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Russell Symonds (Yogi Shaktivirya) is the author of 21 Kindle electronic edition books on the subjects of environmental, spiritual, nutritional and evolutionary wholeness. Many of the subjects he writes about include: life after death, astral projection, mysticism, overpopulation and environmental catastrophes, alternative healing, water fasting, advanced nutrition, pranic nourishment, transmutation of celibacy, devotion and meditation to connect to the reality of Spirit. Yogi Shaktivirya is extremely concerned about how humankind and the powers of materialistic profit are abusing and demolishing Mother Nature and therefore destroying the quality of life for the present and all future generations. This insane, greedy, blind grabbing of profits (by huge banks and corporations) to the detriment of others (all human, animal, ocean and plant life) must stop, and be replaced by a much more sustainable, intelligent renewable way of life for everyone. He feels there is also a profound lack of objective, unbiased spiritual and complete nutritional knowledge in our educational systems leading to widespread confusion, disharmony, ill health, and lack of moral values in our youth today. If the spiritual side of life is ignored, our society will simply go the way of all others: into ruin and chaos. Yogi Shaktivirya is here to help you find everlasting fulfillment, love, ecstasy and spiritual realization through the transformation of your biochemistry using water fasting, spiritual nutrition and transmutation of vital physical energy. He is the author of the websites, and which are intended to communicate his message that Spirit is not only a scientifically proven reality, but that it is extremely desirable to find a way to fully realize Spirit and merge with the Spirit dimension. Otherwise, what else is there?

Very Few Venture Far Enough Into the Forest of Bliss

Welcome to our new “upgraded” version of Science of Wholeness. This is my first post and I am still learning how to run this site! However you can continue to visit my original website at: Everyone I know rarely search … Continue reading

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