Bashar, Leslie Flint and Atlantis

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When asked as to what Bashar looks like, he states that most of their race (men and women) on Essassani (Place of Living Light) are nearly five feet tall, has white skin, look Tibetan or Oriental with large brown eyes, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Image of crystals reflecting rays of sunlight. Wholeness represents your most complete and natural state of being possible. There is nothing more important than your emotional state of being and your connection with Spirit.

The beings from Essassani have a sort of “collective” or “hive” mentality. In other words, they enjoy a beautiful oneness or harmony with others on such a level that all in their world are family, none are strangers or outcasts. When asked what he wears, his description is identical to the clothing described in the Travis Walton encounter.

When Bashar is asked what he eats, he says he had learned to live on a universal form of energy or prana even though many still do eat food in his world but it is more of a choice than a requirement. Again this ability to eat yet not starve when one doesn’t is typical of etheric beings like Bashar (etherians) living in semi-physical semi-astral worlds. It sounds like Bashar has very few things to worry about if food is no longer essential!

Many of the souls (communicators) who spoke at the Leslie Flint seances seemed to be able to eat if they felt hungry and soon learned that it was not necessary to eat. Only those souls living on the lowest planes of existence still seemed quite fond of cultivating, preparing food, and eating it long after they had passed over and felt hungry if they did not. The ethereal worlds are just as real, solid, and natural, if not more so, than the physical.

There is also documented, startling evidence of how a meteor impact ended the existence of Atlantis. Toward the end of a YouTube recording, Bashar: Accelerating ET Contact Workshop 24) given by Bashar, he explains how Atlantis was plagued by warring factions and finally destroyed nearly 13,000 years ago by an asteroid.

A completely different source (“Lucillius” — one of Dr. Marshall’s past lives) came through the direct voice medium Leslie Flint on August 27, 1962, seance also explains how Atlantis was plagued by warring factions and finally destroyed by an asteroid of nearly 13,000 years ago. A scientific article by Steven M. Stanley, (University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, July 26, 2007) now confirms the impact.

Steven M. Stanley communicated a very interesting scientific article Evidence for an Extraterrestrial Impact 12,900 Years Ago on a major catastrophic cosmic event that took place 12,900 years ago: I would have to say it was an extremely significant and globally catastrophic event causing the extinction of a vast number of animal species including many mammals and a vast segment of the human population. What was considered the history of that ancient age was lost and forgotten. History had to “start” all over again. This catastrophic natural disaster may have been the cause of the flooding and sinking of the continent of Atlantis and the reason recorded history only goes back to 10,000 BC.

To illustrate this point I would like to mention that a “past life” of the spirit of Dr. Marshall (Lucillus) came through during an August 27, 1962 seance held by the great British spiritualist medium Leslie Flint (1911-1994) to provide a remarkable description of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, the laws of karmic justice, and Atlantis’ destruction by (among other things as well) a ball of fire in the sky over 12,000 years ago. Lucillius (Dr. Marshall) gave a fascinating and long discussion of ancient Atlantis at the Leslie Flint Educational Trust website.

In 1962, I am quite sure that no scientist knew anything about any such meteor impact around that time in prehistory. Lucullus also stated that the few Atlantians who survived later became the Incas. Toward the end of one of Bashar’s videos, Bashar not only confirms the age, location, and nature of this impact, but he also states that before Atlantis was destroyed by this impact it was plagued by warring factions just as Lucillus had stated in the seance many years ago.

We now have on this page three completely separate sources of information each giving the same period in time and location of the destruction of Atlantis. In other words, Bashar and Leslie Flint confirm each other while the July 26, 2007 science article also states the same time and place of the meteor impact supporting what both Bashar and Lucillus (Dr. Marshall) said had happened at that time. This fact not only lends great credibility to both Lucillus and Bashar but also to the existence of that great and ancient civilization called Atlantis.

Mainstream science and most academic institutions are still not yet ready to accept the existence of Atlantis, the reality of channeling, or even the presence of extraterrestrial entities within our atmosphere. These subjects remain too far on the edge of science to be taken seriously, however someday, everyone will have to, one way or another, come face-to-face with this phenomena. The evidence that I have uncovered and/or presented here is overwhelming.

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“Channeling and Mediumship of Bashar, Leslie Flint and Xavier”

Leslie Flint and Bashar Confirm Each Other Regarding Extraterrestrial Visitors

We will learn just how amazing and far-ranging the scope of channeled messages and those from Spirit can actually be.


This recently revised material (with additional pages) is a compilation of some fascinating information about Bashar, his world and the higher vibrational nature of his existence as an extraterrestrial from Essassani, and how some of his information regarding today’s UFO sightings and the destruction of Atlantis compares with similar information provided many years ago from spirits during a séance with Leslie Flint.

This book points to much evidence indicating that there are many civilizations existing on countless astral and semi-astral worlds throughout time and space and that some of their space-craft are actually entering the Earth’s atmosphere and are trying to synchronize with our dimension of reality. The extraterrestrials are extremely concerned with our civilization so often being on the brink of catastrophe either through nuclear war, global warming, or ecological destruction.

Even though most space-faring civilizations are separated by light-years and centuries of time, they can communicate with each other telempathically (or telepathically and empathetically) and can visit one another across vast distances and times via semi-astral or astral space-craft which are not confined to the laws of physics that ordinary physical space-craft would have to endure. The physical laws of nature impose severe restrictions on the inhabitants of the physical universe.

We will learn just how amazing and far-ranging the scope of channeled messages and those from Spirit can actually be. First I will discuss thoughts, consciousness, the patterns of nature, and how having a greater understanding of this natural phenomena might help one to communicate with entities from the other side. It would be extremely valuable to understand how thoughts can be directly transmuted into audible sounds. It would then become possible for spirits to communicate like we do with cell phones, telephones and radios!

Subjects to be covered in this ebook will include:

Article One (1) – Afterlife Communication Theory

Article Two (2) – The Astonishing Revelations of Bashar

Article Three (3) – The Philosophy and Teachings of Bashar

Article Four (4) – Exact Same Explanations of the UFO Phenomenon from Two Completely Separate Sources

Article Five (5) – Leslie Flint and Bashar Confirm Each Other Regarding Extraterrestrial Visitors

Article Six (6) – The Great Spectrum of Reality

Article Seven (7) – The Simultaneity of Time in the Higher Dimensions

Article Eight (8) – Bashar, Abductions, and the Travis Walton Case

Article Nine (9) – How Atlantis Ended with the Impact of a Comet 12,900 Years Ago

Article Ten (10) – Francisco Candido (or Chico) Xavier

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