatomic particles gained interest and popularity among various alternative healing groups.

The wellness market helps to support and encourage the monoatomics movement fairly well. It has now been around for several decades and to an even greater degree in the realm of alternative medicine. Monoatomics also establishes itself in the area of the mind, body, and spirit community which continues to grow. Moreover, its popularity in unique areas of interest seems to expand exponentially. It naturally attracts those interested in the mystical and “New Age” movements.

On the other hand, conventional academic thought hardly acknowledges modern alchemy. Mainstream education seems to not recognize the existence of another form of matter termed “monatomic.” Conventional science categorizes this controversial topic as “shadow chemistry” or “arcane chemistry” or “alchemy”.

Classic chemistry teaches us that the three phases of matter are gasses, liquids, and solids.

Yet at this moment in that place are the newer plasmas, condensates and fluid crystals. A certain number of solids crystallize into arrangements we term metals. We can also classify monoatomic elements as ORMUS and m-state elements. According to the latest theories of science and nature, uncompounded atoms on the periodic chart have the ability to be diatomic (two atoms). Likewise, these small atomic “condensates,” prevail in the scientific community as “Bose-Einstein Condensates.” We also widely recognize these materials as “m-state” atoms. However the popular term “monatomic molecules” is technically incorrect. Glue them together as “molecules” and they can no longer be monoatomic.  Molecules are the simplest structural unit of a compound. Molecules never consist of single atoms (be monoatomic) at all. Instead they would exist in their more conventionally known metallic state.

The main part of the periodic chart of elements consists of transition elements.

This means they can transform from metallic to monoatomic or diatomic. Gold for instance, can have metallic properties when two or more atoms of gold form a micro cluster. Gold adopts ceramic properties when divided into separate atoms. For example, in the form of monoatomic (monatomic) or white powder gold in its “ormus” state. When gold exists in the chemically inert (monatomic) state of separate atoms, it adopts ceramic properties. Certain ceramics exhibit superconductive effects at warmer temperatures. The chemically inert properties of monatomic elements makes it possible to safely ingest them. As a result, one may enjoy great benefits to the physiology and general well-being.

Users of these monatomic ions from monoatomic elements described a long list of benefits.

Reported benefits include increased stamina and energy. Many improved their sex drive, and enjoyed better immunity while looking and feeling younger. They increased their mental ability and concentration. They obviously seemed extremely happy with the results they experienced. Monatomic elements enhance biological reactions occurring at the cellular level, and at the energetic and electrical fields. This is the reason for these benefits.

Super-health starts inside the cells of the body.

The reactions necessary to create these surprising materials produces a great deal of hydrogen. More hydrogen in the body minimizes the surface tension of liquid water. After taking any water-based liquid with low surface tension of the water molecule, the effect also reduces the surface tension of the cellular walls. This effect allows greater nutritional absorption and a more efficient utilization of oxygen. It helps the removal of carbon dioxide otherwise stuck in the cells.

The communication of cells occur not only by the conventionally known methods of chemicals (such as hormones) and electrical impulses. Scientists discovered they also communicate via photons of light. The human body is a dynamic bioelectric organism not only requiring the unimpeded conduction of bioelectrical circuitry. They also rely on an exchange of a “pure” form of information similar to light by means of optical fiber.

The superconducting properties of monoatomic elements transform our bodies at the cellular level.

Our organs, muscles and tissues of the brain and nervous system transform into superconductors of a much higher flow of photons. Moreover, monoatomic elements are, in a manner of speaking, a “liquid” light or a “powder” of light. In a sense, the presence of monoatomic particles inside the body changes the entire bioelectro-chemical organism. Imagine being “strung” with simple copper wiring to being “installed” with fiber optics, which can carry thousands of times more information than an equivalent amount of electric wiring.

Consuming too great an amount leads to feeling almost overwhelmed with too much energy.

There is no doubt about its effects! This energizing effect is caused by an increased electrical output of one’s metabolic process under the influence or presence of these “superconducting” monoatomic elements. This effect is completely different from the usual caffeine and/or sugar rush of conventional beverages. However it is more in tune with the effect of vitamins and herbs to increase metabolic efficiency, yet still quite different in that it operates on a much finer and more ubiquitous level. According to experiments done through Kirlian photos, the “power” of output tells an amazing story. This power output seems to increase after the ingestion of a monoatomic formula showing that the electric field, or electromagnetic aura of the individual actually does increase in size and intensity.

In 1989 nuclear physicists discovered that atoms of certain elements exist in micro groups.

These are small groups of two to several hundred atoms. Most of the transition group precious metals in the center of the periodic table have a monoatomic state. If you have more than a specified number of these atoms in a micro cluster, the atoms will organize themselves into a lattice structure with metallic properties. Imagine having less than the critical number of atoms needed to form a structure. They would instead exist as monoatomic elements with ceramic properties. Monatomic atoms are not held in place by the exchange of electrons of neighboring atoms. On the other hand, atoms in a classical lattice are held that way. The critical number of atoms for rhodium is nine (9) and the critical number of gold atoms is two (2).

Only two or more gold atoms in a micro cluster will present metallic properties. However, if you have nine (9) or fewer rhodium atoms in a micro cluster, the micro group spontaneously brakes down to become a group of monatomic rhodium atoms. You might wonder why gold has one level of dissolution and rhodium another. This is a question for nuclear scientists to ponder. Monoatomic elements also have no valence electrons available for reactions with other substances. In other words, monatomic elements have many properties similar to ceramic substances which are chemically inert. Analytical chemistry methods, which require the existence of valence electrons, cannot be used to identify any atom existing in a monatomic state.

There must be some kind of shadow chemistry which still involves monoatomic atoms.

David Hudson, a famous researcher in the field of transitional elements, identified the same color changes in monatomic chemistry that occur in metallic chemistry. Similar chemical reactions still may occur with monatomic elements but to a much lower degree. Chemical reactions which take a few days with metallic chemistry may take months or years with monatomic atoms involving some kind of “shadow chemistry” or “alchemy.”

If the above statement is true, then what exactly is the actual process at work here? Are there really no valence electrons available for reactions with monoatomic elements? Also simply calling whatever kind of reactions, if any, that might be occurring a “shadow chemistry” or “alchemy” does not help to define the phenomena either. These discoveries are recent enough not to be found in any textbooks yet. Furthermore, the full implications have not yet been evaluated by the scientific community.

Monoatomic elements act more like a ceramic.

We have learned so far that a metallic element tends to be chemically active (tending to rust or corrode) and a relatively good conductor of electricity and temperature changes. Monoatomic elements of the same kind act more like a ceramic. As a result, they poorly conduct electricity and heat and have only neutral chemical properties. And, according to Hudson, under certain conditions at room temperature, monoatomic atoms act like superconductors. However, Dr. Kogan at the Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Earth’s in Kiev, does not agree with all of Hudson’s discoveries as being valid. Nevertheless, Russian scientists from that same Institute do agree that those atoms in a lattice pattern that react as metals, also exhibit ceramic properties while in a monatomic state. A detailed critique of Hudson’s findings from that source would be interesting to study.

Monoatomic particles of all the heavy elements from the central section of the periodic table have been found.

These elements exhibit “half filled” bands of valence electrons and given as follows along with their atomic number (of protons) in brackets: Ruthenium (44), Rhodium (45), Palladium (46), Silver (47), Osmium (76), Iridium (77), Platinum (78), and Gold (79). Micro clusters of many other metallic elements in this same part of the periodic table have also been discovered. As long as these elements are not locked into a lattice, their characteristics behave quite differently than the same atoms that are locked. In other words, it is the grouping of atoms which define their qualities rather than just the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus as previously assumed. If these atoms are not locked into a network or grouping of material, their properties are no longer metallic even though having identical atoms!

Monoatomic particles are an entirely new phase of matter hidden throughout the universe.

They remained unknown for such a long time right under the noses of scientists without detection until very recently. This is because they are impossible to detect by any normal analytical techniques. Such a form of material would simply be a scientific curiosity if it were not for the fact that Hudson claims massive amounts of this substance exists throughout the earth’s crust and that their properties are so mysterious in some ways and amazingly beneficial in others.

In order to find monoatomic particles, one has to first convert them back to their normal metallic state to make it possible for them to be detected with conventional methods. This rather serious limitation to the way these particles can be detected explains why so much of the earth’s matter exists in a previously undiscovered form. No conventional detection techniques involving the interaction with their valence electrons can be used to find monoatomic elements. As long as the valence electrons remain unavailable, the atoms remain unidentifiable and the only way to begin to identify this stealth material is know what you are looking for in the first place.

We now understand that the monatomic form of an element exhibits physical characteristics and other peculiarities which are entirely different from its metallic form.

According to classical literature, one of these curious properties is that the white powder exhibits a fluorescence, another is its behavior as a superconductor at human body temperature, causing it to “ride” on the earth’s magnetic field, giving it the powers of levitation. Because the weight of these monoatomic elements vary widely with the magnetic field of the environment and the temperature, it is impossible to measure their actual gravity. Under some influences, monoatomic material weighs less than zero! Another truly amazing aspect is how much benefit and other interesting effects some users experience after ingesting some of these elements, especially the monatomic (monoatomic) gold powder also known as white powder gold and gold ormus.

The original website, articles, videos and illustrations are located here: Monatomics.

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