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The Science of Wholeness: Part One



7.1: THE IDEAL WAY TO EXPRESS LOVE AND AFFECTION: Ever new and extremely wonderful possibilities await the lovers who know how to overcome their overwhelming natural tendency toward sexual affection and loss of sexual fluids. It may take weeks of preparation, experience, and self-knowledge at first, but when both have finally transformed their sexual "addiction" into self-control, it becomes possible to enjoy beautiful new ways of expressing love. I imagine, it would be like even better than the "first time" with your "first love" every time and no end in the variety of expression to the ascending play of love and joy.

The physical attraction would grow and dynamically transmute as one's senses become heightened and transformed into a bliss consciousness. The body will start to glow and shine a little and appear more youthful, vibrant and attractive than ever. One's values would change very much for the better and become much more compassionate and aware of spiritual values.

Over time, getting joy from physical affection would require less and less effort, but with greater and greater fulfillment until finally, just a smile or a loving word would send each other into a high state of soul-communion or samadhi. Is this not the real goal of spiritual marriage?

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7.2: TRANSFORMING THE SINGLE LIFE INTO A PERFECTLY SATISFYING RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: It is possible, however, for the single person to find fulfillment if he or she becomes subtle enough to find his or her "lover" in God. If you are without a partner, it might be of some consolation, even somewhat humorous to say that the author has often been without a partner and, rarely even been able to take advantage of any opportunity because of various mental and emotional difficulties. Other reasons include my poorly understood strict, moral, celibate, raw food lifestyle. I would often complain about having no luck with women, but then again, there must have been many women who would complain of having no luck with me! Hence, my own personal situation, morals, ethics, and spiritual needs, outlook, etc. forces me to go direct to God for my love life.

Eventually everyone grows old and falls apart anyway, yet the astral body remains young, flawless and beautiful for eons and eons of time before evolving on to something even more astonishing. I am all too painfully aware of the impermanence of the beauty and life of the physical body along with all the other naturally pervasive problems, imperfections, etc. I would much prefer an expansive astral or spiritual relationship with a "forever young" astral woman to a temporary, imperfect physical relationship with one on Earth any day!

Outer physcial partners are too often expected to satisfy all one's needs which I think is a primary cause of all relationship problems. Too much is expected from relationships! The ideal is not reached until one knows how to COMBINE their divine love and fulfillment with their partner's love and fulfillment. I have always been such a romantic, but too spiritual of a romantic to be satisfied with just a worldly relationship that anyone could have. Every spiritual ideal of wholeness must be fully realized to provide the essential "material" out of which a permanent, perfect, eternal "soul mate" relationship can be created.

I have to deal with the fact that I am a warm-blooded male regardless of whether I am single or not, love God or not, so what am I left with? TRANSMUTE EVERY FRUSTRATION INTO BLISS!

As the transmutation deepens over the years, God can come in form and embrace the "lonely" devotee. To be able to find ones "fiance" (or "fiancee") in God would be a truly high and wonderful state. Because God never dies, such a "marriage" is everlasting, and the God-realized soul is no longer obliged to remain a prisoner of the physical plane. For me, God has become the sweetest, most ever-loving, ever sympathetic, and warmest Love I have ever known! When you feel God's Love, what an incredible feeling!

Celibacy & Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Just as humankind has learned to master and control many natural forces in the world, a yogi (or yogini) is a very special (and unfortunately rare) individual who's inclination is to control and master the inner forces of nature, such as thoughts, emotions, cravings, and desires, especially the biological force of sexual energy. The yogi or yogini manages to successfully master his or her emotions and sexual energy not by force, but through purification of brain and body cells and then by absorption of vital prana. The transmutation of sex into inner peace, bliss, joy and love is the wonderful end result. One of the greatest mysteries of life is sex, sexual desire, and sexual energy. However, when sexual energy is lost in the process of reproductive activity, the spiritual life suffers.

7.3: AN AWESOME POSSIBILITY: There is a book titled, GOSPEL OF RAMAKRISHNA, published by the Vendanta Society. Sri Ramakrisna's teachings are so high, they are beyond the scope of my book and largely beyond the reach of humankind's comprehension. But if you can get a copy of this gospel and read it objectively, you will realize my manual can be like a stepping-stone to these sublime truths taught by this great 19th century avatar and master of yoga: Sri Ramakrishna.

He was married to Sri Sarada Devi, his helpmate. Their marriage was probably the highest spiritual marriage that ever took place. Sri Ramakrishna challenged us all to divinize our bodies and go beyond samadhi so that we could join God in the eternal romance of "Nitya Lila"--the everlasting play of love between the devotee and his or her dear Lord.

Wouldn't it be truly awesome and fantastic if God could manifest in metaphysical form the exact image of one's ideal beloved? A form one can hold in his or her arms for eternity? God creates universes, why not one's own ideal beloved?

When I talk about these high possibilities, sometimes I feel like an ant trying to convey to other ants the true nature and size of solar flares!

Yoga is a V-A-S-T subject that you can now explore with greater interest and confidence due to your personal awakening as a result of regular meditation, self-control, self-discipline and other principles of living a pure lifestyle. Seek out and follow only the highest, most liberating and most practical truths!


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Enjoy this Free Online eBook: The Science of Wholeness - Part One

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