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Channeling Bashar – In the above video, the being who identifies himself as “Bashar” channeled through Darryl Anka, claims he is from a natural world (Essassani) between astral and physical matter representing a “missing link” between heaven and earth.

Image of crystals reflecting rays of sunlight. Wholeness represents your most complete and natural state of being possible. There is nothing more important than your emotional state of being and your connection with Spirit.

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“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein

Is Bashar (Channeled through Darryl Anka) in fact an actual extraterrestrial in a “first contact” with our civilization?

How can the act of channeling Bashar even be possible? Could such an entity even exist in the first place? Could Bashar just be an elaborate trick or hoax? What is so strange or odd is how quickly and precisely he is able to communicate. He can speak with unmatched humor, wit, scientific clarity, knowledge, wisdom, precision and conviction. Moreover, he projects phenomenal understanding, humor and wisdom, strange vocal ability, instant and precise knowledge on any subject.

Furthermore, some of the Atlantis history he gave has been verified from two other completely different sources. I’ll refer to these sources much later on. One is scientifically verifiable geological data, and the other is from the late British medium, Leslie Flint. This paranormal, independent, direct voice medium Leslie Flint has been tested in various ways and found to be genuine.

Additionally, Darryl Anka’s recorded sessions while channeling Bashar span over decades. By and large, Bashar consistently projected great strength of will, determination, planning and sense of purpose. His intense sincerity and honesty never faded over time.  Furthermore, his many unique qualities make it hard to just dismiss this lively personality as an elaborate hoax. It is impossible to resist his charm, wit and humor.

Bashar’s channel, Darryl Anka was born in 1951, Ottawa, Canada. He started channeling his “future self” Bashar in the late 1970s after taking various classes in meditation and channeling. Bashar claims to be a multi-dimensional being from the Sassani civilization situated on an astral planet called Essassani. He states the civilization exists over five centuries into our future. Regardless or not how genuine Bashar may actually be, the information coming through is indeed quite original, powerful, and even astonishing.

Bashar expresses as a genuine and loving being along with other “alien” personalities as well.

Furthermore, he speaks straight from the heart. Markedly, he also remembers everyone who spoke with him in the past. He acts like some sort of immense, all-knowing super-computer. In other words, he instantly, sincerely, scientifically and methodically answers any question. Furthermore, it does not matter how difficult or simple is the question by anyone who asks.

Darryl Anka seems to be channeling an intelligence so advanced it often has to break down many concepts otherwise beyond our own comprehension. He sounds as sincere as anyone can ever be and has no desire to control, interfere or indoctrinate others. One can easily find a rather extensive collection of old and some more recent “Bashar” videos on YouTube. Furthermore, there are usually more than 550 recordings. For great examples of channeling Bashar, simply look up keywords, “Bashar, Essassani, and channeling.”

The mental medium, Darryl Anka, sits in a kind of “trance” or dream state of consciousness.

As a result, he picks up and transmits the thoughts of celestial beings. Most of the time it is Bashar or someone similar or related to him. These beings sound distinctively different in voice and personality from Darryl himself. By and large, they claim to be extraterrestrial in origin, and more specifically, the Essassani civilization.

Most of the time it is “Bashar” (meaning messenger of good news) expressing in an animated and convincing manner. He covers a wide range of subjects related to principles of reality, philosophy of living, law of attraction, etc. He speaks with a rather startling scientific precision unusual for any “New Age” channeling of this kind.

The mind of Bashar (and his companions) are like computers in how they organize their ideas.

They communicate their thoughts and answer questions from individuals in the audience with great humor, assurance and the confidence of total authority. Their timing is precise and these beings take full charge of the audience! When the session is finished, Darryl’s awareness comes back to his body with little or no memory of what transpired. Bashar’s often humorous personality reminds me of Robin Williams’ fictional character, the extraterrestrial “Mork” on 94 episodes of “Mork and Mindy” from 1978-1982.

There used to be available online an hour-long News for the Soul radio interview with Darryl Anka and Bashar and hosted by Nicole Marie Whitney. That interview occurred over ten years ago. However it may still be available somewhere in Nicole Whitney’s radio interview archives. In that interview Bashar demonstrated phenomenal, otherworldly mental and vocal powers impossible for an ordinary human being! Furthermore, scientists could not explain how this stretching of pitch and tonality is humanly possible. Additionally, scientists discovered an unusually high amount of “connectivity” in Darryl’s brain.

Bashar speaks with unprecedented precision on consciousness, creation and reality.

At beginning of one of his old YouTube video recordings, Bashar described his solar system with breathtaking clarity and detail. Additionally, he covered many other fascinating subjects often conversing with many members of the audience. Unfortunately I can no longer link to them. Many of these have long since been taken down and replaced by others. Copyright issues have made it even harder for me to find and link to any of these examples.

Please visit Bashar’s website for more information about Bashar and information regarding times and locations of the latest demonstrations given by Darryl Anka while channeling Bashar.

More information, illustrations and movies related to the above article can be found here: Revelations of Bashar

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This eBook points to much evidence indicating that there are many civilizations existing on countless astral and semi-astral worlds throughout time and space.

Furthermore, some of their space-craft are actually entering the Earth’s atmosphere and are trying to synchronize with our dimension of reality. The extraterrestrials are extremely concerned with our civilization so often being on the brink of catastrophe either through nuclear war, global warming, or ecological destruction.

While channeling Bashar, much fascinating information about his world came through.

Even though most space-faring civilizations are separated by light-years and centuries of time, they can communicate with each other telempathically (or telepathically and empathetically) and can visit one another across vast distances and times via semi-astral or astral space-craft which are not confined to the laws of physics that ordinary physical space-craft would have to endure. The physical laws of nature impose severe restrictions on the inhabitants of the physical universe.

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