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Prana is a vital part of yoga; it is the energy that transforms and enlightens every portion of one’s being and a source of great happiness.

Large bodies of water seem to contain this prana and I feel that it must be, like water, a major and very important “building block” of who we are, otherwise we would not be so pleasantly sensitive to its existence as a source of blessing and nourishment to our souls and as such a powerful and perhaps necessary source of energy for our bodies.

There are even people who are seriously attempting to live on what they refer to as “pranic nourishment” which in itself deserves a whole book on the subject. Some even have claimed to achieve this very amazing thing called “breatharianism.” I, however, tend to believe that only those of the most advanced degree of spiritual development can be born with or achieve such an incredible feat as actually being able to thrive quite healthily and happily without any food whatsoever for a very long time. Another very significant and interesting thing that can happen while fully infused with prana is the suspension of breath along with the state of consciousness called samadhi of which there are various types and stages. There are many such cases of breatharianism and advanced, breathless states of samadhi written about in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

I believe that even sex involves the containment and then release of large amounts of prana. That is why so many mystics swear that celibacy is important, because so much of one’s natural ability to maintain and enjoy the bliss of prana gets lost or used up during sex. Many of the herbs, “love pills”, potions and other things one sees advertised on the internet may work by increasing one’s sensitivity to and ability to contain and release more prana contained within the healthiest cells of body. The herbs do this by increasing general health, metabolism and circulation, the very same way more prana can be utilized for blissful experiences.

Raw food seems to attract more prana to the cells while cooked food seems to repel it. Overeating seems to drain the body of prana also, while fairly regular and systematic under eating of very highly nutritious food and a perfectly balanced raw food diet seems to dramatically increase its presence. That which would make life seem so real and fulfilling is not so much how much energy is available to the mind/body system, but by how complex, refined, and how well it is aligned to its perfect ideal of wholeness. The more particles that make up an image, the more “real” and full of information and detail the image appears. Life is information! The more organized information that the mind contains and interacts with, the grander its quality of life. Prana is very exciting in this regard, because these finest particles of nature are capable of containing and transmitting vast if not infinite amounts of information and consciousness.

Mysterious Pranic, Astral Phenomena and Beyond

Is prana a bridge to heaven? Could there be entire structures, subtle worlds, and even universes made of this strange material? Most mystics would all agree on one thing: that there are higher levels of existence or reality made of pranic and astral substance of finer and finer material.

The world’s literature, news, media, and other publications contain a surprising number of sightings of ghosts, spirits, UFO’s and other sorts of apparitions that science cannot explain and even discounts as a hoaxes or someone’s wild imagination. Actual events of this sort are hard to prove because of their spontaneous and fleeting nature. There are many witnesses but very little proof. The other difficulty encountered while trying to prove this type of phenomenon beyond a shadow of a doubt is that they are so rare to begin with that they cannot be tracked down.

I personally have experienced several odd events during my lifetime that could only be explained metaphysically. I would be a complete sceptic if it were not for my own experiences. Spirits can communicate, can influence one’s dreams, and can cause objects to move or even wake one up from a deep sleep by touching one on the shoulder which is what happened to me. These things are a real phenomenon that should be more thoroughly investigated and understood.

During the time my mother passed away, during a dream state, I would get remarkable voice messages from my mother that I just could not explain in any other way except as some sort of after death communication. Because the spirit or soul just after passing seems to possess a very strong pranic vehicle, I was able to monitor some very strange effects around the passing of my mother back in December of 1991, such as unusual electrical disturbances in electronic equipment, an object breaking, tingling up my spine, strange coincidental events, being woken up during a deep sleep by a rather vigorous tapping on my left shoulder (which would most likely be from my mother’s right hand), her photo pushed over, my sister’s spontaneous channeling of my mother’s voice during sleep, and dreams of my mother speaking to me trying to say “please take care”, “look after yourself”, and “good bye”, “I will miss you”, and most often, “I love you”.

There were also far more complicated messages and conversations that, being fast asleep, I could not remember. The oddest dream I had of her was one where she was with her brother-in-law (my Uncle Peter) who passed away many years earlier and appearing so young I would not have recognized him if my mother had not called him Peter. I had put a sign up in my bedroom (for my mother in spirit) and while in a dream state, I somehow overheard them talking quite excitedly about what my sign said and many other subjects.

It seems that prana is not just random particles of energy that can charge up one’s energy body, but also make up one’s energy body and even finer structures of a very complex nature. The appearances of angels, ghosts and strange lights can all be explained by the existence of these finer structures made from prana that actually seem to be independent living organisms. Those humans who claim to be able to leave their physical bodies at night in such a form say they experience extraordinary freedom of mobility. Anywhere, any place on earth and most higher realms could be easily accessed.

This absolute freedom of mobility illustrates how easily subtle energy systems can relocate themselves instantly to any other location and/or time in the universe. As mentioned earlier, all of space seems to consist of an almost infinitely subtle sponge like material (wormholes) that can transmit infinitesimally small units of energy to any other location and/or time in the universe. Is it possible that entire subtle energy structures can be transmitted in this manner? Could this rather strange spongelike aspect of space explain remote viewing, prayer, distant healing, and telepathy between people who are thousands of miles away?

As one travels further up the “ladder” of existence either through deeper and deeper experiences of meditation and/or out of body experiences, one reaches up through the mental and causal worlds which are the very source of prana and astral substances. Everything that exists seems to come directly out of a holographic blueprint, plan and/or mathematical principle or basis for its structure with its roots deeply and permanently embedded in the entire Oneness or Wholeness of All That Is. And that is what everything boils down to: a unique combination of principles and mathematical laws for every event, object and world in existence. Really and truly everything in reality is just part of a vast and complex idea or holographic principle and nothing more! What mystics call the causal plane is the level where the blueprint of all creation resides; all the laws by which physical matter, prana, and astral (finer pranic substances) come into existence as forms and other phenomena of expression.

Prana, God, and the Higher Dimensions

Actual geometric dimensions seem to coincide with some of the levels of reality such as the physical, pranic, astral, mental and causal cosmos. The physical seems mostly to deal with space and time (4th dimension) while the astral and mental levels of existence seem to have more and more of a 5th dimension in that time travel (which requires an extra dimension outside the 4th) seems to be possible on the astral and pranic levels, while the field of all possibilities, histories and probabilities (5th dimension) have remarkably similar attributes to the human mind and its ability to plan or conceive of various possible histories or events. Therefore, there may actually be a Universal Mind or mental plane of existence between the causal and astral plane which may actually be strongly influenced by human thought.

This astonishing effect of mental power is a very significant possibility which may mean that everything in one’s life may be strongly influenced by one’s habitual way of thinking. If one wants to be in control of one’s life, it would be very wise to immediately stop thinking in a negative way and entertain only positive and productive thoughts and images.

The 6th dimension seems to correspond mostly with the causal (universal seed of all manifesting phenomenon) in that all the principles and laws of existence seem to reside there. Geometrically, a 6th dimension would be needed to explain how reality could organize and maintain all the different possible ways events (histories) could manifest. For all the various possible laws of physics and phenomenon to exist, there would have to be a 6th dimension to contain it all.

The 7th and higher dimensions, regardless of physical brain and nervous system limitations, is the actual root of human and animal consciousness which is the “guidance field” of all thought. Thought (all possibilities – 5th) and one’s sense of right from wrong (laws of behavior- 6th) would all be a non-illuminated mass of confusion without the guiding or governing principle of awareness which, by all practical purposes seems to need yet a higher dimension such as the 7th to contain its level of functioning. The 7th dimension is an instant “wholeness” or consciousness of ourselves, our world and even of the universe if one is cosmic conscious which is not too uncommon a thing to happen during a near-death experience.

Every dimension is never separate from any of its lower dimensions. On the contrary, every dimension consists of all its lower dimensions which make up and define itself as a whole collection or series of its own lower dimensions along a seamless continuum that makes up a new, higher dimension.

There definitely seems to be a Universal Oneness or Wholeness that “consciously” creates and governs all the possible laws of nature, while providing an overall sense of reality to our experience as soul living on this earth or elsewhere. When one reaches the source of one’s awareness through very deep meditation, one becomes more and more intuitively unified and connected with the whole creation. This Supreme Being is the unification of all things everywhere into one, complete state of wholeness or oneness.

Prana not as Restricted to the Arrow of Time as Material Energy

While all of the events of physical reality are severely limited to very restrictive laws of nature and must be perfectly aligned along a linear arrow of time from which there is no escape, prana seems to exhibit a remarkable freedom from all these physical limitations. Even though prana interacts with physical nature and does choose to follow some basic time-line principles when it wants to, unlike physical objects, it can also transcend the 4th dimension of the space-time continuum and penetrate the higher 5th dimension of time travel and all probabilities. As opposed to physical matter, it is much more controllable by the mind and seems much more closely aligned with the will of God as far as the existence of a Supreme Being is concerned.

Because prana is not so limited to the arrow of time, it can send information from the future back into the present moment in the form of a dream during sleep or as a flash of insight or as a vision during superconsciousness. I have had several such experiences where I was able to dream of an event that actually occurred within a day to a month later! These things do happen, but are so fleeting and so rare, that it would be very difficult to repeat such events and have them scientifically confirmed. Some of it could be just coincidental anyway, but coincidence may be part of the “mechanism”.

Because prana is a mass of quantum particles whose nature is quite ambiguous (5th dimensional), it is impossible to nail them down objectively without strong influence by how they are measured and how they are observed. Even though all matter is made up of these ambiguous quantum particles and comes from the same material prana is made of, there are so many sheer numbers of these particles concentrated in such small areas (in the form of electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.) that the vast majority of all physical matter is kept very strongly in line with natural laws via strict statistical constructs. It is by its sheer mass and inertia that most physical matter must remain stuck forever within the bounds of natural law or the 4 dimensional arrow of time and sequence of logic such as the aging process.

Prana is far more interesting than matter because its relative mass is so minute, so uncertain, and is not nearly as restricted to the limitations of time and space. It is a free energy spontaneously operating out of the 5th dimension where time breaks down and distance is no longer an obstacle. It can willingly work within the physical laws of nature and yet can jump outside of all time and space into the 5th dimension where it can go anywhere and any “when” and do anything one wishes it to do.

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