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There is a strong “communication link” between the physical nervous system and subtle bodies. The nervous system is capable of sensing the subtle body.

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It constantly sends and receives messages, sensations, etc. from our own pranic sheaf and higher “essences” that are capable of survival beyond the demise of the physical body. The human anatomy is not just confined to the physical (see Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan) but extends out in all directions various subtle energy patterns consisting of higher octaves or vibrations of etheric, pranic, astral and causal “material” each radiating differing colors and various magnitudes of light. Within weeks of dying, the lower level etheric and pranic bodies remain intact which can cause strange sensations in the physical nervous system of anyone who is sensitive enough and living in the area of the person’s death.

Encounters with life after death are rare, but they do happen! About a week after my mother’s passing in 1991, I was dreaming something about my mother (can’t remember exactly what) when I was awakened from sleep by someone poking my left shoulder. It was as if a hand without a body touched and shook me! I was so astonished by this, it took me some time to realize this had to be my mother trying to communicate to me! This was a totally unique experience; I had nothing like it before except when I was three or two.

A week later, my older sister had an even more unique experience: when Mother tried to contact me through my sister’s vocal cords while she was asleep with her husband (who witnessed it) at their home 60 miles away. Mother’s distinct voice came through trying to tell me that she loved me, because she felt she did not tell me this enough times while still living in the physical form. As far as I know, their life and world is much more secure, natural and superior to our physical world. The concerns of those who have passed on into the afterlife tend to be much more sublime, positive, intelligent, and compassionate.

This form of communication tends to happen only within a short period of time after the passing of a loved one, because the more physical counterparts (which are much more dependent on a living physical body for energy support) tend to drop off and/or disintegrate while the astral, causal and soul lives on in the higher “lokas” of existence. When the astral body finally wears out years or centuries later (the “second death” Jesus spoke of in the New Testament) either a new physical form is taken up or the life-force must retreat even further to the higher, more refined “causal” body residing on the “causal” plane and then reincarnate back on the astral. This information comes from Chapter 43 of Autobiography of a Yogi, The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar.

My latest speculative research points toward a much more subtle transition toward the higher spheres over hundreds or thousands of years rather than a sudden astral “dematerialization” or “second death.” there are many voluntary stages and evolutionary changes that the spirit goes through if it does not want to hang around in the astral plane forever.

A recently departed soul has the choice to either haunt favorite locations on Earth for hundreds of years, and/or stay in the astral worlds (most do this most of the time), and/or transcend and explore the vast multitude of higher spheres, opportunities and dimensions beyond the astral worlds (most eventually do this) and/or reincarnate a portion of one’s self.

Time seems to behave quite differently in the afterlife and it is possible things may not happen sequentially and that the soul may reincarnate “vicariously” through a fragment of itself and does so simultaneously throughout many different ages, worlds and places throughout the universe. An interesting fact of the afterlife is the immense joy, satisfaction, sense of purpose, adventure and happiness all souls seem to radiate.

I tend to trust Yogananda as being one of the most reliable sources in a subject so often fabricated and full of far too much imagination and controversy! The best example is Lobsang Rampa; his work is beautiful, extensive and is a long-time favorite of mine, however, unfortunately there is a good chance that much of it is fiction.

Knowing which is fiction and which is not is the problem with Lobsang Rampa, and a yogi once told me that someone else fabricated most of his more recent books which were simply fictitious “rehashes” of his original work. For sentimental reasons, I placed a few links to two sites devoted to Lobsang Rampa on this website anyway here and here.

I had a much earlier encounter (late 1970’s) with a friend who was suddenly killed in a motorcycle accident before I even had any knowledge of his death: Death of a Fellow Student described Lesson 14.7 of my free online eBook, The Science of Wholeness: Part Two, “Lesson #14: Death, Enlightenment, Bliss and Resurrection.”

Please read my recent NDE research articles: The Strange Properties of Heaven and Will this Communication Device Contact the Dead? (on this page) which links over to Connecting to the Reality of the Afterlife where one can actually listen to a good selection of some of the actual voices (through the direct voice medium, Leslie Flint) of those who have passed over. Some of these recordings last up to 45 minutes! A short biography of independent direct voice medium, Leslie Flint and the main collection of recordings can be found here: Leslie Walter Flint

Go to: In Search of the Light: Is There Life After Death? for the original website, YouTube videos, and images.

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