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Zynergy, Zerolight, Spiralight, Spacius, Astralight (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies) From the desert of southern Utah, comes one of the highest concentrations of natural monoatomics on the planet. One can survive quite some time on monoatomics and water alone, if lost in the desert.

Image of crystals reflecting rays of sunlight. Wholeness represents your most complete and natural state of being possible. There is nothing more important than your emotional state of being and your connection with Spirit.

Extraction and blending with the various noble metals, produces an extreme concentration of “superfood.” The conductivity which feeds the very building blocks of life, which cannot be received any other way.Of course eating metal, is poison to the body. Now, ingesting them in a monoatomic form, allows safe absorption and distribution throughout the bloodstream and brain. Their immune system boosting qualities are tremendous as well as their conscious enlightening power.

First, we use our own processes, not David Hudson’s patent and not the stock alchemical “steps” as one might find in the Emerald Tablets, nor the wet or dry methods recipes which can be found pretty much anywhere you look, although there are problems with both of those methods, that we can help you sort out or overcome, if you like.

The alchemical gold component in Zynergy and the alchemical powders are made through implosive hydrogen reactions caused by splitting deionized water (breaking the hydrogen apart from the oxygen) where the hydrogen goes very easily to its monatomic state and then seeks the only ion in the liquid as a cathode (the negative charge or spin), gold for example, converting it from ionic to m-state.

The water splitting is becoming more commonly known in “out there” science as a viable methodology to accomplish any number of technological tasks, such as Brown’s Gas.

Our water splitting is made possible by a special blend of hydroxides introduced into deionized water. What is most discussed in various articles on methods and experimentation is the use of sodium hydroxide, aluminum and water. An example is if one were to take gold in suspension and (with extreme caution) put sodium metal (negating the requirement for aluminum as a reactant) into that liquid, it will cause an explosion that begins with an implosion, experiments that we have in fact performed and created quite a fireworks display (this is very dangerous and we strongly recommend you stay away from this).

Resulting precipitates and even the liquid could then be cleaned up and used as a starting material for alchemical processes, but the cleanup process by itself would likely be both cost-prohibitive and might leach away some of the “life” of the material.

With our processes, however, the reaction from the special blend of hydroxides and ionic gold are not nearly as violent when carefully controlled by temperature, the volume of water versus the volume of hydroxides, and so on. The resulting solution is then capable of nucleating perfectly clear and most frequently hexagonal crystals. The crystals will nucleate only if the conditions are balanced and correct. In other words, crystallization, in this context, functions as its own selective filtration process, taking from the solution only what they (and we) want them to.

Fire (dryness, heat, hydrogen), water (moistness, coolness, oxygen), and elements (some transitional) with easily orbitally rearranged electrons can “inadvertently” bring about transmutation, although very frequently the practitioner has no way of determining precisely what the resulting solids are because they’ll have combined to become something that is out of the spectral domain of the constituent “ingredients.” But as we start with gold in suspension, there is no mistaking the resulting material is (or has) gold in some form or another.

The union of “fire” and “water” is the equivalent of the union of opposites, but how do you bring union to fire and water? Attempting to do that does nothing but create something new, in this case “steam.” It’s a question of semantics. The alchemical union, a kind of cross-fertilization, is what takes place via actions with hydrogen as fire and oxygen as water (yes, water is mostly oxygen). This action is what produces something that is neither of those specifically, but shares in their properties and creates the environment, or crucible in which the transmutation of elements can take place.

In the historical alchemical literature, this is at least in part what they’re referring to in the language of the time in which the information was rendered. The implosion is always necessary when one is seeking to create something new, as the creative process must always draw from the void, or “womb of creation,” but it takes an intelligence of some sort to, shall we say, place the order as to what is being drawn from the void.

Zerolight is the result of those crystals upon oxidation (the air phase of the alchemical triune, which is “air,” or nitrogen), where they become a powder that is an ingestible image of the crystals. Alchemical union is then brought about between the gold crystals and the successive transitional elements which are in a nano-particulate (super small, angstrom sized) state suspended in water. Dissolving the crystals into those alchemical waters and then allowing new crystal nucleation is in effect the “birth” of something new, with the two (or more) metals now bonded at a level where (sacred) geometric form takes place at the most fundamental level of creating anything that has spatial dimensions (or form). How those alchemical waters are made is described below.

What we have been shown is that there is an order that each of the alchemical metals are introduced as a means of raising the frequency of the material, potentiating its power, and unlocking codes within the human body for access to “hidden” powers, abilities and information specific to our times. You could also say that it “qualifies” us, in a sense, for higher levels of clearance into informational vaults held fast in higher octaves of being.

Each element builds upon and potentiates its predecessors, and this is something that some believe they have decoded from the Bible by matching a given chapter number against the atomic mass number designation in the periodic table of elements (we’re not at all certain there is any veracity to this theory other than as a means to confirm an intuition, but as it was a group of high initiate alchemists who rendered the King James version of the Bible…hey, anything’s possible). The new Astralight is the ultimate, at least to this point, of that successive combination.

You might wonder at the presence of copper in Spacius and the new Astralight. Copper is known as the workhorse mineral, by its presence making everything else work better (even in just general nutrition), and has a very grounded aspect to it, and while potentiating its predecessor, platinum, it also seems to be a kind of centrally located “hub” of communication between them all in both Spacius and the new Astralight. We feel very strongly that the copper and silver combination is what is such powerful brain food in Spacius. The test group of people would also comment that it seemed to be the catalyst behind them receiving for themselves very timely information specific to them at the right time.

The foregoing is what we’ve been shown, led to and taught. Whether you agree with it or disagree with it is immaterial: the point is that it does work and you can only find that out by proceeding through the levels, and we do strongly recommend using Spacius before Astralight, even though it’s not a requisite.

Zindium, Aquagold, Aquasilver, Rhodium, Iridium, Copper

The Zindium, Aquagold, Aquasilver, Rhodium/Iridium, and Copper are all made with an over-unity device where 200,000 volts of cool electrical current are channeled through the metal being used (as an anode), infusing deionized water with the “essence” of the noble metal in a highly charged crystalline particulate state measured in parts per million, where less than 20% of the crystalline solids are detectable by analytical methods, which means that they have “transited” out of the spectral domain of the noble metal being used. The reason we know we’re getting energy transmutation is because we are “losing” 30% to 50% less of the metal being used than there are by weight of particulate solids present in the water once finished. All are at 1000 parts per million.

The Aquagold and Aquasilver are a concentrate in pure water (nothing but hydrogen, oxygen and the crystalline form of the metal being used) and are designed to seed a gallon of purified, distilled or spring water, through which they then spread their “energy” signature and structure and charge the entire gallon. The Rhodium, Iridium and Copper are all elixirs to be used by the drop or dropper.

Alchemical Philosophy

Alchemy in the context of materials which proceed from noble metals was, is and always will be the release of stored potential energy, qualifying that energy and with one’s intent imposing a given state of being. Alchemy is not a recipe as much as it is a configuration, never has been, never will be, and even if it were, it will not work precisely the same way for any two people. It’s a chain of operations performed upon material substances that are tuned to the fantastic multiplicity of dynamics of a given environment coupled with the infusion of Spirit Intelligence. That infusion of Spirit Intelligence, or coupling, is the Divine Union, the “coitus” of King and Queen to create the Divine Child. This is the Sacred Marriage of legend and arcana.

If you wanted to create something, you wouldn’t be creating it from nothing. You would instead actually be transmuting undifferentiated energy “consciousness,” what we like to call “the thinking stuff of Creation” or “Potential,” into whatever it is that you want to create. But if you want to transmute something that already has objective being, then that object, substance, person, etc., must undergo a process of disintegration (or disaggregation), dissolution, moving towards a point of undifferentiated energy (or consciousness) – the zeropoint, and from there begins moving towards the aggregation, the congealing, the materialization of its new being.

When a pendulum is on its upswing and it reaches its highest point, there is a moment between directional motions where it comes to an absolute standstill; it’s neither swinging upward nor downward. This is an illustration of the point where all potential exists simultaneously and has neither location nor definable properties, and while it would seem to be a point of absolute stillness it is nevertheless teeming with quantum activity.

There are operations that bring about the necessary dissolution, and when the “objective” material being used (gold, platinum, etc.) reaches a state of undifferentiated consciousness, the alchemist can in effect influence what he or she wants it to be. This is way oversimplified, of course, but that is the basic idea. It’s a very suggestive state indeed because, as mentioned above, it is actually quite volatile – in other words, the objective substance is basically bouncing off the walls to become something.

The Alchemist, sometimes even unbeknownst to her- or himself, is operating on multiple levels of being where subtler energy-intelligences are brought into (Divine) union with the released potential energy. The “nearer” one is to the zero point the higher the vibration. If one is therefore infusing an objective substance with a super high frequency energy intelligence, the vessel or body into which it is being directed must also be raised to an appropriate level, thus the necessity of changing base gold metal into its much higher frequency sibling, the white powder. It’s simple mechanics, actually.

For this exact same reason the frequency of the body of the user, you, must also be raised by grades as a means of preparation for the next higher frequency alchemy, bringing one ever closer to the vibrational levels of (so-called) spirit.

The original website, articles, videos and illustrations are located here: Monatomics. The above article was reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies.

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