What Will Be The Distant Future of Yoga?

The Distant Future of Yoga     Living in Joy is Possible     What is Enlightenment?

As in the case of the inconceivably advanced spiritual giant, Mahavatar Babaji, would it be possible to transform our physical bodies into new and vastly beautiful bodies of light?

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How far will human spiritual evolution go? Will the body become suffused and eventually consumed by the inner light of the soul? There are stories from India about yogis who have actually gone this far: to the point where spirit has transformed the body into itself, thereby gaining absolute freedom on all levels. Avatars never or rarely show off this level of advancement to a misunderstanding, sceptical world. Examples: the resurrected Jesus, Siddha Agastya, and Mahavatar Babaji. What can modern humanity do to research and find newer, faster and better ways to become like an avatar or immortal being of light? What could we end up becoming eventually?

Will humanity ever transcend nature? We are presently bound by nature: we still cannot yet transcend the need to eat, sleep, reproduce, grow old and eventually die. Isn’t there a better way? Are we forever stuck in this humiliating cycle of birth, copulation and death? Is it possible that in the distant future, a fantastic new race of human beings will have emerged from the utilization of incredibly advanced knowlege and wisdom accumulated over eons of time? Can some of us today, find a way to “get there” sooner? I feel that serious research and advancement in this field is my life’s purpose.

The eternal power of the kundalini: The spiritual evolutionary process of human advancement depends on what degree the kundalini can replace the need or dependency on physical functions. Step by step, the kundalini can replace the need for sex with infinite, ongoing pleasure that rises into a glorious, everlasting love and devotion to God, which in turn illuminates the mind with an awesome sense of all-knowing omnipresence. If this process takes place faster than the cells can accomodate, mental/emotional disturbances and nerve damage can result. One must respect this energy by staying healthy through careful management of diet, supplements, sexual abstinence, and balanced lifestyle.

Eventually, as advancement in highly developed methods of yoga continues, astonishing and very desirable things can happen:

1) The kundalini energy transforms and divinizes the cells so that experience of God becomes much more real, more tangible.

2) In some cases, the kundalini can change the cellular process of metabolism so much so, that it replaces the need for physical food, enabling one to actually “live on light.” I don’t advise anyone to try this until one has been strongly guided by God, guides or guru to do so. But continuing spiritual evolution ultimately has to result in complete independence from physical nourishment.

3) The body can eventually become transformed into a more astral constituent, allowing far greater freedom of movement around the planet and experience of higher planes.

4) Many miraculous abilities and powers can manifest which are wonderful “road signs.” However, the powers, along wtih bliss, samadhis and other high states, are not the ultimate goal, but are to be surrendered to God along with all attatchments so that the most wonderful thing of all can happen:

5) The Lila: or eternal play of love with the “Lord of Your Heart.” Eventualy one becomes a “cocreator” with God, where one can share in the contuing divine process of creation. God becomes an eternal, loving, tangible partner in the form of one’s beloved partner, guru, avatar, or whatever likenss of God most loved and adored.

Go to: Samadhi and the Distant Future of Yoga for the original website, YouTube videos, and images.

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