What am I Trying to Do? Prana, Cosmic Energy for Psychological and Emotional Healing

I dedicate my life to finding God or wholeness through the absorption of vital energy into my body. I intend to infuse my physical body with as much prana or vital energy of well-being as possible as soon as possible. What is prana? Go here to more fully understand exactly what prana is.

What is Romeo without Juliet? There would be no story, at least no meaning to the story without the equally important and opposite characters of love. Love has no meaning nor can it even exist without the Lover AND the Beloved. How can there be a positive terminal on a battery without a negative one? There cannot be any current, any energy whatsoever, not even an existence without the two opposite forces essential for creating the wholeness of existence which is God.

How can there be any sort of emotional fulfillment without some sort of union with that which is desired or loved? In yoga, true fulfillment is created when the union of the opposite Shiva and the Shakti principles of life (vitality) within the spinal cord is fully released into each other’s “arms”. It also seems that one’s spirit must somehow be infused with a massive amount of the right kind of vibrational energy (bioplasmic shakti) in order for such an all-fulfilling union to take place. Until that union takes place, there is only temporary happiness at best and lots of suffering and confusion.

It seems imperative that massive amounts of healing pranic energy or bioplasmic energy be present in order to find true wholeness. What I am trying to do is find wholeness through the fine tuning of diet and lifestyle. I try to seek out every day what really creates the most vitality and bliss in my body. The most cleansing, most natural, most nourishing foods and highest levels of antioxidants seem to create this vital effect the most. There is also an entire lifestyle that I am trying to find that creates the most prana (lightness and vitality) in the body.

Because of so many distractions and so many frustrating materialistic obstacles, obligations, etc, trying to do this most essential and very elusive thing has been extremely difficult. Yet, it is THE GOAL OF LIFE. One could have everything the world can offer, but without wholeness, there is no real permanent happiness, only continued existence without any sort of guarantee that life will continue to be tolerable.

Finding God is the perfect marriage of all desire and that which is desired. It is the profoundest joy imaginable times a billion. There is no possible or greater joy than to be in union with the Beloved One. Apparently, in order to have and enjoy this most precious Gift of Life, it is essential to not only develop the capacity to contain a huge flood of prana or life force energy, it also must be provided from some source.

I am very interested in trying to find a reliable source for this vitality or prana. Although there are many places in nature that provide prana, I have yet to find an inexpensive and reliable way of concentrating this force either in my home, office or backyard.

I am doing research in finding ways to concentrate prana into the body so that the spirit trapped inside the body is no longer trapped inside it, but can come and go freely like a bird inside an opened cage. There has to be an answer to this fundamental problem of being or feeling so stuck. It may seem strange the thought of being trapped inside one’s own body, stuck in the prison (or hell) of he five physical senses, but that is what the human condition or predicament is. I am more than anxious to find a simple way out of physical limitation, and attain liberation, ultimate freedom, and love in a glorious spiritual universe.

Life is a guessing game of what the truth really is until there is a truly reliable way to find that truth within one’s self through meditation; but not just any kind of meditation, it MUST the kind of meditation that is somehow being infused with enough prana or life force energy to allow the soul to go free. When the body is filled with enough prana, all it’s highly disrupting physical needs, thoughts, desires, etc. no longer dominate. That means thirst, hunger, lust, need for love, and even the need to breathe reduces in proportion to the amount of the all-sustaining current of prana present in the body and to the extent the physical body can hold that current. There is nothing more awesome than being in that extremely beautiful, breathless, immortal state of samadhi that a few really lucky yogis get to enjoy. Why can’t we all enjoy this inner beauty?

Even though prana is everywhere, rather like water is to a fish at the bottom of the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that does not mean it is easy to find and concentrate this vitality for spiritual reasons. If that were so, everyone would all be enlightened and not trapped in maya or physical suffering. I have found various ingenious ways to concentrate more prana in my body, including the conservation of sexual fluids and transmutation, fasting, special breathing and aerobic exercises, electrical energy, etc., but I know for sure there are yet more advanced keys to be found, and learning how to achieve the breathless, pulseless state of samadhi is my next step. Freedom of spirit is certain once this all-important state of realization is established.

Achieving great fulfillment and well-being through subtle energy is a most vital and neglected area of research — How to infuse the body with more prana and achieve the breathless state? How come only a very small handful of people (mainly really advanced yogis) seem to get this far? How can I make the breathless state more easily available? Does the whole world have to remain suffering from the confusion and ignorance of painful separation from God? Can’t humanity work together to find a way out?

The main benefit of having more bioplasmic energy in the body could be an increased ability to astral project! Astral projection seems to be a real phenomenon that anyone can eventually learn how to achieve and may become the fastest way to connect with God, Spirit, heaven, and to discover the truth of our existence. It is possible to learn how to lucid dream and have out-of-body experiences through deep meditation before going to sleep at night. Going within to the finer realms of existence could be a major stepping stone in the right direction.

Sources of Prana: Some of the following sources are not as healthy as others. The more natural sources of prana should be pursued while any artificial sources should not. Various likely sources include:

1 – Living beings and vegetation such as people, animals, trees, and plants

2 – A mass or crowd of people in a choir or congregation especially when moving, dancing, singing harmoniously together in a very devotional way

3 – The sun, fire, flames, heaters, etc.

4 – Fresh air, wind, fog, rain, hail, snow, waterfalls, ocean waves

5 – Vibration from motors, electrical devices, etc.

6 – Rapid cooling when hot, rapid heating when cold

7 – TV sets, computer monitors, and other electron emitting devices

8 – Motion and friction such as the rush of air, rain, or water past any sort of vehicle, vessel, train or plane.

9 – A fully operating carpet cleaning truck, car wash or wind tunnel

10 – Any such device that converts a huge amount of mechanical energy such as an automobile engine, large washing machine, jack hammer, etc.

11 – Earthquakes, firestorms, thunderstorms, cloudbursts, hailstorms, hurricanes, twisters, or any type of major storm or natural disaster with a center of energy to it.

12 – Sunrise, sunset, planets, planetary conjunctions, phases of moon, solar prominences, supernovae, and quasars.

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“Spiritual Energy and the Pranic Principle”

Prana Exists Throughout Nature, Time and Space

Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning “life” in the context of a “life force” or “vital energy” that fills all living beings with vibrant health and all of nature with a living essence.


There seems to be a universal field of prana in our atmosphere and throughout all of space and time in the Universe. Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning “life” in the context of a “life force” or “vital energy” that fills all living beings with vibrant health and all of nature with a living essence. Prana seems to correspond with the much subtler parts of the Universe such as the spiritual realms.

Various forms or manifestations of this prana are also known as Chi, Shakti, Spirit, Holy Spirit, bioplasma, orgone energy, cosmic energy, dark energy, quantum energy, zero point, the Field, etc. depending on what one’s religious, cultural, educational and/or scientific background happens to be. There are many, many names for and aspects of this substance, just there are many names for God, and many aspects of God.

Even mainstream science has long postulated the existence of a kind of “ether” in space that must be responsible for the transmission of electromagnetic energy. Later on this “ether” was more accurately defined as some sort of multidimensional geometry of space in a vibrational state creating vast amounts of quantum energy.

Space apparently is filled by a vast amount of quantum energy known by the cosmologists as that mysterious dark energy responsible for the creation of an expanding universe. There is also another mysterious substance in cosmology called dark matter that seems to be nearly everywhere in the universe, cannot be touched, is completely invisible, and is five times more common than ordinary matter.

In addition to all this phenomena, space at much smaller ranges, seems to contain many more dimensions than just the three we are familiar with. The closer we look, rather than being just an empty vacuum, space appears more and more like a space-time fabric filled with all manner of electromagnetic energies, and a seething “soup” of quantum particles, wormholes, vibrating membranes, etc.

Knowing that space on the subatomic level is indeed vastly more complex than that which meets the physical eyes, it should be no surprise whatsoever that mystics and yogis for centuries fully understood and realized that a universally intelligent and loving Force does exist as a formless and loving Presence.

This Presence can be felt and communed with in deep meditation and through the communion with Mother Nature via trees, forests, waterfalls, rain showers, etc. Interestingly enough, plants, trees and animals tend to be saturated with this vital energy in the form of a life force and emit an aura that can be seen by clairvoyants and felt by sensitive people.

It seems every living thing in Nature, especially trees and animals, has a way of absorbing, transforming and stepping down this very high frequency energy into lower frequencies that can be more easily felt by humans.

The following series of articles is a compilation of all my notes regarding many of my own personal experiences with prana and how I understand its relationship to life and the Universe at large.

November 2012, 1st edition – subjects covered will include:

Article One (1) – What am I Trying to Do?

Article Two (2) – The Pranic Principle and Dark Energy

Article Three (3) – Orgone and Spiritual Energy in Nature

Article Four (4) – Experiments Revealing Strange Properties of Prana

Article Five (5) – Prana Foods and the Prana Diet

Article Six (6) – Bioplasmic or Orgone Energy

Article Seven (7) – Prana, Time, Cosmology and Consciousness

Article Eight (8) – Prana and Energy Healing

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