My Search for Unity (Wholeness) in Conflicts of Religion, Wealth, Sex and Spirituality – Part 3

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Can extreme opposites be combined to create awesome solutions? When too opposing forces are combined, sometimes a revolutionary solution or discovery is found. The thesis and antithesis creates the awesome synthesis. A “hybrid” of opposites will be explored in the following subjects: creationism verses evolution, science verses religion, and atheism verses God.

Creationism verses Evolution

One of the greatest shocks in the history of humanity was the discovery of the theory of evolution. Having completely contradicted so many people’s long held religious beliefs, a massive surge in debates and arguments for and against evolution occurred with the intellectuals and scientists on one side and fundamentalist Christians on the other.

My view is that both sides are too insufficient to explain everything. Of course the idea that God created everything in 7 days is most bizarre. (Unless God had also somehow instantly created the 13.5 billion year history of the universe!) Yet billions of years of blind sequencing and mutating guided by natural selection sounds equally incredible and is very disturbing in that it tends to purge life of any meaningfulness of its existence.

Did anyone stop to consider that the answer may be a combination of both? There could also be an extraterrestrial origin or influence to evolution to further complicate matters. Humans are “star folk” in a cosmic ocean of suns who could easily have relatives and ancestors from other solar systems. I won’t get into that aspect to avoid pages of extra writing, however there is extensive evidence of higher intelligent forces influencing evolution that are extraterrestrial, metaphysical and quantum (divine).

The answer really is found by asking what life really is and by observing or taking note of the almost absolute sheer complexity of any life form, especially those that breathe, act and think on the level of the human being. There is very little else in the universe more complex than a human being, and much knowledge modern and ancient showing that life not only has physical expression and form, but also many metaphysical layers of vibrational energy, emotion, mind and consciousness not accepted or taken seriously by traditional mainstream science and traditional western religion.

I can safely say that evolution does take part in creation, however on many levels, not just physical. Yes we are constantly created, molded and guided by higher intelligences or natural guiding principles, laws both physical and metaphysical. Yet natural and sexual selection also always had and always will continue to play a huge role in the physical part of this grand developmental process. If evolution did not exist, we would all still be single points of divine energy incarnating as single cells in an oceanic broth!

The real direction of evolution is from a divine spark of simplicity to an awesomely dynamic cohesive complexity of memories and consciousness. All life forms are all related, with the chimpanzees and Sasquatch being some of the closest relatives of the human race. This fact does not necessarily mean that humans evolved from apes, but it does mean that humans share most of the same genes as the apes, and therefore shares most of the same origins as apes, and like the other species on our world, all are ultimately evolving toward higher expressions.

Today’s anthropologists now have access to vast amounts of information, yet the depth to time, mystery and complexity of the history of the human race is far, far beyond what the average person can know or imagine. When the whole truth is revealed, scientists are definitely in for some major shocks and surprises, especially when they find out that a civilization called Atlantis did in fact exist over ten thousand years ago, and it ended when a meteor struck a section of the west Atlantic.

That “New Age” cliche that “you are a child of the universe” is quite true, and philosophically all conscious beings can still be considered like everything else, children of the One God(dess) all materializing from the same source the same consciousness or quantum field of all laws and possibilities. Some of the latest scientific thinking no longer clashes with the idea of there being a loving, universal Creator. All realty is a sea of Love giving rise to endless creative expressions of that Love.

Science and Religion

Many have rejected all literal interpretations and dogmatic concepts of religion and become agnostics and atheists in the illusion dissolving light of science. Literal interpretations of religion look absurd in relation to recent scientific knowledge that has exploded exponentially. However this explosion of scientific knowledge is no reason whatsoever to reject outright the existence of God and of the afterlife, because “God” has reappeared in some very strange places of scientific research such as quantum physics and the higher dimensions of string theory. And a much more elaborate description of the afterlife is also materializing through those who have “died” and “returned” with vivid memories of a most definite existence beyond this one.

Remote viewing, extrasensory perception, and the out-of-body experience have seriously challenged traditional scientific thinking! Modern spiritualists such as Leslie Flint have also shocked traditional science with their incredible paranormal voice seance recordings, leaving the traditional scientist in a state of awe and confusion as to how in the world could such voices manifest so much vivid and clear verifiable information without a trace of any trickery.

If it were not for the past few centuries of continuous open-minded scientific research, we would still be in the Dark Ages. Without religion, there would be no moral direction. The practical advancements of science can lead to disaster if scientists are not guided by the spiritual wisdom religion is supposed to create. Imagine the havoc that “mad” scientists with no moral values could do! Without the originally intended concepts of universal love taught by many religions, we would now be living in a very sinister “New World Order” ruled by technology and fear.

Science needs to become more holistic and spiritual while religion needs to become much less dogmatic and open to new truths. The aspects of religion closest to pure spirituality would be the best aspects of religion. As soon as the finest individuals of science also include spirituality in their explorations of nature, the world will soon know the most profound explosion of liberating knowledge ever.

As soon as science puts aside its overwhelming tendency toward closed minded materialistic skepticism and seriously sets its high resolution “telescope” on the realms beyond death, we will all be in for the most incredible awakening ever. The discovery of dark matter (astral matter) in the universe is the first step in this direction, however until mainstream scientists are actually inventing ways to communicate with the residents of the higher spheres, we still have a long way to go.

Atheism and God

Knowing how science and religion can combine to form a much vaster and transcendent way of thinking and exploration of the universe, there is hope for aligning two incredibly incompatible opposites by sheer understanding of what really is in the substance of all reality as we experience it.

On the one hand are the materialistic scientists who think that the scientific method has systematically removed all traces for a need of a Supreme Being to explain all the marvels of the natural world. Yet for things to exist, there has to be some amazing intelligence behind it all, a Something beyond all understanding and comprehension that seems to underlie all things that exist.

Assuming that God is the aloof mystical being with a flowing white beard sitting on a transcendental golden throne in some distant corner of the universe above and separated from all creation is indeed preposterous. When that terrible judgement day arrives, we will all be judged, condemned and punished for our sins by this awesome figure. In that regard, it is no wonder that there are so many atheists! Science immediately dispels such a crazy idea.

However, only a certain, immature concept of God has actually been disproved by science, whereas on the other hand a marvelous, new and outstanding Being of Light has emerged in many near-death experiences who’s separation of an independent consciousness from the physical brain and body has been scientifically verified by some outstanding researchers. Nearly all who have gone through a near-death experience and even some astral travelers reported encountering something of an oversoul who exists as a conglomeration of all souls both past and present, or one who has always been with us and lovingly guiding us throughout our lifetimes and lifetimes to come.

This amazingly versatile Being of Light can appear in any form and be anyone. For many of us, She can be the Goddess or the Divine Mother. Another aspect can be the Christ, the Buddha, the Krishna, or one’s own favorite guru, and even more bizarre, one’s best friend or next door neighbor! God can be or speak through anything or anyone. When I mean that God is versatile, there is no limit to His or Her versatility! We can feel the presence of God(dess) when we pray with a sincere attitude or when we feel lonely and long for the love of someone nearest and dearest.

What does science say about God? There is an underlying field of energy that seems to encompass the entire universe. This infinitesimally subtle field of Zero Point Energy or Pranic Principle seems to uphold all the atoms in the universe and provide the very medium for all light to travel through. This One Substance that all things come from is the Great Oneness or Wholeness that has to be the Creator of all phenomenon and the Source of all reality, and therefore our spirits and our souls. Prana or this amazing Zero Point Energy or Divine Mother Creative Power saturates the whole universe with its universal love.

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