Could the “Big Bang” Actually Be a “Big Boo Boo”?

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Marcus Chown argues that as more and more ideas are “tacked on” to the original big bang theory, it’s becoming apparent that there is “a really, really big idea missing.”

While astronomers and existing scientific observations seem to support the notion of “Big Bang” origin with authoritative confidence, certain aspects of it continue to bother me or even sometimes make me feel downright uncomfortable.

Mainstream science’s interpretations of today’s observations seem to be creating a more and more elaborate and precise “Big Bang” picture of creation with everything instantly expanding from a tiny point the size of a proton, yet there still seem to be some glaring contradictions and growing problems with such a massive universe having been so infinitesimally small.

For instance, how can so many structures, elements, all the systems, creations and laws of nature, the nearly infinite amounts of space/time, and over 100 billion galaxies, etc., come out of just one, single, tiny dot less than the size of an atom? If the universe really came from an infinitesimal point and was indeed much smaller at one time than it is now, then, as mentioned earlier, wouldn’t the most distant galaxies at least start to look more magnified and appear more crowded together?

If the universe really were expanding from a smaller size, the further out in space (and therefore back in time) one looks, less and less space would be available for the largest known structures to exist in, meaning that their appearance and composition would have to change rather drastically. After studying many deep-space photographs, I have yet to see any such crowding and/or magnification or change in the composition of the overall structure near the edges of the visible universe closest to the so-called point of origin. I guess one has to be a very skilled mathematician and/or astronomer to find ways to detect something that really should be quite obvious. Well, never mind, if they sound authoritative enough, we will simply accept their word for it!

Any Slight Changes in Appearance of Distant Galaxies Compared to Nearer Galaxies May be Caused by the Red-Shift

Some astronomers say the most red-shifted galaxies tend to look less orderly in their structure than the ones seen nearer to Earth thus indicating the universe is indeed going through some form of evolution from “Big Bang” to very old spiral galaxies. Naturally, everything material in the universe is constantly being created, evolving and dissolving anyway. Like everything else such as stars and planets, galaxies are also naturally evolving over the course of their vast existence; however, in what way does the fact that galaxies are evolving prove they also must be coming out from a single point?

This fact could mean only that many galaxies may have formed near the same point in time as many other galaxies, indicating a possible “wave” of galaxy creation during a period in the universe when conditions for galactic formation was much more favorable. Some of these differences in shape and size could also be created by the red shift itself (caused by the dark energy expanding the space around galaxies, not necessarily from an explosion), forcing one to see them in a different color or spectrum of light. In other words, what was once x-ray or ultraviolet light might now be seen as visible light.

Some stars have been found to appear much older than the estimated 13.7 billion years of the universe, up to 18 billion years. Astronomers had to adjust the date of the “Big Bang” ever further back in time to compensate for these ancient stars. Is it possible that even older stars might exist, yet may not be visible because they could be hidden behind vast clouds of dust and gas and/or could be receding away from us faster than the speed of light? There may be far more that exists beyond what can actually be seen.

Light from the Early Universe Might be Greatly Distorted by the Time It Reaches Us

While trying to get information regarding the very edges of the visible universe using telescopes for any frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, how is one to distinguish the cosmic background radiation from other sources? And what sort of radiation must be coming from the countless galaxies recently discovered to exist in even the most distant and “emptiest” known reaches of space?

There must be extremely vast and extremely distant clouds of hot hydrogen and helium plasmas in every direction of space emitting much of this radiation, especially if there was a so-called “dark age” of the universe when galaxies had not yet completely formed. And what about all that radiation that must be emitting from the vast amounts of dark energy throughout the universe, black holes, Hawking radiation and other unknown and miscellaneous sources?

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the factor of time is not an absolute value throughout the universe, it is a changeable value relative to the velocity of the observer and gravitational effects on the observer and on what is being observed. How does one compensate for all the distortions of time and radiation where accumulating gravitational and other effects add up to an “Alice in Wonderland” of smoke, lenses and distorted mirrors as one tries to peer through all the vast distances of space back to the earliest times of the universe?

One must sort through all the “muck” and confusion of dark matter gravity lenses, nebulae, vast seas of cosmic particles, colossal galactic clusters, and the bizarre effects of massive black holes! There is so much out there that could play havoc with delicate red-shift measurements of light arriving from the most distant reaches of deep space, how can one be sure of their accuracy?

If the extremely ancient universe was much more compact than it is now, time may have been quite different (running much slower) due to the massive concentration of matter and energy that would have been present near the theorized beginning of the universe. Any observer viewing the event of the “Big Bang” would have to experience it far differently than from one viewing it from the distant future when time and light is much less distorted and influenced by all the overwhelming concentrations of energy and matter that had to have been present just after the singularity explosion.

So how would one correctly measure the exact age and map the exact shape of such an event with time and light being distorted the way it had to have been? The cosmic background radiation would have to be one of the most distorted sources of information ever used in science to confirm any such creation theories of the universe.

If the Universe Somehow Originated from a “Big Bang” Singularity, that Singularity would Have to Contain Infinite Amounts of Energy Packed into a Huge Number of Dimensions

It may be that the “seed” universe, if there was one, existed in an infinite number or almost infinite number of dimensions, which collapsed with the force of the “Big Bang” under its own weight. The chances of such an extraordinary particle of this sort ever being created (and by what?) are absolutely astronomical, and then the means by which it “explodes” are only highly speculative and/or theoretical.

Another problem is the immense inefficiency or loss of energy that must have happened to create such an explosion intended or needed to provide all the energy of the universe in the first place. What should be at the lowest point of entropy ends up having the highest output of entropy, because the vaster the explosion, the vaster the amount of energy used up. Something more like an ultra-super colossal, 100% natural, multi-directional particle beam accelerator would be needed for creating the effect of such an “explosion” without all the entropy–still a very unlikely scenario; what in the world or universe would or could act in that way?

Such a bizarre thing as a singularity containing all the energy of the universe would indeed be extremely, extremely unlikely, if not impossible, to exist. Nevertheless, could the original “cause” of this universe be a highly concentrated event or “spark” of quantum energy from within a higher dimensional reality where space and time had not yet “unfolded” out of a five-dimensional state or “super particle” of timeless and spaceless eternity? The only way I could imagine all the space, energy and matter in the universe packed into one single point would be to conceive of it as a “Oneness” or “God” particle of many, many dimensions that instantly and with inconceivable violence and velocity collapses or “flattens out” into the lower dimensions of time and space simply because such a theory cannot hold up under its own weight!

An object that is “solid” in four dimensions might weigh infinitely less than one that is “solid” in five dimensions, which in turn is far less heavy than one that is “solid” in six. Just a single proton “solid” in hundreds of dimensions is likely to have almost infinite weight and might (theoretically) collapse into four dimensional space-time instantly and with inconceivable force if such a particle ever existed. Matter is made of energy (E=MC2) in that it had to have been created from highly concentrated photons of light caught within a web of higher dimensions at subatomic levels.

Even though the universe may always appear to be expanding from some infinitesimal point, an actual “Big Bang” may never have happened, because the further one goes back in time, one may only find one’s self peering back into previous cycles or “waves” of creation. Ever-expanding “bubbles” of time and space may in fact be replaced by even older and larger “bubbles” of creation that existed before this one. If creation is indeed endless, which it seems to be, the “Big Bang” theory could end up being one of the biggest “boo-boos” in human history, or at least requiring great modification or adaptation to harmonize with a much vaster and far more multidimensional creation.

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