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Avoid Years of Suffering and Serious Mistakes! Starting around the early to late 1970’s I painfully learned many hard lessons throughout this long lifetime of trials, errors and tribulations while trying to find the most healthy and correct diet.

Many mistakes are possible especially if one expects amazing health benefits from simply trying to eat only raw vegetarian food. Because of the complexity of the human body, ability to absorb nutrients, individual needs, stress and pollution, it is no longer as simple as it was once thought to eat only 100% raw and 100% vegetarian.

Too many minerals are now missing from depleted soils, and most commercially available food is quite old and very much reduced in life energy by the time it has been packed, shipped to the store, stocked on the shelf for a period of time and then finally bought by the consumer who in turn stores it in the refrigerator!

All dietary studies of the healthiest ancient cultures are in fact mainly vegetarian, and are mostly raw food, however, a great deal of animal products such as shell fish, fish, raw butter and raw milk from pasture grazed cows, goats, etc. have always been present. Please go here to learn more about how certain ancient cultures not only were free of all the common physical and mental complaints and ailments so often suffered by everyone today, but were also completely free of dental caries!

From all that I have learned (unfortunately the hard way when first starting out over thirty years ago) some of the most dangerous and costly mistakes commonly made by anyone trying to eat healthy by going 100% raw vegetarian are:

1) Low or improper intake and absorption of minerals, trace elements and their cofactors, especially calcium, magnesium, B12, K2 and vitamin D, which should all be at least four times the amount considered to be the minimum daily requirement.

2) Inefficient intake of vitally needed high quality protein, phosphorous and essential oils. (Try to include raw eggs, food grade yeast, chlorella, sardines, and hemp milk in one’s diet.)

Along with degeneration of the immune system, physical strength, digestion and other physical problems, what also happens when the above two things are ignored is that dental caries and eventually bone loss becomes rampant throughout the rest of one’s life. Once the body has been on a course of many years of inadequate intake and/or absorption of vital mineral rich, and protein rich foods, it can take many months of careful nutritional supplementation to change that course before osteoporotic bones become less brittle and rotted teeth start to regenerate. Massive amounts of calcium and all other minerals, trace elements, etc. are always needed throughout one’s entire life. Most diseases are caused by a long term lack of these minerals, high quality complete proteins, raw foods and antioxidants.

Raw Food Definitely Has Beneficial Effects, However, It is only Part of the Answer

Way back in the spring of the year 2000, a significant amount of healing (including a certain amount of relief from depression and anxiety) occurred as soon as I committed myself fully to a living and raw whole foods lifestyle. I experienced a massive cleansing and improvement in all areas of my health and life. I avoided all cooked, processed, refined, devitalized, and commercialized “food” products.

Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, raw oats, fresh ginger, kelp, avocados, flax seed, spiralina, Chlorella, a wide assortment of healing, healthy herbs and antioxidants satisfied me emotionally and spiritually many times more than any cooked, processed, refined, and very addicting commercialized “food” ever could. The “foods” I see most people eat are scary compared to the superior fulfillments of balanced whole food nutrition. What one eats and does not eat definitely affects one’s emotions and consciousness.

Go here: Anxiety Natural Remedies for more specific information on reducing stress and healing anxiety including diet recipes and supplements. However going 100% raw did not solve all my problems, in fact I seemed to be doing nothing but grinding my food all day and something vital still seemed missing. Like I said above, whole raw food is an essential part of the answer to better health, but is only a part of the answer.

One also needs to understand adaptogenic herbs, green super food powders, antioxidants, why taking all minerals and trace elements is essential, and drink alkalized water with plenty of calcium and magnesium instead of snacking. Please go here: Holy Grail for latest info.

Go to: Raw Food Diet: The Essential Foundation for the original website, YouTube videos, and images.


“How to Heal Dental Cares With the Palaeolithic Diet”

Reverse Tooth Decay with Advanced Nutritional Healing, Intermittent Water-Fasting and Tooth-Building Toothpastes! Enjoy Much More Energy and Rejuvenate Your Cells!

Boost your dental, emotional, metal and physical health to new levels never before experienced. Learn methods that can help save your teeth and gums from decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease and prevent further damage.


I discovered a perfected, life-changing, utterly unique, Palaeolithic diet regimen and lifestyle that goes way beyond conventional practice. If it is carefully understood and followed, this wholesome lifestyle can help you enjoy unprecedented levels of dental and even general health, healing and well-being at every moment.

There is so much to learn however. I will describe all the stages and pitfalls to avoid while improving dental health so that the whole terrain is changed toward one that supports healthy teeth and gums rather than one that destroys them. We eliminate all the conditions that work against your dental and gum health and instead replace these adverse or harmful conditions with healthy conditions supportive of your overall oral health. Unfortunately many common foods do promote negative conditions, while at the same time, many common eating habits can also be very damaging. Once you’ve realized just how damaging these foods along with an unhealthy lifestyle can be for not only your oral health but also your health in general, you would never, ever want to return to the conventional “standard diet” ways of eating and living again.

This material presents alternative dental research. Much of what we have been taught about tooth decay in schools and colleges is either wrong or incomplete. This book is based on my own experiences and how I used the fascinating research presented by Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston A. Price to heal my own cavities without ever having to interact with a dentist. Incorrect nutrition is the real cause of tooth decay! You can heal your dental caries with correct nutrition, the avoidance of snacking, the elimination of excessive carbohydrates and sugars, and the regular brushing after every meal with a special tooth remineralization paste.

One must permanently eliminate all junk food and commit to a life-long diet similar to a Palaeolithic or pre-agricultural regimen loaded with natural whole foods in their most original state possible, alkaline minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, vitamins, saturated fats, essential fish, cod liver, and butter oils, etc., all of which are not only vital for ones dental health, but also for ones overall happiness and well-being in general.

Natural dental health, tooth remineralization, and the successful healing of and prevention of dental caries requires a life-long commitment. Results may vary and never expect overnight miracles. Depending on how far they have deteriorated, teeth and gums require months under nearly perfect conditions to start showing signs of regeneration and these conditions do require a total, life-long commitment to maintain using the vital information I am presenting here.

This information is in NO way whatsoever a substitute for emergency dental and/or medical treatment. It is sincerely hoped that the reader is intelligent enough to assume all responsibility for his or her decisions especially when trying a new approach. One must also fully understand and commit to this program in its entirety without ever skipping any of it. However, I’ve been able to avoid what would have been thousands of dollars of serious dental work such as the removal of wisdom teeth and the usually painful and/or at least highly uncomfortable extraction of many cavities which of course would be followed by many toxic fillings.

It should be obvious that nature only intended humans to eat 100% whole, unprocessed food. But our usual western way of life has gone the opposite direction. Most commercially available food contain inflammatory, unhealthy and toxic substances such a far too much sugar, carbs, GMO’s, deadly vegetable oils, casein, and gluten, resulting in the eventual development of all manner of chronic degenerative diseases such as tooth decay, gum rot, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, fatigue, aches, pains, diabetes, arthritis, heart failure and cancer. Multiple diseases of all kinds and years of incredible suffering can be avoided by avoiding junk food, snacks, carbs and sugars while consuming fewer, but much more nutritionally complete, organic, high fat and high fiber meals.

This book, “How to Heal Dental Cares With the Palaeolithic Diet” includes the following chapters:

An Introduction to Healing Dental Caries
Chapter 1 – Terrified of the Dentist?
Chapter 2 – Demise of the Palaeolithic Diet
Chapter 3 – Dr. Weston A. Price, Butter Oil, and Vitamin D
Chapter 4 – Greens, Nuts and Seed Also Needed to Help Teeth
Chapter 5 – Avoiding All Junk Food Is Essential!
Chapter 6 – The Wrong Fats and Oils Can Destroy Your Health
Chapter 7 – The Healthiest Diet is the Paleolithic Diet
Chapter 8 – Keep Your Saliva Alkaline with Alkaline Water
Chapter 9 – Drink Alkalized Water Instead of Snacking
Chapter 10 – Additional Elements to Add To Your Regimen
Chapter 11 – Best Toothpastes to Use and Intermittent Fasting
Chapter 12 – Quality Proteins, Supplements and Adaptogens
Chapter 13 – Frequently Asked Questions

My 2nd (Nov. 28,2022) Edition of “How to Heal Dental Cares With the Palaeolithic Diet” is Now Available on Kindle and in Paperback!

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