Bashar on Inter-Dimensional Travel and the Abductions

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One of most bizarre claims that Bashar made is that he comes to our world from a time line three centuries into the future and claims to be the future “self” of Darryl Anka.

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If one ever read any of Robert Monroe’s books on astral projection such as Journeys out of the Body and Ultimate Journey there are many descriptions of Monroe’s meetings with his future self or oversoul on his long search for his “missing Basic” which is union with his whole self or oversoul free from all the limitations of physical desires and living. His future self came back to help him find wholeness.

However, since there are so many parallel dimensions, it has to be much more likely one of his many “parallel” or “probable” future selves that came back to visit him otherwise the Grandfather Paradox would, immediately prevent this event from occurring, because as soon as a time traveler goes back into or interferes in any way with his own past, he instantly creates a new series of events requiring a new or different time line outside the one he came from.

If Bashar really is coming from the future, he would have to be creating a new time line for himself in our world where he is now channeling through Darryl Anka and guiding others through this channel in our dimension. And we ourselves may have helped to create this event by being supportive and open to such a high level of awareness as the “Bashar” personality. So why is Bashar coming from the future and not from the present? It all seems incredible, especially when claiming among so many other things to have also come from the future.

Bashar states that he has traveled back to our time in order to help create the first out-in-the-open public contact and convergence between our civilization and his occur as soon as is comfortably possible. If this is true, we could not be living in a more exciting time. It seems in order for Bashar and his companions to travel through light-years of space at speeds many times faster than light he would also have to travel inter-dimensionally as well: one would have to travel outside of or beyond space and time into a timeless realm in higher dimensions of “quantum space” and therefore would then be able to travel back to any when or to any time in history within a blink of an eye.

If astral travelers and master yogis can do the same thing, then why not also an astral or semi-physical spacecraft such as the triangular spacecraft that Bashar is said to dwell inside and travel in? Their “quasi-physical” black triangular space craft have often been seen in many places throughout the Earth today. These UFO’s often appear to have advanced cloaking technology, materializing literally out of nowhere. When they do show up, they sometimes appear semi-transparent, indicating a possible “vibrational” difference same way and reason a ghost would appear translucent.

If all this information seems a little far-fetched, don’t doubt too much. If one looks carefully at the Travis Walton abduction case, it seemed to all intents and purposes that Travis actually had been taken into some sort of environment resembling what one would expect to see several centuries into the future! One may say that was an extraterrestrial encounter simply with beings from another solar system. Well, yes, Travis Walton encountered three aliens (which did not seem to be human hybrids but rather the grays themselves: there are many varieties), but he also encountered three futuristic humans (two males and one female all with very long hair) in closely fitted shiny blue jumper suits who looked extremely healthy and in perfect shape, along with space craft, vehicles and advanced navigational technology of amazing efficiency and perfection.

It looked exactly as if the humans were in a cohort with the aliens rather like John Sheridan and Dylan on Babylon 5! Interestingly, Bashar’s vision of a future 300 years from now of humans working closely with aliens as part of some kind of universal “Federation of Worlds” closely parallels Travis Walton’s experience. I wish to thank Travis Walton for the vital information he has added to the subject of ufology. How does Bashar explain most of the abductions (he called them “temporary detainments”) that have occurred for much of the last century and this one, and reported by hundreds of helpless and terrified witnesses?

Are human’s reproductive systems really being used by alien grays to create a hybrid race? Bashar not only confirms they are real, even more shocking to some of us, he is one of their creations! He claims he and everyone in his civilization are the hybrid offspring of humans and the grays and explains that through countless generations and eons of time the “alien” gray species lost their ability to reproduce.

The world of the grays is located in a universe parallel to our own, and in their quest for a means to recreate a viable race who will continue reproducing their genes (which are actually not too dissimilar from human genes) they “tunneled” through neighboring or parallel “Earths” like our own planet until they reached ours which finally had individuals with the exact type of genes, evolutionary developments, etc. they needed from which to create a new race.

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