Life in the Finer Realms Beyond the Veil of Death – Part 1

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Listen to a Huge Collection of Leslie Walter Flint Independent Direct Voice Recordings ((Spirit Communicators from the Afterlife Describe their Lives in the Realms of Spirit))

The exciting reality of the afterlife is often rejected by closed minded skeptics. Listening to actual recorded descriptions of “the undiscovered country” through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint is always incredible, thrilling, breathtaking, and astounding.

When I first heard some of this material I could not contain my excitement, I became a raving maniac and to the annoyance of my associates, it was all I could talk about for weeks! It is so fantastic! It is so much like being in “The Twilight Zone” or in some other science fiction program, or seeing for the first time full color panoramic photos of another planet, or realizing that a miracle of biblical proportions took place as if Moses himself just came back and divided the Red Sea again. In fact St. Matthew himself did return to speak (see above video).

Then again, I was just as dumbfounded by the almost universal lack of interest, and sometimes even complete rejection, fear and/or hatred of this subject of spiritualism. I have no doubt whatsoever of Leslie Flint’s mediumship, and the only real darkness in this world comes from the darkness of those who’s belief systems are too closed-minded, materialistic and restricted to know the real truth. Don’t you just “love” those closed-minded materialistic skeptical debunker “professors” who always seem to “officially” condemn a subject without first carefully studying it?

They have to be the ultimate practitioners of “professional” mental laziness! There is nothing wrong with being skeptical, in fact it is healthy and we need to be careful when it comes to accepting what others say and their opinions. It becomes a problem only when one gets too closed minded, or outright cynical to the point where the possibility of gaining vital knowledge or a tremendous discovery on the frontier of science is permanently closed off. Any extraordinary claim or phenomenon of a spiritual or paranormal nature needs to be investigated thoroughly and objectively without the distortions of a prejudiced, closed minded, and materialistic attitude.

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein

Apparently, even Albert Einstein hated prejudiced debunkers. Anyway, I can now confidently enjoy the excitement, awe and wonder of learning everything I can about this amazing “undiscovered country” that lies beyond all the horizons of our physical reality here on Earth. Now that I have been listening to the “Leslie Flint” voices for several months, I fully realize the sheer enormity and gravity of the need to establish communication between the worlds as easily as calling someone in a different country would have to be the greatest breakthrough in the history of humankind. This possibility is not science fiction or some far-fetched fantasy.

The afterlife is as real as you and I and in many ways is even more real because of its finer nature, intelligence, texture and subtlety of consciousness. Therefore, the astral planes are not at all the dreamy, fairylike, wishy-washy worlds often populated with the spaced-out beings that are described by so many popular authors and books on the subject. Those who have written about their astral travels to these planes are often limited in their descriptions because the physical and astral brains operate on a different level and so much gets lost in the translation to physical memory that the subconscious mind and dream states get in the way. I do a little astral projection myself, but tend to forget most of it! In spite of all these difficulties, astral projection can still be a reliable and wondrous way to discover the truth regarding the afterlife.

The reason the astral and spiritual worlds are far more natural, free, superior, alive, and comprehensive than anyone or anything on Earth is that the reality of the afterlife consists of much finer atoms, particles, energies, higher dimensions, and intelligent laws and forces than all the heavier, more massive and awkward material atoms and laws of physics physical things are made from and subject to. Life on Earth is only a pale reflection of the life to come. Far from being the highest, the physical level is actually one of the crudest levels of existence there is. There are many, much higher and finer levels of existence or vibration (spheres) to ascend into, and endless numbers of places, things to do, discover and explore, and vast amounts of information on every subject available and an expansion of awareness and knowledge that goes way beyond materialistic, earthly concepts and understanding.

An Absolutely Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling Existence

These vast, and often inconceivable worlds are filled with absolute thrills and marvels many of which, especially on the higher planes are very hard to describe, in fact are too beautiful to describe. The planes or spheres of existence closest to Earth tend to be the easiest to describe in terms the average person can comprehend. But there is much activity and amazing civilizations on all spheres, on all levels. There are beautiful cities, towns, villages, art colonies, art galleries, movie theaters, stages, operas, museums, schools, stores (not commercial), libraries, vast natural landscapes, continents, forests, gardens, huge flowers, very tame loving animals, mountains, meadows, plains, seas, boats, ships, yachts, lakes, waterfalls, and anything and everything else really wonderful and good that one can imagine and not imagine. (God I wish I could go there, take some photos, come back and upload them to this website!)

Regarding what it is exactly like to live in the higher spheres: imagine all the above but with an extra dimension or dimensions added, with even more colors along with even higher and deeper levels of sensitivity, sophistication, beauty, love, opportunity, and levels of consciousness with the absolute beauties of nature multiplied hundreds and hundreds of times over evolving on to infinity. No mystic teaching or religion can or has correctly foretold the actual experiences we will all one day so intensely enjoy! God knows how much I have distorted it in my own feeble attempts to describe it. Trying to explain this form of existence is even harder than trying to talk about colors with a blind person, because there are so many new levels of experience that these souls are trying to convey that simply do not exist in the limited materialistic terms and concepts that we on Earth are stuck with. Many of the souls would never want to go back to live on Earth which is in comparison to heaven, a very limited, elementary, primitive state of life indeed.

The Colors Are Far More Vivid, Extensive and Varied

In the astral worlds the souls often marvel at all the new colors they can see! They say they can perceive and enjoy many new colors in nature that go far beyond the physical spectrum and some souls have counted as many as 77 colors. I am assuming that this phenomenon of advanced and extended color perception is due to a remarkable extension of visual sensitivity beyond violet into much higher frequencies of light such as UV, X-rays, and gamma rays and perhaps even into the lower wave-lengths beyond the red spectrum as well such as infrared and microwaves, etc. but I am even less sure of this, as I would suppose perception is much more likely extended only toward the higher end of the electromagnetic spectrum rather than the lower end, as souls often say they are much more aware of higher vibrations rather than lower ones.

Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife

One man, Sid Hopkins, in a rather humorous account of the afterlife, said his first experience right after dying was finding himself comfortably sitting in a parlor of a lovely, familiar place being served with a cup of tea by his wife who had died 15 years ago, yet looked like she was in her early twenties. At least two other times in the seances, a certain individual was welcomed to his new life with either a beautiful young woman or one’s very lovely wife wearing a beautiful outfit serving tea! And in yet another seance it was a lovely woman serving a glass of lemonade from a freshly squeezed lemon!

Yes, new arrivals to the spiritual life are often warmly welcomed with food and/or beverages by deceased relatives and/or friends looking many years younger and in a posh setting. One would often “live” on a light diet or fruit, soups and/or teas, etc. before realizing that eating and drinking is no longer really needed or necessary and is just a condition of mental habit however strong and real it may seem at first. Instead of possibly starving or feeling hungry, one should continue to eat a little at first anyway until one no longer feels the need. Many souls even after years of astral life still on social occasions like to eat and serve light snacks, beverages and fruit. I have not yet heard of heavier foods such as meat and/or fish being served, but if they could imagine it, I suppose they could.

There are periods of twilight and restfulness that souls enjoy but no actual night or darkness except in the lower spheres. Those who first enter the afterlife often go through a deep, rejuvenating sleep lasting for several days, depending on the need and development of the individual. After that deep rest, one never really sleeps again except after many, many years later in preparation to enter into yet a higher sphere at the end of their interests and activities in a lower sphere. They can and often do come back into lower spheres to teach and share spiritual truths.

Afterlife Interests, Skills and Hobbies

Amazingly, after one has passed away, one can continue many interests, hobbies, etc. such as gardening, reading and needlework and pursue others that one was not able to on Earth. Rose Hawkins, one of the spirits who communicated through Leslie Flint, was fairly illiterate on Earth but learned to read much better in the afterlife! If a frustrated musician on Earth had not much time to learn how to play a musical instrument such as a piano or guitar or a frustrated artist to paint landscapes and/or portraits, or a gardener who never had a garden on Earth, or a woodsman who would love to cut trees to make furniture, do carving, etc; well these people and those in many other fields of activity would all find excellent opportunities to fully express their talents in the astral worlds.

Spirits often say they are extremely busy with a very definite sense of deep meaning and purpose. Other skills and talents often encouraged in the astral life include teaching, singing, dancing, playwriting and acting. I am also quite sure there are all kinds of sports, games, etc. too, especially for children such as dominos enjoyed by 5-year-old Bobby Tracy. In this most funny and remarkable (full of surprises) account of the afterlife, he said his drawing ability and perspective improved quite a bit since he died. Imagine golfing or playing crochet, football, cricket, or any other such game on an astral plane! There is also horse riding, hiking, cycling, boating and rafting etc. through beautiful natural parks. If one’s more serious occupation or interest is in a creative, scientific, botanical, zoological, anthropological, historical, clerical, medical, (bio)chemical, psychological, spiritual or instructional field of endeavor, one can continue one’s profession quite naturally in the afterlife and expand it to entirely new, much less materialistic levels of service.

One can still use one’s own hands to create things such as clothing, curtains, decorations, musical instruments, furniture, houses, buildings, etc. from natural materials some of which are entirely different from those of Earth. Most of the souls say, except on the highest vibrational spheres, one can’t just think about it and then it’s there, there is a certain process to it and one must make at least some effort of some sort to create something. However work is a joy and never tedious because one rarely feels tired, bored or inept. One can learn any new skill quickly and easily as there are far fewer physical and mental limitations like those endured on Earth. Interestingly enough, one of the spirits who came through Leslie Flint (Rose Hawkins) said that she would spend her time knitting, reading and going to town to watch movies with friends. She said she even went to get her hair cut! (Would that mean that there are astral hair salons?)

There are huge libraries filled with duplicates of every worthy and interesting book or magazine or film imaginable both written on Earth and in the astral. One spirit who never learned how to read on Earth, actually took the trouble to learn how to read in the afterlife so that she could properly enjoy all those books! Even though it is possible in the afterlife for one to get information from any book or object just by touching it, it is still advisable to know how to read and write, such subjects, along with geography, science, and history are taught in many schools throughout the afterlife. Also, however, there are many, many more non-materialistic subjects taught in astral schools and universities of mainly a psychic and spiritual nature. Many classes are taught by teachers and masters from higher spheres using thought forms and thought images.

Natural Realities Molded by Thought

There may very well be certain forms of trade and/or barter in the various conditions of life, cultures, etc. found on some of the lower spheres, but I have yet to hear of anything to do with the actual existence of money, accounting systems, or banking, etc. An economic system is not at all needed on the astral planes because one’s character, thoughts, karmic conditions, powerful innate creative abilities, and mental/emotional outlook seem to create and/or attract whatever is needed. One’s desires, level of intelligence, mental/emotional outlook, and heartfelt motives determine exactly what one does, experiences and gets to have in the way of companions, housing, land, personal items, and clothing (which often resembles Roman togas and/or Grecian robes, etc.) The astral worlds seem to be a dynamic mixture of completely real, natural, material, objective realities yet strongly influenced or molded by creative, positive thought forces or intentions. This is how everything natural in the way it was experienced on Earth is uniformly combined with the most perfect circumstances and joy and happiness possible. It is quite remarkable.

All souls ultimately evolve into ever more beautiful states of existence. The spirits often say it is a perfect world and they have never, ever been happier and to never fear dying because dying is absolutely the best thing that had ever happened to them! They are quite content and are often bewildered when told that there will always be even more beautiful, even lovelier, higher places or spheres they can evolve and move into.

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Materialistic Science Rejects the Afterlife as Being a “Fairy Story”
Part 1 – Scientific Proof and Personal Experiences
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1.2 – My Search for Truth and Personal Experiences from the Afterlife
Part 2 – Leslie Flint’s Direct Voice Mediumship
2.1 – Leslie Flint: An Inconvenient Truth for Christian Theologians and
Skeptical Scientists
2.2 – Leslie Flint’s Impossible Powers: Why Did He Not Make Millions
as a Parlor Trick Showman?
2.3 – Forum Administration/Members Hate my
2.4 – Leslie’s “Etheric” Guests Never Coughed or Sputtered
2.5 – Messages From the Afterlife – How the Paranormal Voices Came
Part 3 – Life in the Astral Worlds
3.1 – The Exciting Reality of it All
3.2 – An Absolutely Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling
3.3 – The Colors Are Far More Vivid, Extensive and Varied
3.4 – Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife
3.5 – Afterlife Interests, Skills and Hobbies
3.6 – Lifestyles in the Afterlife
Part 4 – Spiritual Difficulties and Challenges
4.1 – Why Some Souls Start Out Earthbound
4.2 – Is There a Hell? Are There Negative Experiences in the Afterlife?
4.3 – What Happens When One Abuses Power?
4.4 – The Problem with Suicide
4.5 – The Problem With Reincarnation (Not My Favorite Subject)
Part 5 – The Nature of the Astral Worlds
5.1 – Climates and Geography of the Astral Spheres
5.2 – The Beauty of Astral Nature and Spiritual Utopia
5.3 – Communication With Animals and Singing in an Etheric
5.4 – Astral Relationships, Sex, Reproduction, Families, and Astral
“Old Age”
5.5 – Illumination (Sun?) of the Astral World
5.6 – The True Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
5.7 – Does Time Exist in the Afterlife?
5.8 – Can Distance be Measured in The Astral World?
Part 6 – Astral Projections from the Physical Body
6.1 – Astral Travel (Projection)
6.2 – The Right Conditions for Astral Projection to Occur
6.3 – Various Forms of Projection: From Clairvoyance to Complete
6.4 – Two Astral World Experiences I Really Enjoyed
Part 7 – Concluding Thoughts
7.1 – Communication With Earth
7.2 – Epilog: Only the Beginning
7.3 – Relevant Websites
7.4 – References

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