Celibacy Benefits, Nutrition and Transmutation – Steps Toward Ecstasy and Enlightenment – Part 2

Celibacy Benefits, Nutrition and Transmutation – Part 1

A life of blissful transmutation involves the following concepts. Here is a long list of ideas that could be used to strengthen one’s ability to transmute, while creating, cultivating and benefiting from much higher levels of sexual energy (bliss) without losing it.

# Purify your blood by fasting all day on ionized water. Fasting everyday on ionized water is incredibly easy to do, because the water is so alkaline, that the sense of hunger and digestive fluids are neutralized while providing cleansing, transmuting, and energizing effects.

When you do eat, have as much raw food as possible. Include with meals: as many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial herbal supplements as possible. For more up-to-date information on diet and transmutation go here: Holy Grail of Bliss.

# Remove all blockages from circulatory system using oral chelation therapy combined with an herbal circulation enhancer containing ginkgo biloba, prickly ash berry, butcher’s broom, hawthorn, horse chestnut extract, niacin, etc. Also exercise on a regular basis. Jumprope is ideal for improving circulation, and building up strength without having to go to the gym. For more about the above two subjects, go here.

# Meditate! Learn how to focus your mind very carefully to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Imagine your sexual energy flowing up your spine like a white stream of light flowing up to a ball of white light above your head. Learn how to concentrate in your third eye or above your head, especially if you feel sensual. By redirecting the energy this way you learn control. The most powerful ecstatic effects result from concentrating in the third eye and crown chakra for two or more hours. Learn more about meditation and just how significant it is here.

# Learn how to sublimate basic urges into a higher expression and fulfillment through new channels and new avenues of expression such as meditation, bliss, vitality, enthusiasm, inspiration, love, compassion, recreation, and selfless service. Learn about ojas and how it is created and how to build it up. Learn how to expand unfulfilled sexual energy into all-fulfilling bliss throughout every cell of the body through carefully following the Science of Wholeness lifestyle. For regular daily deep meditation on the inner sounds and third eye to be successful, one needs the sexual energy (which is the same as vital nerve force energy). Transmutation is in turn dependent on meditation, wholeness, etc.

# Understand the anatomy of physical control! Train your muscles to “switch” on and off the flow of urine. Learn how this same ability can always be used to prevent the loss of sexual (vital) fluids either at the start of a wet dream or during periods of too much excitement. Just being able to do this could have priceless benefits and give one more options in a relationship. This may be one of the most vital tools for being able to remain celibate under otherwise impossible situations. Learn more about physical self-control here.

# Energize your chakras! Fire up the kundalini using a special form of breathing exercise that I call the “Lama Yoga” breaths. The kundalini is the very transforming flame of raw sexual energy. When one feels the need to transmute one would do twelve to twenty to thirty of these at a time depending on individual need and capacity in conjunction with the meditation and vibration creating the all-important effect of expansive bliss and vitality. Energizing the chakras with the breathing exercises requires excellent physical and cardiovascular health. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Learn more about the “Lama Yoga” breaths here.

# Use vibration to relax your body while meditating or doing deep relaxation. Vibrating mattresses are available commercially or you can build your own units from fan motors. Common sense and other precautions must be carefully followed of course. You are training the body to find new avenues of sexual tension, release and expression with kundalini energy in such a way that no significant amount of sexual fluids are lost. Learn more about transmuting with vibration here.

# Keep your body clean! Shower and/or bathe everyday. The body constantly needs to shed millions of skin cells. Clogged pores seem to block energy and/or create general discomfort in such a way that transmutation is slowed down.

# Go for long walks in nature while pondering God’s endless beauty and profound possibilities of infinite love and joy. Learn how the joy of sex or enjoyment of the objects of sex can be expanded (universalized) or channeled into infinite, everlasting fulfillment and compare that infinite expansion of pleasure to how terribly limiting conventional expressions of sex can be. Remember that in reality you are a spiritual being fully immersed in the perfect joy of Brahman. The infinity of the sky, the bio-plasma in the air, plants, trees, forests, waterfalls, natural beauty, etc. all lead to the most perfect, spiritually uplifting states of transmutation ever.

# Finding ways to build up sexual energy through nutritional supplements is a solid part of the foundation of wholeness, yet taking substances just to stimulate sexual activity is not. Herbs that strengthen and build up one’s sexual reserves and potency can lead to having more sexual energy to work with and transmute. The “aphrodisiacs” (adaptogenic herbs) most well-known for providing nourishment, better blood circulation, and better overall sexual rejuvenation and functioning are highly recommended by Science of Wholeness.

The use of aphrodisiac herbs for transmutation may seem at first a startling contradiction, but the rejuvenating herbs (rather than the more stimulating kind) and antioxidants are extremely good for creating much more abundant and plentiful sexual energy, greater self-control, and surprisingly even much easier and expansive transmutation resulting in more bliss, more energy, more excitement, more joy, more vitality and much more of that spiritual (kundalini) energy awakening that is essential for transmutation.

For those going through their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and beyond, taking herbs for sexual rejuvenation (again NOT for stimulation but to increase the availability of sexual energy and increase the production of sexual fluids for spiritual purposes) is even more essential. Remember also that I said earlier that it is impossible to successfully correct sexual inadequacies without improving one’s health. Having lots of sexual energy and having plenty of health, enthusiasm, and vitality are almost one and the same. As one ages, it becomes far easier to have longer and longer periods of celibacy. Great? Not necessarily if it is because of diminished sexual energy! If there is nothing to power the forces of bliss, meditation, kundalini and spiritual awareness, how is it then going to happen?

Sexual rejuvenating and circulation enhancement herbs include: rhodiola rosa, reishi mushroom, epimedium, green oats (avena sativa), saw palmetto (for men), dong quai (for women), ashwaganda, gotu kola, ginseng, damiana, maca, muira puama, black cohosh (for women), ceyenne pepper (circulation, capillaries), schisandra berries, kapi kacchu, bala, ginkgo leaf, and tribulus terrestris. By the way, a side effect of some of these herbs is in fact a gradual increase in the size of that certain part of the male anatomy along with a tendency toward greater muscular mass and physical strength, but the spiritual benefits are far more important. The latest info on adaptogenic herbs and other supplements for greater wholeness can be found here.

Some sexual rejuvenating foods and supplements include: pumpkin seed, beta sitosterol complex, saw palmetto, (mainly for men), rhodiola rosa, bee pollen, chlorella, raw oats, oat straw (avena sativa), flax seed oil, fresh whole raw pasture grazed butter, l-arginine, Co Q10, vitamin E, zinc, Microhydrin, chlorella, and Shilajit. Whatever is done to improve circulation such as taking oral chelation, any herbs that improve circulation (ginger, cayenne, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, prickly ash berry, hawthorn, and food supplements such as nattokinase or the soy bean ferment, natto), all help in their own unique way to conserve, cultivate and transmute sexual energy. Of course all precautions, etc. regarding food supplements, herbs, and vitamins must be followed.


There are three states of sexual fluid:

1. Unreleased sexual fluid which can build up to very high levels of frustration if not released or properly transmuted through purification and vitalization of body cells.

2. Released sexual fluid which, of course is useless.


3. Unreleased sexual fluid on fire with the kundalini energy — the most beneficial, joyful, useful, invigorating, ecstatic, enlightening, powerful, and all-fulfilling kind.

The idea is through raw food, antioxidants, herbal supplements, increased circulation, meditation & careful concentration, breathing exercises, regular showering/bathing, vibration and/or kundalini flow (electricity), and non-stimulation, etc. one ignites the precious sexual fluid in such a way that it is never consumed (rather like Moses’ “burning bush”) resulting in a gradual buildup of ecstasy that can lead one to endless days of ever increasing joy and love never before experienced.

Healthy sexual energy when properly transmuted can be an awesome pleasure, and a wonderful experience of incredible, everlasting sexual power and functioning. Liberation from the physical body can be attained this way, and finally one’s real spiritual goals of self-realization and God-realization reached. Transmutation is the way to true manhood as an expression of the Lord of the Universe or true womanhood as an expression of the Divine Mother.

The effects of celibacy should be directed through daily 2-3 hour meditations (See STEPPING STONE #7) away from the body toward an everlasting freedom from physical consciousness to the point where actual soul travel can be achieved. It becomes possible to go far beyond the need for orgasm into absolutely thrilling levels of superior inner soul pleasure, bliss, joy, freedom and then love. Even while you are working, you get to enjoy more pleasure, and a greater sense of lightness. But never forget, the conditions all have to be perfect to be able to do this.

Forced celibacy on its own without any of the required conditions for transmutation can be frustrating. Be aware of the hazards and symptoms of not transmuting. It can become very frustrating if you try to be celibate without taking the time to apply all the aspects of transmutation and/or wholeness!

Symptoms of NOT transmuting as a result of just being celibate while NOT following any of the other “Science of Wholeness” lifestyle requirements which is the same as NOT having wholeness. Also some of these symptoms can occur when just starting out and the nervous system has not yet fully adjusted or gotten used to having so much more sexual energy:

# One may start getting angry, impatient, and abusive toward one’s self and others and/or find things in general more and more frustrating.

# One may overeat, become obese and/or develop other bad habits in place of sex.

# One may develop a self-esteem crisis or lack of self love/acceptance.

# Strong sexual feelings constantly disrupt even the simplest of tasks or thoughts.

# One may feel unresolved conflicts between spiritual and physical desires.

# One may find oneself overly obsessed with anything to do with the opposite sex.

# Much physical tension, urges, frustrations, and other discomforts may start to drive one crazy.

# One may experience a large number of sensual and/or wet dreams.

Instead of simply releasing the tension, one REALLY needs to become super healthy, conserve sexual fluids and then TRANSMUTE! The whole idea here is to liberate and unclog the energy fields and blood circulation and keep one’s entire being unblocked, light and expansive. Especially when young, excess sexual energy may still have to be released occasionally until one’s nervous system can completely adjust or accustom itself to the new load of sexual energy and/or completely master all aspects of wholeness including pure lifestyle, water fasting, devotion, excellent digestion, acidophilus, etc. Age, wisdom, complete self-knowledge, understanding, will power, self-control and maturity are all required for long periods of uninterrupted, perfect retention of sexual fluid.

Symptoms of loss of sexual fluid from a lifestyle of regular conventional orgasms include the following:

# Right after sex, one may suddenly feel somewhat weak, tired, drained, wasted, bored and/or much, much older.

# One may feel a loss of focus and concentration in meditation or on one’s work.

# One may experience a constant lack of spiritual progress and frustration over hitting some upper limit in one’s meditation that is never passed, even after years of practice.

# One may experience a lack of enthusiasm and excitement in general… especially during the practice of yoga and meditation.

# Going into samadhi may become difficult and even if achieved not very long lasting and enjoyable.

# Nerves may overheat, kundalini energy may become bothersome instead of thrilling and blissful.

# One may become easily bored with spiritual subjects and feel rather stuck in the body or depressed about one’s situation in life.

# Even the simplest of tasks could be harder to concentrate on and/or a meaningless punishment instead of an inspiring duty.

# Many projects may be harder to complete causing one to be more flaky, fickle, and unreliable.

# One may tend to forget one’s higher purpose and natural sense of duty and fail to carry it through.

# One may encounter much less enthusiasm or courage to face a stressful or challenging situation.

# One may feel a lack of competitiveness, commitment, strength, resilience, gusto and zest.

# One may find one’s self “missing something” or sense emptiness inside along with a feeling of loss or regret.

# One may try to fill in the void (or gaps between orgasms) with drugs, alcohol, overeating, or other addictive or compulsive activity.

# If alone, one may feel a lack of love or feel very unloved and suffer from a strong, addictive urge for companionship and love from a member of the opposite sex.

# If in a relationship, there is the strong tendency to become codependent and/or to expect more giving from the other person.

# Strong emotional dependency on or attachment to others.

# One’s marriage or relationship may go through a period of withdrawal or disinterest until the sexual energy builds up again.

# In some cases, one may even start to look for another partner and/or suddenly feel very bored or even impatient with one’s present mate.

It may take as long as two to three weeks to recover from a period of sexual overindulgence resulting in loss of sexual fluids. However, the Science of Wholeness diet, herbs, antioxidants, pure lifestyle, etc. is the best and fastest way I know of to recover from loss of sexual fluids or lack of sexual energy. Of course, there are many variables and exceptions to the above. For example, the more naturally prone to depression, anxiety, etc. the more likely and easily one could be adversely affected. And then on the other hand, I am sure there are always going to be some lucky, young and vital individuals who can enjoy a lot of conventional sex and yet hardly notice anything. There is always bound to be some contrary evidence and I have found some myself, but all in all, the conservation and transmutation of sexual energy seems to create the most reliable, and long term benefits and is the safest, most sure bet for those who are serious about achieving real, lasting spiritual progress, success and benefit.

The symptoms of having gone through several weeks of successful abstinence and transmutation while using the principles of the “wholeness” lifestyle are as follows:

# Increasing bliss, day after day!

# One’s body feels lighter and lighter, and charged full of blissful energy!

# To one’s astonishment, one discovers one can get by with less and less food yet enjoy more energy, strength and bliss.

# Addictions to food, love, relationships, drugs, etc. seem to drop away and are replaced by a sense of self-control and easier decision making.

# One becomes more and more “breathless” and all the highest states of samadhi obtainable.

# Nerves may feel great, while kundalini energy becomes thrilling and blissful.

# One becomes less sensitive or concerned about heat and cold, hunger, or other outside conditions.

# Ever deeper meditations, much more focused, clear thinking, deeper and deeper serenity and joy!

# One may experience an increase in enthusiasm and excitement in general… especially regarding the practice of yoga and meditation.

# Going into samadhi becomes easily achieved, very long lasting and enjoyable.

# One’s daily tasks become more and more easy and exciting to fulfill and sensed as an inspiring duty.

# Many projects become easier and easier to complete, one seems to become more and more together, intent, and reliable every day.

# One may feel a daily increase in a sense of competitiveness, commitment, energy, strength, resilience, gusto and zest.

# One finds one’s self deeply fulfilled, full of ever increasing joy along with a feeling of prosperity, success and contentment.

# One naturally becomes inspired by spiritual ideals and becomes ever more free from ego, attachment to the body, and ever more transcendent to one’s situation in life.

# Most amazing of all, there is an ongoing accumulation of bliss (ojas) that lifts one up to ever deeper and deeper levels of ecstasy and fulfillment. One easily progresses through ever higher spiritual states of inner joy, peace and finally enlightenment!

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS: This article is about finding REAL sexual wholeness! You can now live in bliss during work, sleep, and recreation. It is now possible to “fly your kite” (your spirit!) whenever you wish, as high as you could ever dream for as long as you would like. All the conditions of the “Science of Wholeness” lifestyle must be met, and you must change the way you have and think of sex, while inspiring yourself with the goal of transmutation, liberation and total freedom. All your desires, consciousness, etc. must be redirected inward toward God or Spirit and away from the body, material senses, ego, mind, etc.

What you do to transmute is what you do to find wholeness and whatever you do to find wholeness is what you need for transmutation.

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One of the greatest mysteries of life is sex, sexual desire, and sexual energy. However, after the sexual fluid is lost or expelled in the process of the usual or normal way of reproductive activity, the spiritual side often suffers. Instead, sexual vitality can and should be conserved to create a subtle biological energy substance called “ojas” which can be used by yogis to enhance their meditations and spiritual experiences.

The deepest and most fulfilling meditations ever seem to occur only after being celibate and living on a natural whole-foods diet, while fasting between every meal as long as comfortably possible, and while flooding every cell in the body with the transmuting essence of prana. As soon as all these and some other conditions are combined into one complete lifestyle, one starts to live in some of the most wonderful states of lasting joy and happiness ever!

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Chapter 1 – Establish The Lifestyle of Blissful Sexual Expansion —
Chapter 2 – Learn How to Conserve Vital Sexual Fluids for Bliss —
Chapter 3 – Benefits of Conserving Sexual Energy and Transmutation —
Chapter 4 – How I “Biohacked” My Way Out of Suffering —
Chapter 5 – How the Great Indulgence Causes Destruction —
Chapter 6 – Nature’s Conspiracy and the Grand Deception —
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