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The Science of Wholeness: Part One


3.1: IMPORTANCE OF DRINKING LARGE AMOUNTS OF [IONIZED] WATER BETWEEN MEALS: Water increases the absorption and flow of pranic vitality. Between meals, instead of snacking or eating junk food, drink plenty of fresh spring water such as Crystal Geyser or Calistoga. Buy a powerful reverse-osmosis and carbon filtered water-purification system to ensure that you always have an unlimited supply of pure drinking water available.

The blood must be kept pure and free of toxins for maximum spiritual success and fulfillment. Having a constant supply of purified, [ionized] water is a major help if not essential. Water increases efficiency of food already consumed. It helps kidneys to eliminate waste and balance blood chemistry. Less food is needed when one takes the trouble to drink large quantities between meals. The time between meals before hunger and/or fatigue strikes again is increased and one has access to more productive energy.

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For successful transmutation, and to maintain a high level of sexual energy, (both are really important!) it is essential to achieve maximum metabolic efficiency (discussed in Lesson 9). Water, by reducing the need for food, and by cleansing the blood of toxins (such as uric acid from metabolism of protein), absolutely increases metabolic efficiency.

On the path toward wholeness or continuous bliss, joy and well-being, I would definitely require something like 12 large glasses a day for this purpose. The blissful effects of Kundalini shakti (spiritual energy) cannot last long without pure blood. Many advanced yogis and saints instinctively ate sparingly and seldom, yet somehow, did not lose weight, weaken or even age. It may, in part, be due to them having such pure blood and nearly 100% efficient metabolism. Water has general health and longevity benefits, especially when one is concerned about cardiovascular health and kidney function.

Because humidity, temperature and amount of physical activity can vary considerably from day to day, requirements for daily water intake can also vary considerably. A good rule to go by is to always drink enough to keep urine nearly the same color and clarity as water. Take plenty of purified drinking water with you wherever you go, especially during the hot season. As explained in Lesson 12, tremendously ecstatic effects can be obtained with cayenne pepper during a water fast. Because it is extremely HOT and very powerful don't use it all the time, only when needed. To avoid upsetting your digestive system, start with small doses and gradually work up to 4 capsules with each session.

3.3: SATURATE YOUR SACRED PLACE WITH NEGATIVE IONS: You must have a sacred spot of your own where it is quiet, safe and comfortable such as a private bedroom by an open window. This is where you can meditate, practice yoga and share intimate moments with your beloved spouse, life-companion or soul mate. Make it secure, comfortable, beautiful and natural to your taste. I recommend house plants, and nature posters, or paintings of natural beauty.

Buy some air purifiers with negative ion generators built in. Ion generators can infuse entire room with new vigor and life by enlivening the air with a negative electric charge. Most people have found a high level of negative ions in the air very beneficial to health and well-being. I have eight ion generators in my room, and have even closed the room off to a smaller size, making the concentration of negative ions very, very high!

During the warm seasons, it is good also to have an open window with an insect screen and a fan to take in fresh air and another window for air to blow out, thus supplying a constant flow of fresh, clean air. One might also consider getting an Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp.

3.4: ORGONE ENERGY: I believe there is a subtle presence throughout all of nature known as "field" or "zero point" energy or the prana which expresses as shakti in the human body. Prana seems to exist everywhere throughout the universe as "dark energy" and is apparently causing the galaxies to expand at an accelerating rate. Then there is a great deal of "dark matter" in the universe which astronomers dare not yet call it astral matter which I think it is. Anyway, there is obviously a great deal of phenomena going on in nature that the physical senses are not picking up.

I believe that prana is quite similar to "orgone" energy which is said to also come from nature, especially from plants and trees in the form of very subtle yet spiritually energizing forces. In the third chapter on THE CELESTINE PROPHECY (a spiritual adventure novel by James Redfield) there are some beautiful descriptions of a healing white light visible only to psychics and is concentrated most highly in old-growth forests. Orgone energy (also known as bioplasmic energy) is a subtle metaphysical or astral field (see ASTRAL and NEGATIVE IONS in glossary) of luminous material that seems to be essential for one's spiritual and psychic health and well-being. The term, "orgone energy" seems to have originated with Wilhelm Reich's (1897-1957) controversial research with certain orgone accumulators and other devices that he invented. Interestingly, he finds there is a vital connection between sexual energy and orgone energy and that all of humankind's mental and emotional ills are due to the lack of perfect sexual fulfillment. To learn more about Wilhelm Reich go here.

I have known such currents of subtle energy to come from the most peculiar sources. One early morning in the summer of 1992 while sleeping outside on the grass, a TERRIFIC surge of positive energy and intense excitement that lasted about 30 seconds woke me up. It surprised me and seemed to come from all directions. Then a major earthquake hit. (the Landers Quake) Somehow, I had sensed or picked up a certain kind of vital energy-rush from the ground before the earthquake. Was it orgone energy or some kind of piezoelectric charge from the sudden changes in the compression of large deposits of quartz deep inside the crust? Interestingly, strange lights have been seen around fault zones during earthquakes. There are many odd happenings in nature that scientists are still trying to explain. The subject of UFO's and UFO abductions is one mystery yet to be solved.



The Orgone Energy Handbook: Orgone Energy Accumulators are supposed to draw energy from the atmosphere and can charge up whatever one places inside it. Does orgone energy really exist? A concise handbook describing the original discovery of the orgone energy by Wilhelm Reich, as well as methods for constructing and safely using orgone energy devices, including the author's own considerable experience on the matter. With a Foreword by Eva Reich, the daughter of Wilhelm Reich, and an Appendix by two German physicians, from their own university thesis, a double-blind and controlled experiment validating the physiological effects of the orgone accumulator. Includes many photos and illustrations. - By James DeMeo.

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans

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Enjoy this Free Online eBook: The Science of Wholeness - Part One

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