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Alternative healing assistance with depression and anxiety is available right here.

(Updated: Oct. 18, 2014 – Dec. 15, 2023) My information comes from a life-time experience of horrific and psychologically oppressive and devastating panic attacks, agoraphobia, social phobia, anxiety disorder, depression, fatigue, and vertigo.

My approach is unique in that it actually addresses the most common underlying cause of this most terrible illness. Many other awful physical problems often ride along with depression and anxiety. For example: digestive issues, food sensitivities, rashes, vertigo, fatigue, confusion, memory loss, irritability, heart-palpitations, high blood pressure, and light-headedness are commonly associated symptoms.

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All of the above can be serious symptoms requiring emergency medical care.

One needs to make sure there is nothing more serious going on in the body. Multiple symptoms can be a real bitch of a maze to figure out. Don’t get lost! A functional medicine doctor can really help track down the actual causes in this regard. This page is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and assistance.

To begin with, snacking on processed food between meals is the absolute single worse thing one can do. Instead one needs to internally cleanse one’s digestive system with electrolyte water between every whole, 100% natural, complete meal. Also, include probiotics with every meal.

Careful monitoring of any substance that enters one’s body is the most vital key to mental and physical health! People snack on a wide variety of physiologically corrosive commercial food all the time! Most of this junk is a catastrophic nutritional nightmare, not only destructive to one’s health but also the environment!

Consider what factory farms, GMO crops, pesticides, herbicides, palm oil, etc. are doing to speed up the 6th mass extinction! Unsustainable farming gradually erodes away all the soils while depleting its minerals, mycelium, and natural bacteria. Vast areas of invaluable rainforest are being burned down to clear space to produce this horrible junk food!

Incorrect eating may explain why various countries and governments often lurch on the brink of war, financial collapse, and moral breakdown.

Poor nutrition and addictions are why there is an uncontrolled epidemic of bad behavior, poor judgement, sadness, conflict, distress, and unhappiness in current world events. Most people don’t see the connection. Crazy and uncontrolled processed (junk) food consumption is the most extensive psychological and physiological health disaster of all time! It leads to all manner of other addictions, drugs, crimes, violence, guns, greed, homelessness, etc. too! If one’s nutrition is not adequate, it becomes much harder to control one’s own aggressive impulses. This results in criminal behavior, addictions and a serious lack of ability to make the right decisions. Emotions can quickly override better judgement and spin radically out of control!

We know that what one eats and how one eats plays a massive role in depression and anxiety.

One’s outlook can start to improve after removing all soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk, sugared food, junk food, fried food, commercial oils, processed cheeses, breads, dried fruit, candy, and refined carbohydrates from the diet. Instead of snacking, one would be better off fasting on electrolyte water. Add organic whole foods, superfoods and supplements to every meal. These may include: vitamin C, green super food powders, adaptogenic herbs, complete liquid full-spectrum vitamin/mineral and liquid fulvic trace mineral formulas, fresh organic pasture-raised eggs, nut and seed butters, grass-fed ghee, raw juicy fruit, raw sauerkraut, probiotic rich kefir, and apple cider vinegar.

Instead of snacking on processed food and carbs, start fasting on electrolyte mineral water.

Distilled water is also wonderful to use depending on one’s present internal mineral-electrolyte balance. Drink only water for as long as comfortable between meals. Why is water-fasting so important to fight depression and anxiety? Because it helps the immune system to reset itself, it flushes toxins out from previous meals, gives time to properly flush out the kidneys, and improves digestion, regularity and absorption. The best time to drink loads of water is first thing in the morning. I always heat up 1.5 liters of distilled water every morning and add electrolytes to it as needed. If I ever feel too light-headed from drinking the distilled water, I then add electrolytes calcium, chlorine, potassium and sodium.

Avoid all commonly available commercial vegetable oils: they are toxic!

When one does eat, consume mainly fresh fruit and vegetable juices, herbal, mineral and vitamin formulas, super food formulas, healthy complete proteins, plenty of whole food fats (organic avocado, coconut, nut butters, fish oils, etc.), and raw whole, organic food instead. It is very important to include plenty of organic, whole food fats in the diet, yet always avoid commonly available commercial vegetable oils.

They are dangerous, because they make anxiety and depression worse! They are high in peroxide radicals and other toxic oil-processing byproducts that can damage brain and nerve cells in various ways! They cause all manner of neurodegenerative diseases and cancers! Even worse are fried oils! Always avoid the terrible but common practice of frying foods in oil! I still can’t get over the fact that people even fry their foods in that poison as if it were not bad enough to consume such oils in the first place!

Why remain stuck in depression and anxiety caused by crazy eating habits?

You now know enough to simply change your way of consumption, and possibly begin to alleviate your depression and anxiety. Furthermore, one can enjoy much greater natural control of anxiety and depression when combining healthy eating with herbal natural remedies. One might also include a full-spectrum colloidal mineral liquid formula to add to the electrolytes. Other supplements that might reduce depression and anxiety can include 4000 IU vitamin D, B-complex, adaptogenic herbs such as turmeric, ginger root, ashwaganda, rhodiola rosa, epimedium, maca, saw palmetto, pygeum, nettle, damiana, sarsaparilla, avena sativa, bacopa, and licorice; and various cognitive enhancing substances like l-pyroglutamic acid and dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE).

Any of the above supplements or similar substances especially if they have tremendous antioxidant power can be of considerable help. It is possible to carefully manage depression, anxiety and even agoraphobia without drugs. However, health problems such as depression and anxiety, usually have an underlying cause. This could be food sensitivity and inflammation of the brain.

Any kind of inflammation often involves an immune system malfunction or reaction to certain commonly eaten foods. This effect of a confused immune system often starts out as a leaky gut syndrome. This is a common condition. Parts of the intestinal lining fail as a protective barrier to the blood stream. This breaching occurs because the microbiome was damaged, infested, or deficient. Undigested proteins then sneak through to confuse the immune system! This is why I also include many probiotic supplements and gut-healthy foods in my diet. These probiotic foods include plenty of sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar. Also kefir can be use if milk sensitivity is not an issue. Bone broths and the amino acid glutamine also help to regenerate and protect the gut lining.

Anxiety can also have a variety of causes, some being quite complex and interwoven with other causes.

But overall, regardless of the cause, it rarely does not help to improve one’s eating habits, nutritional intake and the quality of the diet. In my case, the depression and anxiety seemed to at least partly be caused by food sensitivities and toxins along with an imbalance of the wrong microbes. This imbalance can be corrected using at least two or more broad-spectrum probiotic supplements. One also needs plenty of water-soluble fibers (prebiotics) to help them thrive in the gut. Gut health and therefore immune health very much depend on both prebiotics and probiotics. Although many water soluble fibers are already naturally abundant in a healthy fruit and vegetable diet, supplementing with a generous assortment of prebiotics should also be considered.

One might need to seek out a competent holistic physician and/or naturopathic doctor.

Like I’ve emphasized near the beginning of this article, one needs to rule out as many other possible causes of depression and anxiety as possible. Some possible causes can be potentially lethal if they are not properly diagnosed in time. For example, there are many toxic substances lurking in our environment. They can lurk in our own garage, bathrooms, and kitchens! It is possible, especially children to ingest something without realizing it’s poisonous! Something similar happened to me back in 2015. I consumed something I should not have which drastically reduced the variety of my intestinal microflora! It threw my health way off balance and it took years to fully recover! Drug side-effects and any interactions can also be to blame. Watch out for heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, additives, etc. lurking in certain kinds of food, even spices.

Additionally, be sure to find the right natural remedies that actually heal.

By responsibly using gentle herbal remedies instead of toxic chemical drugs, many horrible side-effects can be avoided. Many toxic reactions often follow the consumption of pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, correct eating and gentle herbal therapy can be extremely beneficial. Let’s destroy all the myths and confusion regarding how to properly address the root cause of anxiety and depression.

Of course I am not a physician, and I therefore cannot legally diagnose and treat your illness. However, I can provide dietary information for your education. This information would of course need to be approved by your physician, dietician, or other health practitioner. This information could enable your body to heal itself. It is derived from a whole life-time of research and first-hand experience with utterly devastating panic attacks, depression, fatigue, social phobia, anxiety disorder and agoraphobia. If you somehow were able to find and benefit from this natural healing information rather than at first being clobbered by an arsenal of toxic medications, you are really quite lucky.

Depression and anxiety disorder create many utterly unfair and devastating consequences.

Depression and anxiety’s often humiliating mental discomforts and distresses usually result in many other complications. They can lead to loneliness, despair, social isolation, inferiority complex, agoraphobia, insomnia, panic attacks, vertigo, fatigue, overeating, underrating, alcohol and/or drug dependency, poor physical health, poor concentration and memory, low productivity and suicidal tendencies. I am assuming that you or someone you know has suffered for years not only from the symptoms of this debilitating illness itself, but also from all the domino-effects resulting from it. In other words, all that “fallout” from the already terrible anxiety-depression “bomb”.

Depression and anxiety can also lead to agoraphobia

The anxiety disorder (or neurosis) and depression that I suffered from throughout my childhood and especially teenage years gradually created an additional burden (starting at age 27) for me to contend with: agoraphobia! Severe agoraphobia ruined my adult life! During my youth, I developed a deep interest in science, especially astronomy. However, gripping fears of the vastness and hostile nature of the universe often ambushed me. Overwhelmed so much by the immense cold, vastness of existence, I was often absolutely wishing I had never been born or even existed. This condition started in my late 20’s and lasted for the next thirty years. I used the knowledge I am sharing with you to reduce it down to manageble levels and even find wholeness.

I started to avoid driving too far from home, and became more and more housebound.

The older I grew, the more I hated the outside world because it seemed far too hostile, overcrowded and unfriendly to me. On top of all that, I became a “basket case” of a huge number of extremely annoying “sub clinical” symptoms all mis-diagnosed as “hypochondria” or “all in my head!” For example, my heart would often, especially while resting or trying to relax, skip beats and then would go off in a random series of rapid palpitations. Fortunately these episodes lasted only a few seconds each. But it still was enough to cause some panic. I would quite naturally fear I was dying from heart failure. I traced my heart symptoms to a leaky gut syndrome. Those symptoms resolved as soon as my gut properly healed.

Severe acne, poor appetite, and digestion also distressed me a lot.

I appeared way too skinny for a young man, and suffered various other physical humiliations. Even to this day I am still wondering what exactly the heck was it that hit me so cruelly. I endured fear, loneliness, depression, a sense of alienation and deprivation of genuine love. It was too much for me to handle! Such an overly sensitive person as myself felt life to be incredibly unfair and unjust. My life seemed like a long, drawn out “Chinese” torture of the soul. It felt rather like a crucifixion in extremely slow motion or an eternity in hell. I often tried to figure out “easy” ways to end my life, but could not get the courage to do so. Even the mere thought of dying and death scared the hell out of me!

To heal my life, I had to search for answers, new approaches and new healing remedies in all directions.

For years and years I spent what little money I had researching diets, religions, philosophies, psychology, biochemistry, etc. I badly needed answers right away! My self-aware existence and its relationship to the universe terrified me. Years of research yielded many answers! I therefore created a website which is the result of several decades of study. It covers many subjects in the field of spiritual and emotional healing for your enjoyment, benefit and understanding.

I still need your support running this site. Please help any way you can.

For more information on anxiety, get a copy of my revised eBook shown below. All my eBooks can be found here. Also see my other website: Anxiety – Natural Remedies. Please consider providing a donation to help keep this website available for others who also need this information. Please share this page with others by linking to it from your blogs, posts, etc.

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My latest (July 2023, 4th Edition) eBook will cover in morbid detail my own hellish experiences with anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, and severe depression. It will delve into the root causes of anxiety and depression which are usually nutritional. Therefore, I detail the healthy, natural, nutritional healing therapies that seem to work best. I provide a careful, life-long dietary management system that saved my life. It seemed to be most effective in helping me to survive through this mess and in certain ways to eventually fully recover.

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This text pays special attention to the most logical alternative therapies that roots out the cause.

I consequently came up with a careful, life-long advanced nutritional healing, probiotic, prebiotic and water-fasting anxiety management system. It seemed be most effective in helping one to cope with depression and anxiety and in certain ways to eventually fully recover.

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Learn how to alleviate severe depression, terrifying anxiety and really frustrating chronic fatigue. This book also links to the most recently updated diet regimen. it is the most effective and practical system yet to undermine the real physical causes of anxiety, depression and fatigue. Avoid free-radical toxins, unfriendly gut bacteria, incorrect eating of too much carbs and sugars. Instead consume whole foods and essential fats, oils, and protein. Avoid eating and/or snacking too much, too often. Instead, drink plenty of water between meals. Subjects to be covered in this ebook will include:


Chapter 1 – How My Life Was Ruined

Chapter 2 – What is It Like to Be Depressed?

Chapter 3 – What is It Like to Be Agoraphobic?

Chapter 4 – What Is it Like to Have Anxiety Disorder?

Chapter 5 – How I Managed With Life-Long Social Anxiety

Chapter 6 – How I Struggled With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chapter 7 – How I Coped With Death, Grief and Anxiety

Chapter 8 – How to Overcome Fear of Death

Chapter 9 – How to Overcome the Phobia of Dying

Chapter 10 – Vast Amounts of Evidence Conveys a Beautiful Afterlife

Chapter 11 – What Is It like to Experience Kundalini Problems?

Chapter 12 – Anxiety and Depression – Medication, Herbs or Meditation?

Chapter 13 – How to Cope with Financial Anxiety

Chapter 14 – How I Remedied Anxiety, Fatigue and Depression w/o Drugs

Chapter 15 – What You Eat Can Cause Great Suffering Or Great Health

Chapter 16 – Incorrect Eating is the Greatest Cause of Suffering Ever

Chapter 17 – A Healthy and Diverse Inner Ecosystem is Essential

Chapter 18 – Channel Your Sexual Energy for Greater Joy and Pleasure

Epilog – We Live in an Entire World of Worry and Stress!

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