Life in the Finer Realms Beyond the Veil of Death – Part 2

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Listen to a Huge Collection of Leslie Walter Flint Independent Direct Voice Recordings ((Spirit Communicators from the Afterlife Describe their Lives in the Realms of Spirit))

Life in the astral spheres is far more varied and complete than life on Earth. Some spheres nearest the earth plane are so similar to Earth that much of what one can experience there resembles very much the same conditions as Earth, such as cloudy weather, rain, snow, wind, night and day.

On the other hand, some spheres of existence have no resemblance to Earth whatsoever. Some of the highest spheres, for example, are realms of incredible multidimensional light and beauty far beyond anything physical beings are familiar with.

Climates and Geography of the Astral Spheres

There is also air, wind and on some spheres (the spirits say there are thousands of astral worlds or spheres) occasional light rain, dew, mist, and even a light snow in the upper elevations just as happens on Earth. The weather patterns of the astral worlds tend to be mild and never contrary to the needs of the inhabitants. The temperature ranges from mildly cool to comfortably warm depending on the original climate and conditions the inhabitants were most used to on Earth. There are all the same climates and natural conditions of life as found on Earth including deserts, mountain regions, polar regions, forest regions, tropical areas, ocean environments, and land masses ranging from vast continents to beautiful tropical islands.

Many of Leslie Flint’s communicators say they have seen rivers, and lakes with some being quite vast and always quite placid and beautiful in a constantly warm summery afternoon environment. It is possible to go swimming and many souls do. One can also travel by boat or ship, and go diving, etc. One can also drink these pure waters as there is no pollution, bugs or bacteria in the ponds, lakes and rivers to worry about, and no water, air or noise pollution either as there is no need for cars, freeways, sewers and factories. The water is crystalline pure and very desirable to drink. Strangely enough, the souls often say that they can enjoy all the benefits of swimming, bathing, etc. yet are completely dry (even their clothes) the instant they get out!

Imagine an ordinary physical world of three dimensions of space and a fourth of time. Then add a fifth dimension (an extra direction for time and space to expand into) to this picture and then you have a rough idea of what the environment is like in the afterlife. While traveling up through the vibrational spheres (actually takes some practice and experience to do this), the whole landscape can transform into an astonishing variety of geographies, for example, above the location where a vast plain existed, now there’s an alpine forest landscape and running fountains.

Before it was misty, now it is cloudless, and billions of subtle colors from the extended atmosphere even further above would be prismatically refracted throughout the glorious sky. The astral atmosphere, being much vaster than the Earth’s atmosphere, would appear much deeper and, if there are clouds, would tend to have many more cloud layers.

Regarding the surface of the astral worlds: imagine countless interacting, interconnecting layers of an onion: some below the earth’s surface and many above with each one having a higher and finer rate of vibration and lighter composition than the ones beneath. This rough idea would constitute the spheres of the afterlife existence one encounters. If one could visualize a four-dimensional “earth” this would be very close to actuality.

Such a four-dimensional sphere would have to have a three-dimensional “surface” that expands in size as one goes higher and higher up the scale of atomic vibration. Most matter in the universe (see “The True Nature of Dark Matter”) is in fact composed of these finer substances which astronomers throughout the world can see gravitational evidence of in various parts of the distant universe and are still trying to understand what “dark matter” really is. I think it is astral matter.

The Beauty of Astral Nature and Spiritual Utopia

Some trees grow very high and can often be in full bloom and/or produce much fruit. Flowers of all kinds, shapes and sizes exist in the astral worlds and grow in moist soils just like they do on Earth.

Because astral flowers are living things and very much alive, they are not to be picked and can often grow taller than houses. In fact there are whole forests of very tall flowers growing as tall as trees creating magnificent perfumes that are wafted for miles and miles on mild astral breezes.

Gardens and gardening is a very common thing among most of the souls, as most souls who have houses have and enjoy wonderful, lush gardens. Yes, nature is a very real, abundant and natural part of the astral worlds, especially the highest worlds where the beauty of nature becomes almost infinite. In fact the astral worlds are the actual origin of all natural existence, whereas the Earth is just a dim, almost artificial reflection of what nature intends to create and manifest. To think that the physical universe is the only universe is very chauvinistic. Not only are there other existences, but far superior ones as well!

The astral planes are teaming with all sorts of both extinct and presently living plants and animals from Earth. There are no pesky insects, pests or predators whatsoever. (It is possible, however that they do exist on some of the lowest planes or spheres.) The lion definitely sleeps with the lambs and all races, creeds and nationalities definitely live in perfect harmony and peace with one another just as portrayed in those “Jehova’s Witness” illustrations in their international magazines, “Awake!” and “Watchtower.”

The funny thing is just how similar the ideal world that the Jehova’s Witness describe is to the actual descriptions by spirits. There are wonderful places or “belief system territories” in the astral worlds where even the “dead” “Jehova’s Witnesses” can hang out still waiting for that ideal new Earth to come even though there is a perfectly good world right in front of their noses completely surrounding them!

Communication With Animals and Singing in an Etheric Atmosphere

Spirits often say that if they tuned into it, there seems to be a soft, soothing, healing vibration or music in the atmosphere generated either by nature and/or creative souls who somehow recorded (left) their songs in the either. One can talk, sing, play instruments, and create sound just like on Earth, yet one can also communicate by thought and most souls quickly find that telepathy is the most efficient way to communicate especially if the other person speaks only Spanish, for instance and you only can speak English.

Astonishing as this may sound, telepathic communication between animals and humans is quite easy and common on the astral levels. One spirit who came through Leslie Flint saying he had an amazing “conversation” with his deceased canine pet. Animals can also materialize in seances. During a David Thompson seance held at Mansfield, 10th October, 2007, a dog materialized and started barking!

Another amazing thing is that people who have never learned to read or write properly on Earth often do in the afterlife! There are so many libraries, colleges, schools, etc. on the astral planes to learn such things as well as many other subjects ranging from basic to far beyond the scope and imagination of materiality. Joy, inspiration, breathing and laughter always comes naturally and easily; one always feels light, full or energy, vitality, and one never grows old, ill or suffer from any pains. Breathing the air is a joy, “it is just like wine” says Mary Ivan (near top of list on left) toward the end of her seance. Often the air is filled with perfumes from countless flowers naturally growing in surrounding gardens, fields, etc.

The Magic of and Complete Fulfillment in Astral Relationships, Sex, Reproduction, Families, and the Astonishing Symptoms of Astral “Old Age”

Who has not longed to fall in love with one’s soul mate, enjoying the companionship of one’s true sweetheart on the highest and meaningful levels of beauty, love and fulfillment? Who has not longed for real affection, and even a fulfillment in sensuality beyond one’s wildest dreams?

All of the most enjoyable aspects of marriages, relationships, etc. do not need to end at death and can go on as long as both people in the afterlife feel the need and even expand into all kinds of exciting new possibilities of love and beauty that one has always longed for but was unable to achieve on Earth. New relationships are formed all the time in the astral worlds between two souls who for some reason were unable to find love or live with each other on Earth. However, the souls say they do not give or take in marriage as there seems to be no actual need for official marriages to take place in the afterlife because one is either together with someone or not, and therefore there is no need for contracts on paper, etc. even though that is possible and does happen!

Sex of course, exists too, and on certain spheres I would have to say that from many books I have read on astral projection, that because of the sheer vitality and youthfulness of the spirit, it must be very intense and rather frequent for as long as the habit remains imprinted in the samaskaras of the psyche. Just as it does on Earth, sex does seem to drain one’s spirit of vitality, sense of balance and wisdom and the soul instinctively learns to either moderate or let go of that activity for higher things – higher spheres of experience, knowledge and deeper, more fulfilling loves.

Otherwise, one may feel very much drawn back to Earth and amazingly, develop a strong desire to reincarnate long before one normally would! It has been discovered that if a man from Earth tries to have sex while astral projecting, he often finds himself immediately back in his physical body. On the other hand, an astral projecting woman can more often stay in the astral during astral sex but will have more trouble later on trying to return to the astral world. What does this tendency imply for discarnate souls who have no physical body to come back to?

On the higher spheres, other interests seem to take over or easily transmute sexual energy into the finer expressions and experiences of true affection, boundless bliss, inspiration, love and ecstasy. Normally, especially while away from the influences of Earth, sex no longer seems to be an issue or a great concern any more because of the intense joy, love, interests, profound beauties, and natural ecstasies always present in the afterlife. It may be that souls in the afterlife are often in a constant (balanced) state of joy, love and orgasm anyway, especially on the higher planes, so why would one crave or need sex if one is already so naturally fulfilled in every way, so full of peace, so full of so many different interests and curiosities, and so full of love anyway?

There are many, many dimensions to the soul that can open up and develop into phenomenal states of being. Therefore, falling in love with someone on the astral plane can become so profound, so awesome, it would make the simple sexual relationships enjoyed back on Earth look ridiculously shallow, limited and superficial in comparison. One experiences an intense love and losing of the self into a greater Self, an absolutely fulfilling happiness that one can’t even begin to describe. Amazingly, one need not even have to depend on a partner for this experience, and still experience this intense love for all humanity and as a result gradually transcend into ever higher and higher spheres of almost infinite beauty and love.

As bizarre and surprising as this information may sound, it is actually just as possible to create or have children on some of the most “physical” worlds of the afterlife in the exact same way it occurs on Earth because these worlds have only a slightly higher vibration rate than Earth. Like Earth, these planets have atmospheres often rich in oxygen (which the souls actually breathe!) and are directly illuminated by the stars they orbit around, and not always by the more etherial reflected light often enjoyed by souls on the mid to high astral planets or planes. Anything and every experience possible can be found and enjoyed in the afterlife. Only on Earth and a very few other similar places in the universe as ignorant and backwards as the Earth is there such physical limitation, confusion, suffering and darkness.

I know that nature would not have as strong a need for reproduction (replacement of bodies) in the afterlife as it does on the more rough places like Earth because of the longevity (many, many centuries before becoming “causal”) of its inhabitants and the extremely benign, safe and beautiful environments that the souls enjoy so much.

On some of the more “physical” spheres or planets in the astral universe, rebirth into their world through an “astral” pregnancy is possible. It is true that many souls can and do reincarnate on certain semi-astral or semi-physical planets like we do on Earth, except the conditions are usually not nearly as limiting, harsh or severe. Under favorable conditions and because of the excellent genetics of these beings, the life spans are often much, much longer also, sometimes extending into thousands of years.

According to Bashar (a member of an etherial alien hybrid race channeled through the mental medium Darryl Anka) there is an etherial yet very Earth-like planet filled with lakes, rivers, wildlife, jungles and forests called Essassani (Place of Living Light) some 500 light years away toward the Orion constellation that actually contains a human/grey hybrid race (the Sassani) where they still have children through birth yet spirits can and do “pop in” from the higher realms to visit! Towards the end of this video, Bashar discusses these very things. It is this “semi-physical” mixture of matter and spirit that makes this location and race of beings a very interesting subject to study indeed! Their “quasi-physical” black triangular space craft have often been seen in many places throughout the Earth today. In some of these sightings they appear semi-transparent indicating a possible “vibrational” difference same way and reason a ghost would appear translucent.

A soul who reincarnates on an astral planet may be one of countless causal beings still with some astral karma returning from the highly refined mental or causal spheres. This soul is reborn as a perfectly beautiful astral baby boy or girl. According to the great Christ-like yogi, Sri Yukteswar in Chapter 43 “The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar” of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda souls returning from many centuries of bliss in the causal spheres (beyond the highest astral spheres) are actually “reborn” in new astral bodies.

The astral or “natural” body even though outwardly the same as the physical body once was in youth eventually through eons of time, loses its internal organs one-by-one until even the physical outward appearance starts to change into a sexless being of light or becomes “causal” or no longer with an external astral body. This may in fact be what a true angel is: a being of light, so advanced that no outward astral form remains, just a structure of light in a state of profound wholeness.

Also there have always been many spirit babies and young children who passed over in early infancy, stillborn, etc. from Earth who are in need of a mother to take care of them on the the other side of death. Therefore (and this fact I know is absolutely true) those who longed to be a mother on Earth but never had the chance can find plenty of opportunity for motherhood in the astral worlds! Another great wonder is the fact that spirit infants and children can and do indeed grow up in the afterlife just as they would on Earth! Alf Pritchette, who came through one of the seances was greeted by his young sister who looked twenty, but had died in infancy, yet was looked after by a spirit relative or relatives or other personal guardian and grew up, most likely having gone to school and then college, etc. similar to the way she would have on Earth and lived in a beautiful country cottage and is now there to look after Alf Pritchette!

Sex tends to be a very physical, down-to-earth and biological reproductive need because of so many accidents, illnesses, old age, and other hostile conditions prevalent on Earth where the replacement of bodies is essential. Unfortunately physical attraction, backgrounds, and economics are historically the main forces that create marriages on Earth. However, love in the afterlife becomes a much more individual, meaningful, satisfying and permanent expression between two souls who are usually from the same soul group.

In the afterlife, love and spirituality seem to come to the foreground while sex and materiality fall into the background, whereas on Earth, unfortunately it tends to be the other way around with the additional burdens of materialistic necessities such as housing, food, work, raising kids, etc. Entire families do exist on the astral planes, of course, but with only the positive, much more expansive, rewarding aspects of family love and community living. However, it is still possible to have arguments and clashes with one another and they do happen from time to time, as life on the astral spheres is just as natural and real, if not more so than on Earth. Therefore people who find they cannot live together in harmony simply don’t and go to their separate parts of the astral spheres!

As far as the “giving and taking of marriage” is concerned, much of what was essential on Earth is no longer essential in the astral spheres. Souls freed from Earth can grow and develop in many new ways not possible or imagined while on Earth and often discover that their real soul mates (relationships based on real or spiritual love) were not the ones they had married just for economic or sexual reasons while on Earth.

In the afterlife, one is naturally linked up with the person or persons they want to be close to regardless of previous Earth marriages, relationships, etc. and such “soul mates” are usually members of one’s personal soul group which is a group of souls (often hundreds of people) all sharing the same oversoul often living together in the same community at the same level or strata of consciousness. Those who had married someone who they truly loved while on Earth, will most likely be a member of the same soul group and continue that marriage into the “eternities” of the astral spheres and maybe even the finer spheres beyond the astral depending on how deep and real that love really is.

Awesome information regarding the life cycles of the astral spheres and gradual “physical” changes that occur in the human astral body over centuries of time, and fascinating information backing up what I have written so far regarding sex and reproduction in the afterlife can be heard in a rare and quite remarkable Leslie Flint recording presented by an unknown yet quite knowledgeable spirit with an American accent (followed by another person with a Scottish accent). According to this most amazing recording, over centuries of time, as the astral body “ages” resulting in gradual changes in the personality and emotions move toward wholeness, perfection, spiritual and cosmic inclinations.

The soul eventually over eons of time gains a more unisexual appearance as tremendous love completely replaces the lower appetites such as sex. The more physical aspects of life gradually cease to exist after successive “graduations” into ever higher and higher spheres of life. The astral body ultimately gives way to a much finer sexless “causal” body of light and according to Sri Yukteswar in Chapter 43 “The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar” in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda, the soul after the astral body completely drops off, according to its inclination, level of development, etc., either must immediately return to Earth or hopefully go on to the causal spheres to be later reborn over and over as an astral being until it no longer even needs to be reborn as an astral person.

The sheer complexity, subtleties and vastness of all the cycles and dimensions of life in the afterlife is impossible to fully depict or explain in ordinary terms. One lifetime on Earth is really just a microscopic sliver in the vast ocean of all the other lives and aspects of experience that awaits every single soul beyond the veil of death. Earth too is really just another “astral” planet except with an unusual degree of density where most beings struggling to live there are strongly bound to the limiting laws of physicality. The same limitations apply to any “astral” planet anywhere in the universe at the same physical level as Earth’s.

Illumination (Sun?) of the Astral World

The sun still seems to have some kind of effect on the lower astral spheres where souls say there is still a night and a day, fog, rain, etc. On the lowest spheres there seems to be deep fog or darkness created by all the negative thoughts and fears of the materialistically minded physical inhabitants of Earth. However, on the mid to higher astral worlds there seems to be a constant “illumination” or source of very soothing, loving, healing light of a magical and mysterious nature emanating from “God” and/or the higher realms. Souls have reported seeing a mysterious, golden light with increasing brightness toward the horizon. I did hear from some of the Leslie Flint recordings, that there are periods of restfulness and twilight but no actual nights except on the lowest spheres where it can get completely dark. My speculation is that there are probably as many as seven main spheres or heavens (maybe extending hundreds of miles into space?) that are concentric with the earth and rotate along with the physical earth.

Much of the light enjoyed in the astral spheres probably emanates from the outer chromosphere of the sun as a series or layers of etherial “suns” expanding beyond, yet concentric with the physical sun and each one illuminating corresponding astral spheres at its own corresponding level of vibration. After the sun sets over the western horizon, much of its outer chromosphere and especially its extended magnetosphere remains above the horizon most of the night, especially toward the upper and lower latitudes, therefore creating an effect of twilight instead of the complete darkness experienced on Earth. However, the souls also say that the atmospheres of the higher astral spheres extend ever further into space as they increase in vibration, reflecting the sun’s rays back onto the planet no matter what time of the night it is with the effect being that of a long twilight during the night rather than complete darkness.

The light or illumination in the higher spheres is quite awesome: something much more vibrant, and far more beautiful than anything experienced on Earth. Sri Yukteswar said in Chapter 43 “The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar” in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda that there are numerous astral luminaries or “suns” that illuminate the astral worlds and endless numbers of astral solar systems floating in space. Astral matter tends to be self-luminescent anyway, especially toward the higher spheres where astral material tends to become brighter, lighter, richer, more colorful, dazzling, multi-dimensional, transparent and more enchanting. I would have to say, things go far beyond description at the highest and most dazzling levels which I would refer to as being the mental, causal and celestial spheres.

Living on Earth in comparison to the higher spheres is like living in a very backward and isolated country where technology has not yet reached its borders. There are other realities of existence far less limiting and challenging than Earth, which is probably one of the most difficult places ever to live. Souls often incarnate on Earth to face challenges they would not otherwise face on higher spheres. Learning that there are so many higher worlds of light and beauty beyond the material realm of Earth can at first be quite startling.

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Materialistic Science Rejects the Afterlife as Being a “Fairy Story”
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1.2 – My Search for Truth and Personal Experiences from the Afterlife
Part 2 – Leslie Flint’s Direct Voice Mediumship
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2.2 – Leslie Flint’s Impossible Powers: Why Did He Not Make Millions
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2.3 – Forum Administration/Members Hate my
2.4 – Leslie’s “Etheric” Guests Never Coughed or Sputtered
2.5 – Messages From the Afterlife – How the Paranormal Voices Came
Part 3 – Life in the Astral Worlds
3.1 – The Exciting Reality of it All
3.2 – An Absolutely Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling
3.3 – The Colors Are Far More Vivid, Extensive and Varied
3.4 – Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife
3.5 – Afterlife Interests, Skills and Hobbies
3.6 – Lifestyles in the Afterlife
Part 4 – Spiritual Difficulties and Challenges
4.1 – Why Some Souls Start Out Earthbound
4.2 – Is There a Hell? Are There Negative Experiences in the Afterlife?
4.3 – What Happens When One Abuses Power?
4.4 – The Problem with Suicide
4.5 – The Problem With Reincarnation (Not My Favorite Subject)
Part 5 – The Nature of the Astral Worlds
5.1 – Climates and Geography of the Astral Spheres
5.2 – The Beauty of Astral Nature and Spiritual Utopia
5.3 – Communication With Animals and Singing in an Etheric
5.4 – Astral Relationships, Sex, Reproduction, Families, and Astral
“Old Age”
5.5 – Illumination (Sun?) of the Astral World
5.6 – The True Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
5.7 – Does Time Exist in the Afterlife?
5.8 – Can Distance be Measured in The Astral World?
Part 6 – Astral Projections from the Physical Body
6.1 – Astral Travel (Projection)
6.2 – The Right Conditions for Astral Projection to Occur
6.3 – Various Forms of Projection: From Clairvoyance to Complete
6.4 – Two Astral World Experiences I Really Enjoyed
Part 7 – Concluding Thoughts
7.1 – Communication With Earth
7.2 – Epilog: Only the Beginning
7.3 – Relevant Websites
7.4 – References

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