Did the Entire Universe Really Begin From a Singularity?

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The discovery of gravitational waves in the CMB is no longer considered valid because galactic dust in the Milky Way creates its own polarization and could have interfered with the results of this research finding.

The “Big Bang” theory should still be questioned. Even though I prefer the “Steady State” theory of creation which seems intuitively correct and quite beautiful, it may not be.

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The influences of quantum physics, plasma, magnetism and electricity which are billions of times stronger than gravity have been glossed over by conventional cosmologists. Another problem is the sheer size of some of the structures formed by layer upon layer of galactic super-clusters which some cosmologists, at the speed these structures are moving, said would require 60 or 70 billions of years to form–far too long for a universe that began only 13.7 billion years ago. How can such a massive, infinitely complex and ancient universe as ours originate in a single, infinitesimal point around 13.7 billion years ago? Then what must have caused this impossibly massive explosion in the first place? God? What would cause a timeless void to instantly unfold a rapidly expanding four-dimensional sphere of time and space starting as an infinite burst of energy from a single point? How sure can we really be of this idea?

How Many Times Did Humanity’s Concept of the Universe Change Since the Beginning of History?

While being aware of my own mental limitations and at the same time the vastness and infinite complexity and strangeness of all reality and nature, the absolute truth of cosmological etiology can never be fully reached as the human mind is far too limited to comprehend it! This fact is historically proven in that from age to age man’s concept of the universe and of its size keeps changing dramatically. In the dark ages, the earth was conceived as flat, and all the stars, planets, sun and moon revolved around “terra firma” inhabited by (chauvinistic) men as being at the center and highest point of all creation.

Only a hundred years ago near the beginning of the twentieth century the entire universe was thought to be just one galaxy many thousands of light years across. The latest estimate is now at 156 billion light years in an expanding space filled with hundreds of billions of galaxies! And what will scientist’s conceptions be like a hundred years from now when hopefully telescopes many times larger and more sensitive than the Hubble have been launched into space? Something tells me, yes the universe is indeed growing rapidly, but probably only the latest scientific conception of it! How far will they have to expand the Big Bang theory to accommodate all the new galaxies, quasars, vast new expanses of space, exotic dark matter (and possibly parallel) universes, etc., yet to be found?

Are Galaxies Growing Hundreds of Times Larger to Get the Size They Are Today?

After researching how profoundly influential zero point energy (dark energy) is to the existence of time, space, matter and energy, a “Big Bang” explanation of how an expanding universe was created seems quite superfluous. Extremely distant galaxies of all sorts are being discovered by the Orbiting Hubble telescope in every area of space at the very edges of the visible universe. A growing problem I have noticed is that either the galaxies must be shrinking back to hundreds of times smaller than they are now or that space has not yet contracted at the distance beyond 12 billion light years, which would have to indicate there could not (at least yet at that huge distance) have been a “Big Bang” unless all the galaxies were really tiny in those days. So how did the galaxies “grow up” to the sizes they are today? I don’t see any of the profound magnification effect to be expected coming from galaxies where the size of the universe would be considered to be much smaller, nor any obvious sign of overcrowding to be expected if they all existed in a much denser universe. Isn’t -455 Degrees Fahrenheit too Cold for Something that was Billions of Degrees Fahrenheit?

Regarding zero point energy’s absolutely uniform and universal electromagnetic presence throughout all space and time, can’t at least some of the cosmic background radiation be attributed to that source explaining how it could be so smooth? The average cosmic background radiation temperature of 2.725 degrees Kelvin (-455 degrees Fahrenheit) seems way too cold for something that was billions of degrees Fahrenheit (even though it is assumed to be hidden behind a stage of the universe that was opaque), and many times colder than the “Big Bang” theorists originally predicted.

One of the actual temperatures predicted by George Gamow, for instance, was 50 degrees Kelvin, while all the “Steady State” theorists, interestingly enough, predicted a much closer (to reality) range of 2 to 3 degrees Kelvin. So how can the “Big Bang” be so cold? Is it because we are moving away from it so fast the Doppler effect removes all the heat?

Why not simply explain the cosmic expansion of galactic clusters as being caused by the anti-gravitational effects of zero point energy causing an expansion of space which many cosmologists are saying is actually causing not only expansion but an actual acceleration effect? And finally why not give zero point energy the actual cause of the lightest elements in the universe?

Because there is so much zero point energy throughout infinite amounts of space and time, and because it is so random (capable of any sort of action) why is it not possible for it to create an occasional virtual particle without a pair (an asymmetric particle creation) that can accumulate along with many, many other particles to create even more complex forms of matter such as deuterium, hydrogen, helium and maybe even some lithium plasmas until they are abundant enough to produce new galaxies?

Since there is no shortage of zero point energy and its infinite range of and almost infinite concentrations of energy, I don’t know why this energy is not thought sufficient enough to explain how the universe is created, how it is sustained and how it evolves?

Assuming that the entire universe started with a “Big Bang” anyway, what initiated it? The thing I find really strange is how scientists insist it creates its own space to expand into, saying there is no space or time whatsoever outside of it. Therefore what absolutely colossal force must have started it, if there be absolutely nothing outside of it? I can’t help but think of all kinds of funny reasons how creation was started! Maybe it was a terrible accident caused by aliens experimenting with some super collision atom smasher that set up an infinitely massive quantum energy cascade reaction billions of years ago?

Some string theorists proposed the idea it was caused by a clash of massive, rather irregular shaped inter-dimensional membranes which would most likely create several “Big Bangs” not just one. A massive problem with that theory is where did the membranes get their momentum from? Or was it God? After all did not the Vatican back in the early 1930s rejoice at Edwin Hubble’s demonstration of an expanding universe supporting the religious idea that God instigated it with a terrific “Big Bang” creation? Is the “Big Bang” a religious hoax?

Cosmology from the Perspective of Consciousness

I guarantee you will see the universe in a way you’ve never seen it before! This unusual perspective in alternative cosmology came from a compilation of writings based on thirty-seven years of deep contemplation on the nature of reality starting in 1975 yet updated to match today’s most advanced astronomical observations and latest cosmological research. The enclosed chapters contain my deepest insights on creation including a compendium of compatible alternative cosmological concepts regarding the formation of the universe and the creation of reality. Most scientific thinking today still revolves around the idea that reality is structured independent of our awareness and that all thoughts, feelings and consciousness are strictly artifacts of the human brain from withing the five physical senses of the physical body. However, as long as one assumes that all “external” reality is a completely and utterly separate reality from one’s innermost consciousness, one could never hope to even begin to solve a vast assortment of life’s deepest and most profound mysteries.

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