Very Few Venture Far Enough Into the Forest of Bliss

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Everyone I know rarely search beyond their own limited standards! It is as if they build a strong wall or barrier of extreme prejudice and/or resistance around themselves for their own convenience to never go or venture beyond their local understanding of truth. This problem is the most frustrating obstacle I ever encountered while trying to convey my powerful diet, spiritual and transmutation discoveries of wholeness to others!

Our universal lack of Self-understanding is why there are so many problems in the world! If everyone searched more deeply and sincerely for unbiased spiritual truth, we would not be in the mess we are in! No one can possibly find wholeness in 2 minutes, eleven seconds which is the average time spent at my site! Wholeness is far too vast a subject! It seems everyone would rather suffer the consequences of not knowing how valuable this information really is than dive deep with sincere longing and lifetime dedication into the forest of truth.

A woodsman was sent by his guru into the forest to find firewood. None could be found at first until he walked a few miles deeper into the forest. When he brought back the wood to his master, the master said, “Did you not also find the copper mine?” “No, I never found such a thing.” Disappointed, the master replied, “You did not go far enough! There is a great copper mine out there worth thousands of rupees. If you go even further beyond the copper mine, there is also a silver mine and then beyond that, a gold mine! This mine is filled with thousands of gold nuggets! I don’t need any myself, but would be interested to see how many you can bring back.”

Curious, the next day the woodsman set out into the forest much earlier than usual and did in fact manage to venture deeper into the woods than ever before and eventually came across the copper mine, then a silver mine and then a gold mine as indicated. He came back with much gold! However the master was again very disappointed, because the woodsman did not realize the fact that if he simply went even further and deeper, even more wealth would be found: a diamond mine!

The next day, and with even greater determination than ever before to please his master, he started out toward the wilderness long before the birds awakened, and after walking for miles and miles most of the day, he finally came across this amazing diamond mine! With great joy and excitement, he started on his long trek back home to his master with all the diamonds he could pack into his bags and could carry! However, not only were they heavy and difficult to bring back such a long distance, some thieves managed to steal most of them away from him, and when he finally reached his master’s abode, his guru was angrier than ever! “You are still completely fooled by the value of something outside your Self! These diamonds are only as valuable as you make them out to be! Don’t you realize my dear woodsman, if you simply went a little further beyond the diamond mine you would have found something far, far more vital, valuable and significant?”

Now really curious and really determined to find out what in the world could possibly exist beyond this diamond mine that could be so intriguing and even more valuable than diamonds, he again set out extremely early in the morning directly toward the diamond mine to search beyond it. Eventually he discovered an amazing garden filled with herbs such as ashwaganda, rhodiola rosa, epimedium, maca, eleuthero, licorice root, St. John’s wort, avena sativa, graviola, bacopa, ginkgo, saw palmetto, pygeum, nettle, and sarsaparilla; fruit trees producing acai, goji berries, blueberries, etc. Birds of all kinds and colors sang blissfully from the treetops.

An extraordinary energy of extreme peace and tranquility hung over the entire garden like a misty, fragrant light that seemed to be emanating from a fountain of everlasting love, bliss, rejuvenation, spiritual liberation and immortality that could free one from all physical needs and therefore from all the troubles of the physical world forever.

After using these powerful herbs and antioxdant fruits, etc., he dove deep into this seductive fountain of pranic nourishment coming from the collective energy of vast numbers of plants, mists, fountains, etc. all combined with the rays of sunlight and powerful subtle energy from subterranean mineral-rich springs, he realized then and there a most perfect, everlasting paradise exuding love, happiness, excitement and fulfillment far, far, far beyond the value of anything outside himself, regardless if it be silver, gold, diamonds or whatever! He realized at that moment he would no longer suffer the need for any more food, money, gold, silver and/or diamonds and enjoy instead the everlasting nectar of immortal ecstasy!

Now fully illumined by this most blessed discovery, he was so transformed by this fountain of infinite bliss he found that he was able to astral travel back to his master instantly! Well, guess what, when he returns back to his master inside this most incredible vehicle of astral energy, the guru says, “Go further…”

This means not only should we always dive further and deeper than ever before in our search for the truth, but also in our meditations and experiences of Spirit or God. There is no limit to the amazing treasures of wholeness one can find inside one’s Self! Pray always, “Please reveal to me more, more, more!” There is no limit to what can be discovered or found! External treasures no longer mean anything once you find the real treasures of God realization within one’s Self!

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Russell Symonds (Yogi Shaktivirya) is the author of 21 Kindle electronic edition books on the subjects of environmental, spiritual, nutritional and evolutionary wholeness. Many of the subjects he writes about include: life after death, astral projection, mysticism, overpopulation and environmental catastrophes, alternative healing, water fasting, advanced nutrition, pranic nourishment, transmutation of celibacy, devotion and meditation to connect to the reality of Spirit. Yogi Shaktivirya is extremely concerned about how humankind and the powers of materialistic profit are abusing and demolishing Mother Nature and therefore destroying the quality of life for the present and all future generations. This insane, greedy, blind grabbing of profits (by huge banks and corporations) to the detriment of others (all human, animal, ocean and plant life) must stop, and be replaced by a much more sustainable, intelligent renewable way of life for everyone. He feels there is also a profound lack of objective, unbiased spiritual and complete nutritional knowledge in our educational systems leading to widespread confusion, disharmony, ill health, and lack of moral values in our youth today. If the spiritual side of life is ignored, our society will simply go the way of all others: into ruin and chaos. Yogi Shaktivirya is here to help you find everlasting fulfillment, love, ecstasy and spiritual realization through the transformation of your biochemistry using water fasting, spiritual nutrition and transmutation of vital physical energy. He is the author of the websites, and which are intended to communicate his message that Spirit is not only a scientifically proven reality, but that it is extremely desirable to find a way to fully realize Spirit and merge with the Spirit dimension. Otherwise, what else is there?
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