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In one of Darryl Anka’s videos, one can hear Bashar speak with absolute conviction as he states and explains the third law, “what you put out is what you get back” and how obvious this law is because “there is nothing else, there is nowhere for it to go, there is no outside, there is only a here and now.”

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To illustrate this law he uses the life-review during a near-death experience or after one dies as an example that we are all one consciousness and how essential it is to treat all our other “selves” in the strangers, friends, and family we meet along the path of life with all the utmost kindness, respect and love we can give. Even the Bible contains at least one statement in perfect harmony with the laws of quantum physics and universal consciousness: “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)

Universal truths such as the Golden Rule have always been present throughout all the main religions. Bashar states, “If you create a vibration, who else is there to experience the result of that vibration?” There is only you, which exists in all others around you. The idea of space-time and separation from others drops away after one passes over into spirit and/or sees beyond the illusory confines of space-time or what yogis would call “maya” or “delusion.” One hears no doubt whatsoever in his voice.

Bashar and his companions consider the inhabitants of our world to be the “masters of limitation!” Because we are living under very constrained conditions of both physical and mental limitations, we have developed extraordinary coping mechanisms to master or handle so many of the limitations we find ourselves in. Bashar states that the greatest cultural shock to our society will be when it finally realizes that all that seems to be “too good to be true” is in fact true. Having endured so much darkness, he says we have tremendous potential to “snap back” further into the light than any other culture.

Bashar’s teachings on the “law of attraction” and related subjects are the most powerful, clear and extraordinary I have ever encountered. His knowledge comes to us from his multidimensional viewpoint, which to him is quite obvious and free of the confusion which so often plagues us “three-dimensional” beings. Bashar is here to help guide this world out of the darkness of limiting beliefs into a reality of spiritual light, love, abundance and universal peace and to prepare us for contact with other, much more advanced civilizations than our own. In no way does this article encompass the entirety of his teachings. There is much more to them than what I describe here.

Explanations for the UFO phenomenon have been given to us several decades ago from the unique perspective of spirit through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint via ectoplasmic voice box which creates actual human voices coming from the vicinity or energy field of the medium. If all this information sounds strange–well, that’s because it is indeed very, very strange and unusual! Yet not one scientist could ever disprove this bizarre effect or phenomenon of Leslie Flint’s direct voice through ectoplasm. Also the evidence of these voices is overwhelming: hundreds of recordings of genuine conversations (some up to an hour long) are now available to listen to over the internet proving the realities of the spiritual dimension.

For example, the late Stephen Ward (who in the realms of the afterlife was led to Leslie Flint by Leslie Flint’s spirit guide Dr. Charles Marshall) spoke with Rosie Creet (a British lady who often sat in many of Leslie Flint’s seances) in 1967 on the subject of UFO’s and life on other planets and spheres of a higher vibration not visible from our world. Rosie Creet interviewed the late osteopath Dr. Stephen Ward (1912-1963) through the independent direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint on the 26 of October, 1967.

This interview with the paranormal voice of the late Dr. Stephen Ward is available to listen to on the Leslie Flint Educational Trust website. This conversation does not start out right away and then his old style British voice can be barely heard at first. Other spirits besides Dr. Stephen Ward have also come through Leslie Flint’s seances speaking on the subject of ufology, but I believe the spirit of Dr. Stephen Ward has, thanks to his genuine and personal interest on the subject, provided one of the best recorded discussions of this nature on the subject ever.

The spirit of Stephen Ward stated back in 1967 that these spacecraft come from higher spheres occupied by superior beings, and some are planets much larger than our own. They come in peace, eager to help the people of Earth. Unfortunately, it is man’s density, and general lack of wisdom, compassion, and open-minded spirituality that prevents an all-out contact, or public landing (on the White House lawn for instance) right away.

Regarding an all out-in-the-open public “first contact,” Bashar explains why it is necessary to proceed slowly. Bashar himself once humorously asked if you would land in the middle of an insane asylum where all the inmates are armed? Sadly, so many populated places on Earth are like that. A complete change in consciousness is needed before actual constructive physical contact can be publicly made between the governments of Earth and extraterrestrial civilizations such as Bashar’s civilization.

So why don’t they contact us by radio? The same reason why spirits from the other side don’t use that method, even though some may have claimed this effect to have occurred in the form of I. T. C. or instrumental transcommunication.

Because these extraterrestrials are coming from a different level of vibrational frequency than matter they find it vastly more convenient to use telepathy as their means of communication with each other and through mediums such as Darryl Anka rather than through radios which are generally not capable of picking up telepathic signals.

So why not land in a remote area away from civilization? Numerous sightings of such landings have occurred for generations and many contactees have written about them. Even the famous astronaut Gordon Cooper had witnessed one of these landings at Edwards Air Force Base in the late 1950’s. Not all reports may be genuine and the rare few that had been actual contacts were never taken seriously enough by most people and were usually flatly denied by mainstream science and government authorities. Fortunately this disbelief and nonacceptance by mainstream, science, media, government, etc., is starting to dissolve.

One more major obstacle to contact remains, and that is whenever the conditions are ripe for a physical contact to occur, a strange thing happens: because the rate of the spacecraft and crew’s vibration is often of a higher vibration from that of life on Earth, anyone being approached by or trying to get close to one of these vehicles (especially if from a world like Essassani) often gets overwhelmed by intense spiritual energy. It is rather like trying to plug in a 12 volt light bulb into a 120 volt power source! The reaction is often extreme terror as all kinds of previously hidden emotions are awakened within one’s self and the potential contacts, or individual(s) need to keep a very large distance until he or she or they can get ready to handle such an intense infusion of spiritual energy.

For many or most people on Earth, it will take quite a while to get used to this energy, and in the same manner as a decompression chamber, one is to be gradually exposed more and more to this energy until one has fully adapted to it. Other than having to follow these precautions, it really is a very pleasant energy, one of tremendous bliss and love. Some of the more spiritually inclined and pure minded “Earth” people are much more likely to adapt and to be much more peacefully accepting of such an encounter. However, it is important not to touch the external surface of a recently landed spacecraft because they are usually very, very hot having traveled at such high speeds.

Entities like Bashar are eager to contact Earth at first to give warnings to humanity regarding some of the dangerous things we are doing to the atmosphere, oceans, forests, etc., that could permanently affect everyone’s health and well-being. They also feel they could be a great help and benefit to a suffering humanity and wish to help in any way they can. The spacecraft visiting Earth are very real, not just illusions or imagined. These vehicles are inhabited by non-physical or semi-physical people with extraordinary intelligence and spiritual knowledge and they go to a lot of trouble to remain temporarily “materialized” or visible on the Earth plane long enough so that contacts, sightings and photographs can be made.

On one of the YouTube videos, A Brazilian realtor related his encounters with “5 dimensional” human-like alien beings at a higher vibrational rate and originating from a local star cluster (Pleiades) who are trying to warn the world of an extreme climate change (drought) which will take place very soon. Also they said there will be an overall energetic change in the world as a whole and tried various light, vibrational and sound experiments with this man while trying to increase his own vibrational rate and visual ability to perceive a golden light. They sounded like human entities with a man’s and women’s voice who identified themselves as two couples.

Entities or souls from different spheres have been trying to get in touch with our world for centuries. There is life of a very high order, far more evolved than we are on countless worlds throughout the universe. The conditions of Earth are very limiting and it is these physical limitations that have helped to keep humankind in the darkness on and off for eons and eons of time. Additionally, humans throughout history have also been their own worst enemy constantly preventing one another from creating a global utopian society based on love and universal enlightenment. A whole universe of worlds exist and most are of a higher or finer vibration different from the vibration rate of Earth and are in many ways more real, substantial, solid, expansive–much more progressed than our world.

I would like to relate the UFO phenomenon to what often happens on any plane (vibration) of existence, planet or world of the afterlife. Higher beings from a higher vibrational world would often come down to visit those of a lower vibration to assist, guide, entertain (with drama, comedy, singing and/or music) and support those in need. Many of the souls who spoke in the seances of Leslie Flint often visited residents living in spheres lower than theirs or were often in turn visited by superior beings from higher worlds in order to teach, help and inspire them as well. In a similar way Bashar is doing the same for us, here on Earth through the medium, Darryl Anka and through actual physical contacts in the not too distant future (sometime after 2015).

The spirit of Stephen Ward stated back in 1967 that these visitations from other worlds are benevolent and are for a very definite purpose. It is not done in fear, not haphazard and only for the benefit of all. Leslie Flint’s boyish sounding control “Mickey” who often can be heard coming through at the end of the recordings to conclude the seances, stated that this phenomenon is definitely happening and that Stephen Ward has developed a special interest (in the afterlife) on this subject. Spirits in the afterlife can study (literally read books on the subject in astral archives) any subject they wish and ufology just happened to be one of Stephen Ward’s favorite subjects in the spirit world at that time. He may have even viewed the akashic records, met some of these beings personally and gone with guides who may have actually traveled to other planets via astral travel.

We have covered in great detail new ground as a result of combining two completely different sources of information that remarkably confirm each other: souls speaking through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint and the channeled messages from Bashar of Essassani. It seems that we not only have plenty of evidence that UFO’s exist, it is highly likely they are entering into our atmosphere from the higher spheres of reality consisting of the dark matter in our universe and from parallel dimensions “next door” to our own.

More information, illustrations and movies related to the above article can be found here: Revelations of Bashar

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