What is It like to have Kundalini Problems?

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The word kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “coiled up” which comes from kundalin or circular, coiled like a ring or kundala and defined as the life force residing at the base of the spine which, when aroused can rise or extend up the central passage of the spine through six energy centers or chakras until the crown chakra at the top of the head is reached.

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The word “Kundalini” when used in the contex of a universal feminine principle or Goddess, is often capitalized. Thus, “Kundalini Ma” is this feminine life force principle residing in all beings as the creative or sexual energy. She interacts very intimately with prana, orgone or bioplasmic energy. I know this is true because I can often sense Kundalini energy being stimulated by pranic energy (free-flowing life-force current) from natural sources such as open spaces, rain forests and large waterfalls.

The kundalini is more of an abstract principle rather than some solid, scientifically quantifiable or measurable energy. However, this fact is quickly changing as more and more sensitive instruments and medical devices are being developed to make medical diagnoses just from the body’s surrounding energy fields. Therefore, there definitely seems to be some sort of energy principle residing in the body that seems best described as a form of electric metabolic energy which seems to have its origin in subtle natural forces and ultimately, subtle cosmic forces. All living beings are subtley connected with each other and with the rest of nature and the universe by this one great pranic principle. Mystics wrote about this energy for thousands of years.

Kundalini is therefore a vital, nourishing energy with all sorts of benefits and cannot be separated from the organism any more than the sap can be entirely removed from the tree. There is so much false information and superstition about Kundalini that it is impossible to separate fact from fiction regarding this topic. However, when or if one is having trouble with this majestic energy it is not so much the energy itself that is at fault, but rather one’s oversensitivity to it that is at fault.

One becomes oversensitive to pranic or kundalini energy either through inherent metabolic imbalances such as pyroluria, porphyria, or histadelia, or by various other causes such as drug abuse, poor nutrition, exhastion, stress or by some other pathology.

Even though anxiety problems, agoraphobia, panic attacks, and feeling crazy or insane may often be blamed on and/or totally confused with the idea it is the Kundalini awakening process that is causing all these unpleasant effects, it is acutally the biochemical imbalances of the nerves and body itself that is the real cause.

We are the “body electric”: not only is the human body filled with the circulation of blood, oxygen, nutrients, and metabolic activity, it is also an electrically controlled, pranic, shakti, or Chi energy battery. However, the basis or foundation of most errant kundalini activity can be traced to extremes or imbalances in diet, electrolytes, lifestyle, way of thinking, etc. Often being too much of an expert in one small area, no one authority on the subject ever seems to have all the answers, however using the “wholeness” lifestyle, including drinking plenty of Negatively ionized (or alkalized) water, eating an excellent diet of wholesome, raw foods, and adding superfoods and some of the antioxidants and herbs I have listed (especially those for the nerves and memory), most of the negative aspects of kundalini awakening can be reduced or avoided and replaced with positive spiritual benefits of awakening.

Because the kundalini energy ties in very closely with the sexual energy, conservation of the sexual energy can be most beneficial for the expression of the kundalini which is also the Great Transmuter. Sexual activity with loss of sexual fluid could lead to depression and/or depletion while making kundalini energy rather tiresome, burning, or unpleasant in various different ways. Retention of semen or sexual fluid, along with a good arsenal of life-enhancing superfoods (such as chlorella, spiralina and bee pollen) and many powerful antioxidants, are an essential part of what’s needed to give the kundalini it’s more beneficial, enjoyable, relaxing and blissful effects. If one fully rechannels and conserves sexual urges with the transmuting aspect of the kundalini and with the help of the herbs and antioxidants listed on this page: Super Foods, Antioxidants, it can become a beautiful experience in every moment of life, most especially during meditation with loving devotion to the “lord of your heart.”

Strangely enough, I have found most libido enhancing (aphrodesiac) herbs such as ashwaganda, rhodiola rosa, and epimedium very useful for depression, nervous problems and tend to increase both sexual energy and sexual transmutaion. According to many gurus, life-long conservation of sexual energy (ojas) and selfless service to others is the best way to balance Kundalini and eventually find liberation.

So, what is it like to have kundalini problems? I just remembered that this is the title of this article and wrote nearly all of if without fully answering this question. I must say immediately that for those who have never experienced the kundalini in its more spiritual aspects, it is like being filled to overflowing with massive amounts of space, bliss and consciousness. It feels like one is dissolving into a “nothingness” or like being a salt doll trying to swim an ocean. One’s self seems to constantly threaten extinction into a much greater Cosmic Self or Ocean of consciousness. This sounds like the kundalini when it is rising all the way up to the top of the head or crown chackra. However, there are so many aspects to awakening, it is impossible to always be able to pin it down to any particular level of awakening or enlightenment.

The more negative effects (kudanlini complications) that I have experienced include a terrifying feeling of losing complete control and then getting “splattered” throughout the very limits of the universe! I would suffer an awful agoraphobic fear and dread of expanding without end and losing my identity into some unknown vastness from which I could never return. This sort of thing has never actually happened to anyone as far as I know, and consciousness always seems to have a way of ajusting itself back into equilibrium.

Other people with kundalini problems have reported overheating of parts of spinal column and limbs, excess sweating, along with excess tingling, inner visions of energy patterns when eyes are closed, and feeling very disoriented when trying to travel anywhere. There is an excess of metabolic/nervous energy flowing throughout body creating great discomfort along with an overwhelming fear of losing control especially while one trys to concentrate in any way. One may feel he or she is going insane and will try to get psychriatric help. I am certain that there nearly always in some sort of biochemical imbalance involved caused by either drug abuse, suboptimal dieting, electrolite imbalances, and/or an impure lifestyle.

Spectacular visions of the inner vastness of one’s true, unbounded nature can be quite terrifying (terror of the threshold) when brain metabolsm is not properly balanced. However, the true nature of Self of God which although is already infinite and formless is also with form, quite beautiful, personal and loving. Consciousness is dynamic and wants to change and transform into its vast potential before coming back to rest. It is, I would say in constant flux, and at the same time gradually evolving into higher levels of selfless love, joy and purpose.

The immature ego, of course, whenever faced with the need for consciousness to evolve or make ecstatic sojourns into vaster, unknown territories of self and then God-realization, tends to react with fear and trepidation. There is what is known as the “terror of the threshold” until the ego grows accustomed enough to handle its awesome flights into the vast, unknown glories of God and heaven. Then the ego is transformed into a “divinized” ego which is never completely lost or dissolved away, only transformed into light.

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