The Tao of Physics and The Science of Wholeness

The Tao of Physics and Wholeness     The Whole Is Greater…     About Wholeness

The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra describes a wholistic, more “eastern” approach to physics, science and even modern living, with man no longer separate from or dominant over nature, but as an itegral part, and whose consciousness is an essential component of the matrix of the life that we observe.

Image of crystals reflecting rays of sunlight conveying the complete fulfillment of wholeness.

Sphere of Consciousness Gold Pendant Buckminsterfullerene (Buckyballs) Symbol, Seed of Life as a symbol of wholeness and joy

Sphere of Consciousness Gold Pendant Buckminsterfullerene (Buckyballs) Symbol, Seed of Life as a symbol of wholeness and joy

When physicists analyze matter at its most rudimentry levels, they use huge particle accelerators many miles in diameter to examine the “pieces” of matter that come out of extremely high velocity collisions near the speed of light in a “bubble” or “cloud” chamber where the “vapor trails” of these collisions are recorded. Much to their amazement many new particles were found and classified. New building blocks of matter had been discovered, but to their chagrin, many of the particles their most cherished theories proposed to exist (such as quarks) could not be found.

Frijof Capra proposes a “new” concept of matter based on ancient, oriental mysticism that, when applied to modern day physics, invalidates the concept of atomic particles as consisting of smaller and smaller building blocks. Instead of separate, independent pieces, made of different substances, there is but one substance (that I believe comes from universal or cosmic consciousness) out of which all matter is made of. And that the way scientists attempt to measure and observe matter, greatly influences it on a quantum level.

In the subatomic world, it is better to understand the nature and behavior of these particles as being all of the same substance and acting as inseparable parts of a much greater whole including the observer. They are to be seen not as independent phenomenon, but as part of much greater, very integrated system.

The author goes on to say that the present worldview and approach of modern day industrial science is to dominate and control nature in ways that are dangerous, harmful and ecologically disasterous. He states in page 335 of his book:

“I believe that human survival in the face of the threat of nuclear holocaust, and the devastation of the natural environment will be possible only if we are able to radically change the methods and values underlying our science and technology. As my last criterion I advocate the shift from an attitude of domination and control of nature, including human beings, to one of cooperation and nonviolence.” (1)

More information on this most distressing problem is available on which has a vast amount of information on how patriarchal human culture is dominating, raping and destroying nature:

Rape of the Planet and Genetic Holocaust

Complementarity: The Tao of Physics, Nature and Gender also goes into great depth on other subjects such as the origin of consciousness and quantum physics. A similar version of my article, The Tao of Physics and The Science of Wholeness can also be found here: Science of Wholeness News Journal.

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(1) The Tao of Physics © 1999 by Fritjof Capra, page 335. Shambala Publications, Inc.

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