“The Science of the Soul” – Cynical Or Realistic?

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According to Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Jagat Singh, author of The Science of the Soul, as long as one has a human body, it is especially important to do all one can to find God before losing it.

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It is extremely important to live long enough to find God, or one would have to come back again and again until one does! Even though this information may not be entirely correct, it does bring up some worthy considerations and much wisdom on the true nature of life’s vulnerabilities.

The Science of the Soul is a rather pessimistic, even cynical outlook regarding life on earth and life after death. I think it is designed to highly motivate (terrify?) one into meditating daily on God and into being obeisant to one’s Guru or Master (and only their living Master would be qualified of course!). According to the author, one would otherwise suffer dearly for eons and eons of time in very negative states until one happens to get another human body which is, again according to the author, absolutely essential for finding God. I think fearful ideas of this nature have been promoted by many of the great religions for eons of time in order to keep the masses subservient. After all, fear is one of the strongest motivators and a favorite tool used by powerful institutions to manipulate others.

I still however would not like to take chances when facing the unknown territories of death. Even if this were just another so called “teaching” or “philosophy” why would anyone in their right mind want to take a risk? Can anyone be sure of what will happen to you when you die? Is it really good sound policy just to rely on one’s own assumptions and unproven beliefs? Can anyone be certain that all one’s after death experiences will be pleasant ones? I would much rather err on the side of caution than take my chances! According to “The Path of Sant Mat” or the teachings of “Radha Soami,” one should start by learning how to “die daily” (meditate extremely deeply) using the Surat Shabd Yoga technique described in this book.

To be honest, life on earth (and anywhere for that matter) seems to be hard for everyone. No one can completely escape suffering, no matter how hard one may try. There are no easy shortcuts from the painful lessons one must learn and the lessons one must face. My whole life has been full of emotional pain and suffering forcing me to find many, many things that could help one’s life in many ways. If it were not for all that I have learned from my suffering, anxieties and pain, I would probably never have written an online book that is free for all to read, and a spiritual website that attempts to find solutions to the most difficult issues facing humanity.

Anyway, who really is happy? Are you really happy? Even If you think you are and it is not a spiritual or “Divine” joy, but rather only a “materialistic” joy, it would have to end someday, because nothing materialistic is permanent, and you never know when it will end. Even spiritual happiness can be transient if it is not based on sound principles and sound teachings.

The Science of the Soul really expresses quite well the awful sufferings and miseries of the human condition and how futile and idiotic materialistic existence is. At the same time the author states that only humans in their physical body have the opportunity to find God or permanent escape from the wheel of birth, suffering and death. Only as humans living in the flesh have the capability to meditate in the third eye and listen to the inner sounds, therefore it behooves one to seek God as much as possible while he or she still can before it is too late; otherwise, according to this book, one is in danger of devolving down to lower species and not even getting a human body again for many, many eons. Again, at least this is what the author states. I am not saying this, just wondering how true these statements really are, and yet to be on the safe side, should probably not dismiss them carelessly. In other words, even if he could be wrong, why take the risk? I would meditate regularly anyway and do everything I can to find God before dying, rather than to be taken by surprise and be possibly subject to future incarnations because of too much worldly attachment and confusion.

There are other more open theories that we create our own reality, but how would one know for sure exactly what reality one has created for one’s self so far and will create in the

future for this world and the next? Regardless, much more research is needed, and several hours of deep, daily meditation can be the finest and simplest form of inner research ever. The answer may lie in one’s state of being which may be the ultimate source of what sort of quality of life one experiences.

Some of the mysteries and problems outlined in The Science of the Soul can be solved by studying some of the amazing near-death experiences I have written about in previous articles (see my resource information). Is it not far better to find wholeness within ourselves and even “die daily” in scientific, Master-guided meditation in the third eye on the inner sounds rather than to just continue on one’s materialistic pursuits without regard to the inevitable demise at the end of life? Who thinks one is going to live forever, anyway? Even if one somehow finds a way to live indefinitely (with all the latest research on antioxidants, diets, genes, etc. this possibility, barring injury or accidental death, could actualize soon) one would still have to endure an eternity of being stuck or limited to the confines, laws and restrictions of a physical body. Either way, one still, ultimately has to evolve (grow or transform spiritually) and transcend these restrictions!

The Science of the Soul and other books by the same author seem to be available only in certain bookshops and mainly those associated with the spiritual organization that had the book published. I cannot find it at any leading online bookstore which usually seem to carry everything. However, there are some good websites to get more information. For example, one can find a fascinating, free online book, The Crown of Life on the path of Sant Mat (Surat Shabd Yoga) by looking up that title on the internet which is on a website that contains several more profound books and talks by Kirpal Singh including one on life after death.

Regardless of what your chosen path or religion (if any), I wish you all the best on your path toward wholeness. Just being alive, in no matter what form or state, means one is automatically always trying to reach wholeness. More material on The Science of the Soul can be found here.

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