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Living in Joy is possible with all that I am about to share with you free of any costs to you. This website is an information center dedicated to the complete mental emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment of all people everywhere.

Expand your consciousness through awesome sound and music causing a massive inter-neural integration brain synchronization transformation.

Expand your consciousness through awesome sound and music causing a massive inter-neural integration brain synchronization transformation.

The purpose of this “Yoga for Meditation” website is to inspire all to live a lifestyle of WHOLENESS (living in joy) through oneness with nature, meditation, raw food, and transmutation of basic energies and emotions into love and bliss.

I would embellish this lifestyle further with the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga which is a highly advanced yet relatively simple meditation technique and philosophy of life that one can choose to follow.

Regular fasting on ionized water, can help purify the mind and body, hopefully leading one as fast as possible to the highest levels of spiritual realization, joy and freedom. As an example, imagine doing this, but while fasting on ionized water! I am just making suggestions, however, one must research, choose and practice something to get somewhere!

The above meditation techniques, diets, fasting, and many other paths of the “Living in Joy” lifestyle are available here and, as best I know how, are covered in an objective, non-biased way. I never say one path, method, or religion is superior to another. This site is an open knowledge-sharing support center for all sincere and open-minded truth seekers longing to further advance their spiritual nature and become less dependent on materialistic needs.

Because “Science of Wholeness” is an open-minded research site, many links to other websites and related items at helpful and/or supportive of the subject of wholeness (living in joy) have been included throughout my web pages to provide you with more interesting, detailed, and relevant illustrations, information and resources. I use links to other sites (which open in a separate window) in my text to illustrate and support my own ideas and provide as much vital, timely and useful subject matter as possible. I will always try to keep you up-to-date with the latest available information, and linked to the most relevant and interesting websites, etc.

My intention is to encourage a philosophy of living in joy in which one finds great satisfaction through a lifestyle of higher wisdom, ever-increasing harmony within one’s self and with the environment. I believe it is essential to preserve all ecological systems, and to always love and respect nature!

I am looking for ways to free ourselves from the often short-sighted, stressful and materialistic way of life that leads to mass exploitation and destruction of natural resources. If too much of the world’s God-given natural beauty is lost, the quality of life for ourselves and future generations is compromised.

All cities and communities should be designed or transformed only in ways that increase one’s quality of life and ability to live in joy, otherwise, what is the reason for living in the first place, if there be no easy access to peaceful, natural beauty in our lives?

A Simple Meditation Technique

By centering one’s awareness at least once a day, while sitting upright and still in a place that is peaceful and safe, one can start to feel a joy from within. It is important to be absolutely comfortable, and fully concentrated on a symbol of God without giving any attention or energy to other thoughts and desires. This is how a cluttered mind full of conflicting motivations is unified into a wondrous sense of inspiration. Meditation can be immensely enhanced by using special audio CDs and courses. I recommend Meditation Haven, which is a gateway to personal and spiritual development featuring a wonderful series of products to bring about stress free living!

Surat Shabd Yoga

For some people, this teaching might be the most direct way to God. Learn more about it here and here. One meditates on the inner sounds, the third eye and on the inner Light of God. Get this meditation technique here. And finally, my own favorite meditation technique can be found here in Lesson #8, Part One of my free, online eBook, The Science of Wholeness.

Kriya Yoga

For a really meaningful and spiritual perspective on meditation, Kriya Yoga and religion, check out some of Paramhansa Yogananda’s books, such as Autobiography of a Yogi or the free online edition of Autobiography of a Yogi. Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda and the line of gurus he came from, is a “doorway to the Infinite” or path to God and involves a much more complex meditation technique than the ones previously mentioned so far. Learn more about Kriya Yoga here.
Kriya Yoga is a complex series of spiritual lessons leading up to an actual initiation into Kriya Yoga, and then there are several stages of Kriya Yoga.


Through understanding, loving and conserving one’s sexual energy, and through a healthy lifestyle including raw food, special herbs, antioxidants, daily exercise in a natural environment, meditation, yoga and drinking loads of negatively ionized alkaline water, one can enjoy a powerful transmutation of physical desires into bliss. Staying on a healthy, raw balanced diet is important for a safe and fulfilling kundalini awakening.

Most aspects of poor mental and/or physical health can be overcome by the careful conservation of vital sexual fluids, transmutation and expansion of sexual energy into higher centers and levels of expression, and eating mainly a diet high in complete balanced protein, raw food, raw juices, herbs, antioxidants, and plenty of minerals and trace elements, especially calcium and magnesium, while enjoying plenty of exercise! Regular water and juice fasting and meditation outside in a peaceful, natural setting can dramatically aid in the process of blissful kundalini awakening.

Why is it so desirable to raise in the first place? Why bother? What can kundalini do for you? What can be the end result? How magical is it? The kundalini is transmuted sexual energy expanding into all areas of one’s body and being. Once fully understood and with the correct nutritional support, lifestyle, etc. the raising of the kundalini is 100% safe, most desirable, most natural and most beautiful. When one is vibrant and healthy to the extent one feels immense bliss and expanding “space” or extreme lightness in every cell of the body, that effect can be considered a form of kundalini awakening.

A kundalini awakening as a natural consequence of favorable healthy conditions is a truly wonderful experience. The awakening of kundalini can eventually lead to having great powers, and even immense changes in one’s physical cells. Go here for more information regarding the possibilities of spiritual evolution through kundalini awakening and for an interesting, shockingly beautiful animated illustration.

Kundalini Complications and Consequences

There is much anxiety, misunderstanding and mystery regarding the subject of kundalini problems. For some honest clarification on anxiety, diet, kundalini complications, mental health, and importance of leading a balanced lifestyle, go here. If it is forced to awaken by drugs and/or loss of sexual fluids while not eating correctly, then real problems can occur such as severe nerve damage, burning sensations, feeling overwhelmed with too much energy, and/or sensing impending doom, going crazy and out of control. As with all things, one always needs to take as much “holistic” care of one’s health as possible. One should always stay as far away from recreational drugs as one can which are notorious for creating extreme anxiety and other terrible emotional and nervous problems. One’s health should never be neglected!

If you want to know more about the kundalini, check out these books by Gopi Krishna. Gopi Krishna writes all about his own trials, tribulations and adventures from having his own kundalini prematurely awakened!


All the great religions and their values are essential for all people everywhere to live together in peace and harmony. Religious conflicts and bigotry of any kind is completely contrary to the one Great Truth behind all religions that the Great Spirit is trying to express. The Spirit of God works through all living beings. All life forms, animals, plants, etc. are priceless gems of God’s expression and are to be given the utmost respect.

Make God(dess) the Center of Your Life!

Through prayer, sensitivity and receptivity, it becomes easier to handle stress and cope with one’s needs. By making the expression of God and all His values the central purpose of your life, and by realizing that your highest and sincerest heartfelt desires are really what God wants for you, you can start to find wholeness in your life. Make the search for higher consciousness ( your highest priority rather than painful, frustrating or conflicting desires!

Go to: Yoga for Meditation – Living in Joy! for the original website, YouTube videos, and images.

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