My Search for Unity (Wholeness) in Conflicts of Religion, Wealth, Sex and Spirituality – Part 2

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Can extreme opposites be combined to create awesome solutions? When too opposing forces are combined, sometimes a revolutionary solution or discovery is found. The thesis and antithesis creates the awesome synthesis. A “hybrid” of opposites will be explored in the following subject: sex verses celibacy.

Sex verses Celibacy and the Unity of Romantic Love and Brahmacharya

Here again are two very opposing concepts and ways of life that could not be more separate, more conflicting in their approaches. How many say how bad it is to repress or deny the sexual impulse? How wrong it is to “go against natural instincts” and then expect to feel wonderful, pure and holy? I think “holy” really is a rather overused version of the world “whole” which I believe was the original intention of that word. Sex indeed is a biological need deeply rooted in the psychology of the human psyche.

Throughout history can be found the massive conflicts between sensuality and lust and the need to reform, become chaste and go celibate usually for spiritual reasons. The constant pendulum swings from one extreme to the other: from the times sex is needed to procreate and/or to relieve massive urges, and then the stressful situations or times requiring abstinence to conserve one’s strength and endurance; and then there are those times when one is simply way too busy and/or tired and exhausted.

Sex is an undeniable biological need, yet to harness and master its great force can lead to immense inner power. However if the transmutation process is not complete or not done correctly it can simply lead to more conflict and profound emotional confusion. In other words, one has to either be actively engaged in sex from time to time OR actively engaged in transmutation and purity of thought, OR be actively engaged in fighting off unbearable frustration!

To be sexually drained can be spiritually devastating. Unbridled lust destroys and denudes what is spiritual, and if not in perfect health, can leave one completely depleted, tired and listless until one has rested for several days. The other extreme of complete non-sensuality without transmutation can cause much distress and inner conflict, where the mind tries to focus on some purpose or objective only to be constantly interrupted with thwarted urges and frustrating, unfulfilled desires, especially if the energy of the Holy Spirit (prana and Shakti) is not there.

Only by knitting both ways of life together with the powerful effects of correct eating or alkaline spiritual diet, deep meditation, and bioelectricity or concentrated kundalini energy (prana from nature and/or breathing exercises) at the base of the spine can one finally find real balance. Then one can find the real sexual freedom, or real sexual wholeness without the loss of essential sexual fluid and without the distressing discomfort and frustration that often hits the sexually abstinent. Not in the loss of sexual fluid, and not in the avoidance of sexual fulfillment, but in the liberation of the stream of prana and Shakti in the base of the spine through the conservation and transmutation of the absolutely vital sexual fluid is lasting fulfillment found.

How is prana liberated in the base of the spine? One needs to either meditate deep within the realms of pristine nature and/or meditate with a spiritual partner (soul mate) and/or other devotees who can provide this vital energy needed to transmute. Everyone emits an energy field or aura that can be used to heal and help each other grow spiritually and transmute sexual energy into love energy. The most lucky people on Earth are the ones who have a partner in life who is willing to take part in this most sacred process in a non-sensual yet sincerely loving and affectionate way, which involves sitting with one’s partner and meditating deeply together in spiritual communion.

It helps to keep one’s mind pure of all sexual thoughts and desires otherwise severe frustration, etc. will occur; to fast on large amounts of water for short periods once or twice a week to help increase the amount of prana, purity, vitality and ecstasy in the body; have cold showers, baths, and/or swim in cold water; and have regular exercise.

Another aspect that might help is devotional or spiritual

music that opens up the heart center into deep moods of love and inspiration. To be creative artistically and spiritually, and to get away from physical consciousness as much as possible through deep meditation and even astral projection if that option is available, would help to keep one distracted from the limiting and highly tempting tendencies of physical nature.

One knows one is transmuting when one feels a thrilling, pulsing, radiating, stream of subtle light and deeply inspiring love welling up from the base of the spine into every cell of the body. It is a sense of lightness, tranquility, calmness, and space from within every organ including the creative centers of one’s anatomy. One can then live in a constant universal non-sensual “orgasm” of love and ecstasy.

As soon as one starts to allow the indulgence of sexual thoughts, fantasies and/or sensuality, the resulting excitement(s) (adrenal rushes) escalate out of control into unsustainable levels and therefore must ultimately come to an end, requiring a long period of rest (days to months depending on one’s age, health and vitality) before such magnificent potential for ecstasy can build up again. Therefore keeping sensuality under one’s strict control is an absolute necessity and of key importance.

How strict one needs to be with self-control depends on what one wants to accomplish; a temporary thrill or series of thrills is fine, however the long-term goal of achieving a real spiritual liberation from all the physical limitations and problems of living on Earth is sure to remain illusive until one successfully and permanently sacrifices (or trades in) the lower fulfillment for the higher fulfillment.

There is nothing wrong or evil with sensuality; it just has a rather exorbitant price tag on it especially if one is not well, very old and/or depressed; or serious about experiencing the highest samadhi and finding permanent bliss. Of course any form of sensuality leads directly toward the inevitable loss of vital sexual fluid that forces itself to happen sooner or later. Extreme self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-control are vital aspects of the transmutation process. The most wise, dedicated, and serious yogis, truth seekers, and mystics constantly strive to stay away as far as possible from the often overwhelming lure of sensuality in his or her noble quest for the ultimate samadhi.

The time period varies dramatically from person to person, situation to situation, however it usually takes years of conserving and then unifying vital sexual energy with the purifying powers of kundalini, prana, and shakti for the magnificent marriage of Shakti and Shiva to take place, resulting in the ultimate sexual liberation, sexual freedom, sexual wholeness, love, ecstasy, joy, and liberation from all suffering.

Celibacy does not necessarily mean the absence of romantic love which includes hugging, kissing, and much affection. Romantic love can also be greatly enhanced by celibacy which in turn can be enhanced by the energy of love and by the auric/kundalini interaction of energy with one’s lover. I have found the “unity” of celibacy and romantic love a very interesting concept indeed!

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