Achieve Wholeness through Advanced Nutritional Diets, Daily Water Fasting and Supplements

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Have you ever yearned for a life overflowing with boundless energy, profound well-being, and a deeper connection to the universe? This transformative guide unveils a revolutionary approach to achieving just that.

Unlock Your Inner Potential with "Seven Steps to Wholeness"

Imagine Experiencing Crazy, Amazing Bliss and Unconditional Love: Discover a path toward profound emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Master Sexual Transmutation: Explore an ancient practice for channeling your energy towards personal growth. Unleash Unlimited Energy: Learn how to unlock your body's natural vitality and tap into a wellspring of sustainable power. Rejuvenate Your Cells: Discover the secrets to promoting cellular health and potentially slowing down the aging process. This groundbreaking manual goes beyond the ordinary.

Seven-7 Steps to Wholeness

Legal Disclaimer: This material is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or illness without the careful guidance or supervision of a competent physician. Any therapeutic claims made by the author are not approved by the FDA. The responsibility is entirely yours!

"Seven Steps to Wholeness" Delves Into:

A Unique Spiritual Diet: Explore a customized dietary approach to align your body and spirit. The Art of Mineral Water Fasting: Learn how strategic fasting practices can enhance your pranic nourishment, a vital energy source according to some traditions. Transmutation Techniques: Discover practices to transform your energy and unlock your full potential and experience much deeper and more fulfilling meditations. "Seven Steps to Wholeness" is unlike anything you've encountered before. This comprehensive guide empowers you to embark on a transformative journey - a journey towards a life brimming with energy, well-being, and a profound sense of connection. Are you ready to unlock the extraordinary potential that lies within you? This guide awaits, ready to be your compass on this incredible path.

Empower Your Wellbeing: A Holistic Guide to Health and Happiness

Ready to unlock a life brimming with vitality, financial security, and a sense of empowered well-being? This transformative guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to achieve just that.

Imagine: Saving Thousands on Healthcare: Discover proactive strategies to potentially minimize medical, dental, and mental health expenses. Promoting Cellular Rejuvenation: Explore the potential of diet and lifestyle practices to support your body's natural renewal processes. Investing in Yourself: This guide promises a return on investment far exceeding its cost, empowering you to take control of your health journey. Reducing Anxiety and Depression: Learn holistic approaches to address common emotional challenges and cultivate inner peace.

This comprehensive guide delves into: The Power of Preventive Care: Explore how a proactive approach to well-being can potentially reduce future healthcare needs. The Science Behind Your Diet: Learn how the Paleolithic diet, raw superfoods, and antioxidants may contribute to optimal health. The Benefits of Strategic Fasting: Discover the potential of mineral water fasting to enhance cellular health according to some traditions. Harness Your Energy: Explore practices like sexual transmutation and meditation to optimize your energy flow and cultivate a sense of well-being. The Mind-Body Connection: Learn how your thoughts and consciousness can influence your health and experiences.

Empower Your Wellbeing: "Seven Steps to Wholeness" goes beyond symptom management. It empowers you to explore the holistic connection between mind, body, and spirit through transmutation, law of attraction, deep meditation and beyond. This guide is more than just a book; it's an investment in your most valuable asset - your health. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a life brimming with vitality, spirituality, and empowered well-being?

After applying the information from just the first three steps alone (steps 1-3), you will eventually notice significant improvements in all areas of your health such as:

-- Improved dental health and rebuilding of lost enamel and rejuvenation of gums. I never need to see a dentist any more!
-- Improved bone density, and rejuvenation of cartilage, no more back pains, no more arthritis or related problems
-- Increased sense of well-being, improved memory, emotional stability and mental clarity, much less anxiety and depression
-- Perfect eye health, visual clarity, and protection from cataracts, macular degeneration, floaters, and blurred vision
-- Greater muscle strength, energy and physical stamina
-- Improved libido, self-control and very satisfying relationships
-- Vivid, blissful dreams, visualizing ability, better dream recall
-- Much better sleep and far less insomnia
-- No more obesity or weight-loss problems
-- Much more successful social and work life
-- Greater sense of purpose and self-esteem
-- Better circulation and lower blood pressure
-- No more headaches, infections, flu or colds
-- Much better and more efficient digestion and digestive health
-- Overall rejuvenation of body cells and reversal of aging
-- Much greater protection from all manner of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes

Please note: While this guide offers valuable insights, it's not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making significant changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Unveil Your Inner Power: Enter Into Significant States of Thrilling Ecstasy

Imagine experiencing profound states of well-being, deep inner peace, and a vibrant connection to the universe. This transformative journey, outlined in this guide, empowers you to unlock your full potential and create a life overflowing with joy and fulfillment.

By following a series of progressive practices, you may discover:

Thrilling Ecstasy: Cultivate a deep sense of joy and inner peace. Spiritual Realization: Gain a profound understanding of your place in the universe. Divine Love: Experience a sense of unconditional love and connection. Astral Projection: Explore the potential for expanded consciousness. The Law of Attraction: Learn how your thoughts and intentions can shape your reality. Prana Mastery: Explore the concept of prana, a vital energy source according to some traditions, and potentially reduce your dependence on physical food.

This path is more than just a theory; it's a lived experience. Yogi Shaktivirya (Russell Symonds), the guide's author, shares his personal transformation after overcoming significant challenges including anxiety, depression, and chronic health issues. Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment? This guide offers a roadmap, empowering you to create a life that transcends your limitations and embraces your full potential.

Convential Medical Therapy Alone Would Have Killed Me

My journey to well-being wasn't easy. For years, I explored various approaches, including religion, therapy, and conventional medicine. While some provided temporary relief, none yielded lasting results, or even could have led to worse consequences because certain conventional medicine side-effects can be very severe. Additionally, there are countless pit-falls to avoid that one should be aware of.

Determined to break free from this cycle, I embarked on a dedicated search for alternative solutions. This exploration led me to discover a powerful combination of practices:

Yoga and Meditation: Cultivating inner peace and mindfulness through these practices provided a foundational shift. Groundbreaking Nutritional Research: I delved into the science of food and discovered how dietary choices can significantly impact well-being. This led me to explore the Paleolithic diet and the potential benefits of alkaline mineral water fasting. Intermittent (Daily) Water Fasting: Implementing strategic periods without food allowed my body to potentially reset and rejuvenate.

The combination of these practices proved transformative. While I'm not claiming a complete cure, I've managed to significantly improve my well-being and create a life filled with greater peace, vitality, and an excellent springboard to blissful realms of higher consciousness.

This guide shares the knowledge I've gained in the hopes of empowering others on their own journeys to well-being. It's a message of hope, a testament to the potential for positive change, even after years of struggle.

I Discovered Unique, Completely Bizarre and Unheard of Ways to Recover from Impossible Problems

Through a dedicated process of experimentation and gradual progress, I uncovered a transformative approach to well-being.

This Journey Involved:

Identifying Sensitivities: I meticulously pinpointed foods that triggered negative responses, allowing me to refine my diet.

Embracing Nutrient-Dense Choices: I discovered the power of superfood powders, complete proteins, fruits, vegetables, probiotics, fibers, herbs, vitamins, and minerals in supporting well-being.

Exploring Unconventional Practices: My exploration led me to the potential benefits of intermittent water fasting and spiritual practices like transmutation.

These discoveries, combined with a commitment to a spiritual lifestyle, led me to a profound shift. I cultivated a deeper connection with Spirit, a heightened understanding of consciousness, and the ability to navigate life's challenges with greater ease.

This guide shares the knowledge I've gleaned in the hopes of empowering others to embark on their transformative journeys. It's a testament to the power of exploration, self-discovery, and the potential for attracting positive experiences into your life.

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Transformative Wisdom and Startling Revelation in Matters of Spirit Rarely Delved Into Before

Over a 160 pages of groundbreaking insights await you in this guide. This isn't just another self-help book; it's a culmination of hard-won knowledge, meticulously organized for your benefit.

If these methods worked so well for me, imagine what it could do for those with not even half my problems! Imagine experiencing the profound changes I did, even if your challenges seem less significant. The practices outlined here have the potential to empower anyone on their journey to wholeness.

Driven by a desire to share my discoveries, I've poured decades of experience into this easy-to-understand resource. Presented in a convenient Kindle ebook format, this guide offers a wealth of information, readily accessible for you to explore and implement at your own pace.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? This guide is your roadmap, packed with fascinating revelations and practical strategies to help you unlock your full potential and create a life overflowing with well-being.

Embrace a Life Brimming with Constant Well-Being

Imagine experiencing a profound shift in your well-being, a life overflowing with:

Radiant Mental Clarity: Cultivate a mind infused with peace and focus. Vibrant Physical Health: Discover practices that may support optimal physical function. Empowered Emotional Resilience: Develop the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace. Deep Spiritual Connection: Foster a sense of belonging and purpose.

This guide outlines principles that are continuously evolving, drawing on the author's experiences and insights. The core message? The potential for significant healing exists within us all.

Explore the Underlying Causes of Discomfort

This guide delves into the potential root causes of suffering, empowering you to address them at their source. While not a substitute for professional medical advice, this knowledge may offer a foundation for creating a life brimming with vitality.

Unveil the Spectrum of Well-being

Wholeness is more than just the absence of illness. It's a state of thriving that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. This guide explores what wholeness truly means, including the potential for:

Astral Projection: Explore the potential for expanded consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness: Experience a profound sense of connection with the universe (according to some traditions). God-Realization: Deepen your connection with the divine (according to some traditions).

This guide is not a promise, but a starting point. It offers a roadmap for self-discovery, empowering you to embark on a transformative journey - a journey towards a life brimming with well-being and the potential for profound experiences.

Please note: While this guide offers valuable insights, it's not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making significant changes to your lifestyle.

Unveil the Divine Feminine Aspect of God: A Journey of Love and Connection

Yearn to connect with a source of unconditional love and support? This guide explores the concept of the Divine Feminine, a nurturing and loving aspect of the divine (or Spirit) often referred to as the Goddess or Divine Mother.

Imagine Experiencing:

A Profound Sense of Connection: Feel a sense of belonging and support within the universe. Unconditional Love: Discover a wellspring of love that transcends earthly limitations. A Deeper Understanding of the Divine: Explore the concept of the Divine Feminine and its potential role in your life.

This Guide Delves Into:

The Nature of the Divine: Explore what "God" (or Spirit) truly means from a perspective that embraces the Divine Feminine. The Power of the Afterlife: Discover the potential beauty and wonder that awaits in the afterlife according to near-death-experiencers, spiritualist mediums, astral travelers, and advanced yogis. Connecting with the Divine Feminine: Learn practices that may help you cultivate a deeper connection with this nurturing aspect of the divine.

This is not a book about religion; it's a journey of self-discovery. It empowers you to explore the concept of the Divine Feminine and see if it resonates with your own spiritual path.

Open yourself to the possibility of profound love and connection. This guide is your compass, ready to guide you on this transformative exploration.

Please note: While this guide offers valuable insights, it's not a substitute for religious instruction. It's always best to consult with your own spiritual traditions for guidance.

Embark on a Journey of Limitless Potential: Transcend Many of the Limitations and Needs of the Physical Body!

The human spirit is capable of extraordinary things. This guide explores practices that may help you:

Cultivate Inner Peace: Discover tools and techniques to navigate life's challenges with greater ease. Deepen Your Spiritual Connection: Explore a path toward wholeness and a sense of belonging in the universe. Transcend Limitations (potentially): While the physical body has needs, some traditions explore the potential for expanded awareness that transcends them.

This is an ongoing exploration. As new research emerges, this guide will be continually updated, offering you access to the latest insights and practices for inner peace and spiritual growth:

Embrace the Journey of Self-Discovery

This guide is not a promise of a quick fix or a "Holy Grail." It's a roadmap for a lifelong journey of self-discovery. It delves into concepts like the "Philosopher's Stone" (a symbol of transformation in alchemy), representing the potential for profound joy, wholeness, and spiritual awakening.

On this Journey, You'll Discover:

Practices for Personal Growth: Learn techniques like meditation and potentially explore advanced practices as you progress. The Power of Transformation: Uncover your potential for profound change and a life brimming with greater well-being.

I am dedicated to your success. This guide is a culmination of my ongoing exploration, and I'm committed to sharing the most valuable insights I've discovered so far.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? This guide is your companion, offering support and inspiration as you explore the limitless potential within yourself.

Access Immensely Life-Enhancing Priceless Information for Nearly Nothing!

To me, this information is absolutely priceless because it was acquired only after over 50 years of major suffering, tremendous effort, endless reading and research of countless nutritional books, articles, websites, constant trial and error, etc. And . . .


However you can have all that information right now for a very tiny amount which cost me tens of thousands of dollars, and decades of horrible suffering, trial, and error to find out. This is so unfair for me, but extremely fair for you!

I am Making a Major Sacrifice for Your Immense Benefit

The tiny amount I am asking really is a sacrifice for me which may not even begin to cover my own time and expenses involved in researching, writing and publishing this amazing material. However, I am very altruistic and hopefully the utterly valuable knowledge in this book will somehow help this world become a much finer place to live in.

Enjoy Cell rejuvenation, Wholeness, and Spiritual Enlightenment for only $3.99*

If enough people purchase this unique and incredible material, $3.99* might barely be the minimum needed to help further my research into the all-important fields of cell rejuvenation, wholeness, and spiritual enlightenment while hopefully continuing to be able to share this priceless information with you for your immense benefit.

Free Nutrition Updates will be Available from a link within my eBook

Still not convinced? You will also be given a link to my web page (listed inside the book) where my latest diet regimen updates can be found. This list is updated almost every month or whenever I make another significant breakthrough. Again, you get everything for only one payment of $3.99*.

*$0 or no extra cost to you if you are already subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.

Free Consultation is also Available!

And if that were not enough, by email, I am also available to help with specific obstacles. I cannot provide or claim miracles and my time is limited, but I can within reasonable constraints be available to answer specific questions via the email address listed near the end of this page.

Empower Your Well-Being: Invest in Yourself

This guide offers a wealth of knowledge on the path to a life brimming with well-being. While the decision is ultimately yours, here's what you might gain by exploring its contents:

Discover Transformative Practices: Learn techniques and strategies that may empower you to experience greater peace, vitality, and a sense of purpose. Embrace Continual Growth: This guide serves as a foundation, but the journey of well-being is lifelong. There's always more to explore and discover. Become an Active Participant: By investing in this guide, you become part of a community dedicated to self-discovery and living a fulfilling life. Your investment supports ongoing research.

Your decision to explore this guide empowers me to continue delving deeper into these transformative practices. This allows me to:

Refine Existing Strategies: Through ongoing research and feedback, I can continually improve the content and ensure it offers the most up-to-date insights. Uncover New Possibilities: As the field of well-being continues to evolve, I can share the latest discoveries with you. Empower a Community: By supporting this guide, you contribute to a larger movement focused on self-discovery and living a life of purpose.

Please DON'T DELAY - get this information while you still can!

The choice is yours. This guide is a roadmap, but the journey towards well-being is uniquely yours. Are you ready to embark on this exciting exploration?

Because I cannot predict the future, I therefore have no idea how much longer this material will be available for you to benefit so greatly from. So please DON'T DELAY and get this information while you still can!

This amazing eBook is exclusively available on Kindle at and you don't necessarily have to purchase an external Kindle reader/viewer because you can download your own Kindle viewing software (free) for your type of computer operating system here from and read it from your computer.

Table of Contents:

To get a better overall picture of all that I am writing about and offering to you, please take a good look at my Table of Contents listed here:

Nothing Like This Manual Has Ever Been Written Before

Step 1 - Find the Right Foods and Eliminate All the Junk
1.1 - Start by Focusing on What Your Body Really Needs
1.2 - Eliminate all Processed Carbohydrates and Sugary Food
1.3 - The Horrors of Deadly Bread and Other Refined Carbohydrates
1.4 - The Horrors of Deadly Dairy Products
1.5 - The Cholesterol Myth
1.6 - The Weight Loss Myth

Step 2 - Start Fasting on Alkalized Mineral Water Between Meals
2.1 - Drink Plenty of Water and All 74 Minerals and Trace Elements
2.2 - Ionized Water and Minerals
2.3 - Distilled Water-Fasting
2.4 - Eat Complete, Whole, Huge Meals Detween Long Water Fasts

Step 3 - Learn the Importance of Full-Spectrum Supplements
3.1 - Why Full-Spectrum Supplements Are So Vital
3.2 - Important Notes Regarding Vitamin D and Sunlight
3.3 - Free-Radicals and Antioxidants (Free-Radical Deactivators)
3.4 - Now Is the Time to Reveal the Entire Regimen
3.5 - Don't Expect Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 to Work if You Have Not First Fully Established Your Self in Steps 1, 2, and 3.

Step 4 - Become Aware of Vital Pranic Nourishment
4.1 - Eat Less Frequently For Longer Life and Deeper Meditations
4.2 - Increase Spiritual Awareness Using Dream Herbs and Monatomics
4.3 - Subtle Energies from Natural Sources Can Be Sensed or Felt
4.4 - Pranic Nourishment and Breatharianism

Step 5 - Conserve and Transmute Your Sexual Desires into Bliss
5.1 - Moderation of Sexual Activity Enhances Well-Being
5.2 - Learn How to Transmute!

Step 6 - Align with Your True Nature and Know You Are Eternal
6.1 - Align with Inner Love, Joy and Your Highest Excitement!
6.2 - The External Life Instantly Reflects the Internal Life!
6.3 - Realize What God Is and Put Divine Love First in Your Life!
6.4 - Know for Sure there is an Absolutely Beautiful Life After Death!
6.5 - Commune with Extraterrestrials!
6.6 - Use Sacred Circuitry to Increase Your Wealth and Psychic Powers
6.7 - Cosmology and Consciousness
6.8 - Redefine Your Life

Step 7 - Meditation, Samadhi, Astral and Cosmic Consciousness
7.1 - What You Meditate on Is Where You Go!
7.2 - Learn How to Meditate and Transcend into Samadhi
7.3 - Learn How to Meditate on Spirit
7.4 - Enjoy Cosmic Consciousness!
7.5 - Concluding Thoughts: Your Journey Home
7.6 - In Review: Some of The Most Essential Factors for Wholeness
7.7 - References
7.8 - Websites



You can e-mail me at HERE
for any questions before and after purchasing!

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Learn more about the author and his website at: Science of Wholeness

The rest of the author's books can be found at: eBooks by Shaktivirya

Legal Disclaimer: This material is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or illness without the careful guidance or supervision of a competent physician. Any therapeutic claims made by the author are not approved by the FDA. The responsibility is entirely yours!