How to Cope with Financial Anxiety

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Certainly in the world, the way it is designed, there is no ongoing free lunch or dinner or anything like that. A child may wonder why work?

Why not simply go to a place that hands out $20 dollar bills by the dozen? Of course, extreme inflation would quickly take over if we were all simply handed out money instead of having to work for it. However, the raw materials are, in a sense provided for free, but it often remains hidden in the ground or up in a tree somewhere. Most of the time there are enough raw materials provided by Mother Earth for most people everywhere to use to create or grow whatever is needed, however, the extraction of minerals and the harvesting of crops is still a huge commitment of time and labor even if done mechanically.

We are dependent on each other in a vast system or economy where each and every one of us in our own way must provide some service of some kind or find it very difficult or impossible to make ends meet. We are born into a world that has little or no room for non-productive people, therefore those who ever find themselves in a situation where either work is too hard to find or have too limited an ability to be productive are naturally going to be subject to great hardship and be at the mercy of government hand-outs and/or others’ wit and whim.

However, it is naturally impossible for life to go on if everyone in the world simply sat down and stopped working at their profession or occupation. In a similar manner, if the heart stopped working or the lungs stopped working the organism must stop functioning too, being completely dependent on the circulation and breath.

So how does one overcome financial anxiety in the face of such overwhelming facts of life? One of the first things one must realize it that all things, no matter how real or solid they may appear to be, and all situations (events), no matter how serious are all made up of trillions of atoms which in turn are made of energy or trapped radiation manifesting as particles in a grand quantum matrix of thought.

The great Indian yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda (1893-1952) said that modern day physicists are discovering that the entire universe is turning out to be more and more like a great thought rather than the great mechanism it was once assumed to be. Quantum physicists in the 21st century have found out that consciousness, thought and matter are all the same.

This concept could mean that the entire economic system is a manifestation of Divine Law entirely dependent on the universial guiding principle of logic (cause and effect) in action. Consciousness, thought and mathematical logic is definitely at the basis of everything and the whole human being is no exception. Even the most subtle energy of thought is quite powerful and very profound, because thought is the very blueprint of everything, and much of thought lies beyond the four dimensions of space-time energy as potential action (events) guided, created and supported by a timeless five-dimensional matrix.

When any motion approaches the speed of light, space starts to behave more like silly putty; it actually starts to become brittle when hit against with any vibration or force approaching the speed of light, yet it appears to act more like a liquid at just under the speed of light, and, of course, space is space at normal speeds. If anything moves or vibrates at velocities approaching the speed of light, then even space will resist just enough for some radiation and/or heat to occur, and in the most extreme cases, the actual creation of material particles.

What do the above facts regarding space say about the true nature of space and matter? It means that if enough concentrated energy or force is applied to space it becomes light, and at even higher levels of concentrated energy, matter! Matter is really just a form of altered space! Space that “vibrates” itself into higher dimensions (5th and 6th) to be exact. Every molecule is just a matrix of thought because everything 5th or 6th dimensional is in a sense, pure thought–not “brain” thought but cosmic thought on the level of universal mind. By the way, there also seems to be a universal awareness or consciousness that corresponds with seven and higher dimensions.

Everything inside space-time (having only 4 dimensions) is strictly cause and effect and is only one time line within billions of possible other time lines or histories. Universal mind is the “data base” in five and six dimensions of all the endless possibilities and possible laws of behavior respectively that potentially exist. Assuming that the brain, mind, and universal mind are all connected (and quantum physicists, yogis and metaphysicists are saying this is true), whatever thoughts one might think the most is going to attract into the actual reality of space-time (having only four dimensions) from an endless “library” of possibilities (potential events – existing in 5 dimensions), and laws of behavior (belief systems – existing in 6 dimensions). Does this make sense, or am I sounding a little too far-fetched?

Because of its obvious 5 dimensional nature, begin to realize just how powerful thought is, and one can see how important it is to not give energy to or dwell on or resist that which is called poverty or anything upleasant, but rather dwell on the desired result(s) which will help Universal Mind to manifest a better world for all of us collectively and individually. We need to focus our minds on having everything working together, everything working more efficiently and realizing just how much goodness, love and unlimited wealth there is in the human spirit. One can therefore much more likely thrive in perfect harmony with the facts of life rather than be washing up against them.

Like the “silly putty” slow-motion liquid analogy for the nature of space, whenever the mind and emotions resist, fear, or dwell upon undesired results, it is opening up around itself a field of negative possibilities that could attract negative events. When we open our minds and hearts to an attitude of non-resistence, joy, love and mental creation of every good and constructive possiblity, then we open up ourselves to much more desired outcomes. Hard and seemingly hopeless situations just melt away like silly putty because we are no longer resisting it or causing it to be hard by pushing against it so violently.

Because we are surrounded by many more dimensions than just the three we are most familiar with, the actual nature of the universe is naturally going to turn out to be far stranger than what we are used to within the bounds of ordinary space-time (3 and 4 dimensional) logic; and there may be as many as ten dimensions, five of which are entirely beyond our familiar world of sequential logic, cause and effect. There are higher dimensions of probablity, possibility, natural law, super consciousness, and cosmic consciousness that appear to be an extension of a timeless “something” deep within and beyond the subconscious mind and even more exciting, under its control, which in turn appears to be under the influence of habitual feeling and thinking!

By visualizing and dwelling on all the ways and means that one can more effectively and effortlessly provide service to others, the more likely that will happen and the more likely one can eventually enjoy much greater spare time and much more wealth and peace of mind.

There are various ways to feel more financially secure and therefore increase the chances of attracting more abundance. The Secret has been broadcasted all over the internet and available as a DVD for quite some time now and there are many excellent methods outlined in that movie to help people feel more secure and in alignment with what they want rather than what they don’t want. They claim it’s an absolute, inescapable law of physics like gravity or eletromagnetism that constantly and absolutely works every time without fail and is not at all like some far-fetched “hocus pocus” theory. The authors of The Secret talk quite plainly (matter-of-fact) about a universal law of attraction that we are using all the time whether we know it or not to attract either desirable or undesirable events into our lives mainly by our habitual thoughts and actions. Thoughts and actions based on love and other good feelings will tend to attract like situations. Thoughts and actions based on feelings of fear and coveteousness will tend to attract negative situations.

Understandibly, I know there are many sceptics out there not likely to believe in this law of attraction phenomenon at all, and will insist that all external events go on regardless of whatever thoughts or feelings exist inside the corporeal mind. This is the “separation theory” stating that the mind and observer inside us is entirely separate from the outside or “objective” world. Everything within the scope and range of normal experience will tend to support this commonly held belief system because it is mainly true. After all there is no doubt about the influence of human behavior on the environment, and any change in attitude will no doubt create behavioral changes. Therefore, most will agree that a positive change in attitude will create positive behavioral changes that may be enough to explain in many situations how this law of attraction might operate. However, as pertaining to my discussion earlier regarding the effects of higher dimensions, there seem to be much higher truths, deeper forces and realities at work also.

According to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, whatever determines the events that lie before us, is in a constant state of dynamic uncertainty. Billions and billions of potential possibilities are constantly going into and out of alignment with our reality from a universal quantum field outside of space and time. Yogis and mystics have said for thousands of years that there is a universal energy field (or Supreme Consciousness) intimately connected with the human mind. The mind, when properly tuned in with a feeling of universal unconditional love, radiates a peace and harmony that seems to attract like-minded people and events of a similar nature. Without consciousness no reality can ever be known or observed, so who’s to say that consciousness could not also be creating reality?

There is a book out called The Field ( affiliate link) by Lynne MaTaggart that goes into great detail about various experiments using random event generators (REG computers). These “REG machines” are highly sensitive to quantum changes in what is known as the Zero Point Field. She discovers that the mind of the human being has an energy field that is intimately connected to all life and the universe through means that are outside all space and time (in dimensions higher than the 4th). I am not at all affiliated with Lynne’s work, but found it extremely helpful to convey to you that there is far more to life and the power of human consciousness than what we experience on the surface!

Would it make more sense to go on feeling financially anxious as an “orphan” separated from god and the universe or to concentrate on oneness with all love, joy, prosperity, wealth happiness? In any event, wouldn’t it be far more sensible focus solution rather than problem fill one’s mind what is desired dwell undesirable possibilities? We are creating time! For more inspiring thoughts on this subject, please visit The Law of Abundance section of my website.

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